Why Is My Website Not Making Money – Why Is It So Hard To Do So?

By | December 14, 2016

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Why Is My Website Not Making Money Why Is It So Hard To Do SoSomeone help me, why is my website not making money or getting the traffic it deserves?. I see this question asked pretty regularly online in the communities I am involved with. Folks put in the hard work for 2-3 months building out their website and Boom. Nothing!. Zero traffic and zero sales. Initially we assume that this doesn’t work and we have just wasted months of our lives. Truth be told, you have only just laid the foundation to your online business. The good stuff is yet to come.

So what is the secret to making money from a website and why isn’t your website bringing home the bacon like it should be. Well there are many variables at play here. But there are two main reasons you may not be making any money from your websites. Which are pretty self explanatory. Traffic and Sales. Without traffic you cannot make money. Period. Without Sales you cannot make money. Period. But what if you are getting traffic and still not making money either. Well we too will discuss why and what you should be doing to turn your website around from a cyber dust collector into a money making machine.

Is Your Website Getting Traffic?

Traffic = Money!

There are many different ways you can get traffic to your website, both paid and free traffic sources. Also depending on what niche you are in, there are even more routes you can take. BUT, for me there is only 1 really good traffic source and that is free search engine traffic.

The traditional method of getting organic search engine traffic takes time. If your website is less than 6 months old with fewer than 40 posts/pages, then I highly recommend you keep adding content to your site. Google takes months to even a year before they trust your site enough to give you good rankings. Especially in a competitive niche. When you think about it, would you trust some nobody who just walked off the street with 1 months experience over a long term veteran that has been doing the job for years?. Most likely not, and neither does Google. So you have to earn the trust of the search engines before you start to see really good traffic.

How do you earn Googles trust so you can start making money from your website?. Simple – Keep writing unique quality content for your site on a regular basis. If you are targeting low hanging fruit (Easy to rank keywords) from a trusted keyword tool then you will generate traffic much quicker. Compared to if you are trying to rank for more broader difficult terms. The bottom line is – Give your business enough time to rank and grow before you throw in the towel. This online marketing does work and can be very rewarding if you just stick it out.

But I Want Website Money & Traffic Now!How To Get Instant Traffic To My Website

I hear ya!. Patience and commitment are two required traits needed to succeed online. No doubt about it. But everybody still wants results now right. So how do you get traffic to your website now without remortgaging your home to pay for traffic. First of all, I don’t recommend paid traffic to beginners or even more experienced marketers not yet making a full time income from their websites. There is too much risk involved if you don’t know what you are doing. I tested Bing Ads recently and ran through $100 without making a single cent. Lesson learned. But I can afford to test paid traffic, can you?.

What I recommend if you want faster results without buying traffic?. Again the best kind of traffic is search engine traffic as it is targeted to what keywords you have written about. There’s a little known method of getting almost instant page one rankings in Bing. This is known as TNT (Traffic Now Technique). This method of getting traffic is not only FAST but is very targeted. You could write a post today and by tonight or tomorrow be getting organic targeted search engine traffic. Which is quite amazing if you are use to waiting for months to see traffic from your work.

Social Media is another way to get traffic quickly. But this involves building up a following, creating groups/pages and interacting within your niche. While your ‘tweets’ or ‘FB Posts’ are instant. There is many many months/years of work to do to build up a real following in your niche.

Is My Website Optimized To Make Money?

How To Get My Website To Make MoneyThis will depend greatly on how you learned to build websites in the first place. Did you undertake training or did you just wing it?. Was the training about just setting up a website and nothing about SEO Marketing?. While there is a vast variety of training paces online that may be able to teach you SEO and how to get your website ranked in Google so you can finally make some money, not all of them are true and up to date. For example, buying low quality backlinks use to work 6 years ago, but is penalized by Google now. This is not a good practice to undertake anyway.

If you have no idea what SEO even is, then you are in need for some desperate help. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically learning how to optimize your website so that you rank well in google. Once you are ranked in Google you will start to get free targeted traffic which can lead to you making money from your website. Which again in my opinion is the best way to make money from your website. Wealthy Affiliate is where I learned how to not only build a website, but how to rank and make money from it as well.

