You Need This Honest Review Of Easy Cash Machines Immediately

By | September 28, 2016

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Honest Review Of Easy Cash MachinesBefore you rush off and throw your money away on Easy Cash Machines, I want you to read this honest review first. It will save you money!. Why will you save money?. Because in just a couple of  minutes I will tell you exactly what this course is and why it borderlines on as a scam.

If a sales page is deceptive and has outright lies on it, then I would consider that a scam. But I will leave you to make the verdict up from reading this ‘Easy Cash Machines’ Review. After I bought Easy Cash Machines I knew immediately that I was in for a very poor product. The amount of spelling mistakes and grammar errors were unbelievable. But in all honesty, I thought ‘if the product delivers, I can look past the bad spelling’. But unfortunately the spelling wasn’t the worse part of this course. I know if I was making a product to teach and help people make money, I would want to have a professional and easy to follow course. Spending a few bucks for a editor surely wouldn’t have hurt. But before we go any deeper into why you shouldn’t buy Easy Cash Machines, lets have a look at what it’s about.

What Is Easy Cash Machines About?

By Idrees Farooq,  Zain Waseem And MusthakIs Easy Cash Machines A Scam

Digital Arbitrage is the aim of the game with this product. Arbitrage is certainly a great way to make money, but only when you know what you are doing (Which you won’t learn with this product in my opinion). Easy Cash Machines is a video course consisting of 8 very short videos. When I say short I mean between 2-7 minutes. Unfortunately these videos are just time wasters to try make this product worth the $7. But, I don’t think it’s worth half that!.


Heck, you will learn more if you Google: Buying on Fiverr, Sell on Source Market (Similar to Fiverr). Yes that is the method folks. Buy gigs from Fiverr and sell for higher on Source Market. I might mention that the sales page states : “It’s totally brand new – THIS method has never been released by anyone ever!“. When you watch these videos in the course you can clearly see they were filmed in April this year. Which is close enough to 6 months old, which in my knowledge is not brand new. Plus I recall another cheap product (I can’t remember the name) which entailed this exact same method. I wouldn’t be surprised if this course was previously released under a different name (Just my thoughts).

So NO, there is no traffic source which I was hoping to see. Instead it’s just a very bad video course on joining these 2 merchants and trying to make a profit from them. Don’t expect to get blown away and don’t expect to learn anymore than what you could from a very basic google search.

What Is Easy Cash Machines About


What I Liked?

To be honest, I’m grasping at straws here as I was severely disappointed with this product. But I did like how the very difficult to understand trainer took the time to show how to make a moving image (GIF) for which you can use as your ‘service’ to sell on Source Wave. That wraps it up for the positives.

My Complaints About Easy Cash Machines

Is It Really A Scam?

  • Extremely poor training. Very hard to understand the Indian accent and ignore the spelling mistakes. (They are aware of the poor quality videos and the strong accent, so a PDF is meant to be released soon, hopefully without too many mistakes)
  • No Overview: The first video jumps straight into – how to sign up to Source Market and Fiverr. No explanation of what the heck we are doing. Fortunately I knew what was going on as soon as I saw the video titles, because this is not a new method to me… But previously buying a extremely similar product under a different name, I could almost understand what the videos were talking about even with the accent. So having no overbiew makes it really hard for people to understand what this product is even about
  • No examples of how to write your titles and descriptions for the services you are meant to offer. A complete beginner doesn’t even know what SEO is, so how are they meant to sell SEO services without even knowing what that is.
  • The ‘done for you’ links are missing. This is meant to be some pre made services you could just list on Source Market. But as professional as this course is (Sarcasm) the links are missing.
  • In recent times, many Fiverr uses are moving over to Source Market. Especially now their ‘Facebook like Gigs’ are get cracked down on by Facebook. So the prices are starting to even out. This means it will be eeven harder for you to make a profit using this method. See the below image as an example. On Fiverr you can buy a backlink form Huffingting Post to your site for $32 AUD. On Source Market you can buy the same Gig for $29 USD (About $36AUD) So once you minus the Source Market Fees you are left with pretty much no profit. That’s if you even know how to sell and get noticed on Source Market.

Idrees Farooq,  Zain Waseem And Musthak

I Must End This Review!

If you buy Easy Cash Machines after reading my review, my condolences. The thing that annoys me the most about My Best Suggestion To Make Moneyproducts like this is that they are not courses. They are simply overviews of ways to make money. I could easily set up a course and sell it for $7. Inside the course I will say how much money I earn using Amazon as my $10k income stream and how you can too. But All I tell you is that Affiliate Marketing is the method I used to make this money, but not provide any step by step training.

But I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever do that to anyone just for a quick buck. The sole purpose of Easy Cash Machines is to get you buy the product. Then they have your email address and will bombard you with more useless and crappy products. That’s how the Warrior Plus vendors rolls these days it seems. Sure they make money and a lot of it. But YOU never do!. Which is just wrong if you ask me.

I will one day release my own product and it will be 100% all step by step training on how exactly I make money using Amazon. It will be the best course out there (haha), well I will try to make it the best of my ability.

But for now, what I do is offer the same services I used to build my way to $10,000 per month. So I highly recommend you take the same route I did and finally learn an honest and real way to make money online. But this time, you won’t be left to figure it out on your own. You will get access to the same training I followed, but you also get free access to my brain and the brains of 1000’s of other online marketers. I can guarantee you, you won’t get this from Easy Cash Machines.

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2 thoughts on “You Need This Honest Review Of Easy Cash Machines Immediately


    You really are honest in your opinion. Yes it’s another product my so called guru named idrees farooq and his crew members.

    I got this product and it’s purely bullshit having zero value at all.

    They are scammers and I am sure they have shown fake earning proofs. Why someone would sell a method for few bucks he/she can generate 100$+ daily.
    Thank you for your honest review. Exactly my thoughts and perhaps more than that.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hey Jack, sorry you had to waste your money on this product before reading this review. The way they generate these $100 days is by creating these basic useless courses and then grow their email lists. Then they just promote other peoples useless crappy products to the people on their lists. But they don’t even bother going through the course before recommending it, which to me is bad business practice.


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