Is Your Website Monetized?How To Increase Traffic To My Website For Free

Without monetizing your website, how do you expect to make money?. I guess you could sell your website and get a quick turn around. But that’s not the best option. Like traffic methods, there are many different ways you can earn money from your websites. I find it’s best to MASTER one technique rather than diluting your efforts and spreading yourself too thin.

It’s all well and good to have 200 pages on your website with helpful and informative articles, but are you going to make any money from them. That is the burning question. To make money, you have to target BUYERS!. Not information seekers. Yes providing informative articles is required as well, but they are not the money makers. You need to target a certain amount of your articles to buyers. People wanting help on deciding what to buy, wanting your opinion/reviews etc. These people are what make you money from your website. Not writing about ‘what the square root of 64 is’.

Do YOU Get It Yet? Target Buyers!

How To Turn Traffic Into Money

In this article here about how to make money writing review articles I pinpoint how I make money from my websites. It’s a rather simple method and works very well. But is often overlooked. Because we are told time and time again, Content is King, or Write to Help Your Readers. Which is all good, but adding some monetized web pages certainly isn’t a bad idea either.

If you are already getting traffic to your site but you are not making any money, this is what I would do. Find out which pages on your site are getting the most traffic. Find this information out in your Google Search Console. Take a in depth look at those pages and think ‘how can I make money from them’. Lets say for example you have an article on ‘how to peel an apple’ that is getting 100 people visit it per day. What I would do is write a new article called ‘the best apple peelers 2017’. I would then write 800-1200 words reviewing the top 5 apple peelers. Then I would link my how to peel apples page to my new monetized best apple peeler page. I use the Amazon associates affiliate network to make money online, which would work perfectly for the apple peeler situation. You could even edit your original ‘how to peel apples’ post and add some mini reviews on that page with affiliate links.

Another route you could take if you haven’t already done so is Adsense. By singing up for a free adsense account you can have ads displayed by Google on your website. This is a different style of monetizing your website. Which isn’t the best option unless you are getting 10,000+ visitors a month. Otherwise you will just be making small change every month and you would make more by having affiliate links on your site.

Lastly, build an email list. If you haven’t already heard “the money is in the list”. Turn your free traffic into subscribers. Once they have joined your email list you can educate them more about your niche and promote products to them. This is a whole skill set on its own and one I don’t recommend typically to beginners. This is because it requires work and will distract you from building out your website.

How To Turn A Website Profitable

Why Is My Website Not Making Any Money Recap

So to sum everything up, you basically need to allow 12 months of your life to build a website to generate enough traffic and build trust with Google before you can start making serious money. If you don’t want to wait 12 months and want to start making money now, the I suggest you check out the TNT method. But only if you have a grasp on building websites and basic SEO skills.

If you are having troubles building organic search engine traffic then I suggest you learn SEO from the best and put it into practice. Daily!. Success is determined by how long you give it!. Targeting buyers is where the money is, so look for buyers keywords in your niche to get maximum return form your website. Then learn how to monetize your site if you haven’t already done so. You would be surprised by how many people say ‘I’m not making any money from my site, please help’ and when I check out their website. They have no form of monetizing on their site. Hmmm… Anyways, I hope his article has somewhat enlightened you as to ways to make your website a money making machine!.

Are You Struggling To Make Money From Your Website?

Feel free to message me in the comments section below. Whether you are struggling, ready to give up or you are already making a fortune online. My readers and myself would love to know.

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13 thoughts on “Why Is My Website Not Making Money – Why Is It So Hard To Do So?

  1. whategecaniretireat@gmail.com'Angela

    Hey Josh,
    Wonderful site you have here. I have already spent over 2 hours going through your articles and learning a lot.
    I have been with WA for over a year and slowly have been building my site, with the limited time I have I have only been able to post my articles (2-3 a week) and I desperately need to build traffic. I have read your TNT article and am debating over ordering it or if I should go back over the articles in WA and build traffic that way. I know WA talks about building social media, but since my time is limited I only have twitter and google+ set up and I don’t have much opportunity to work them.
    My niche/website is all about having extra sources of incoming in retirement years, and I have my Amazon affiliate and clickbank affiliate set up.
    Do you think I would benefit from the TNT? Also I don’t know if you give opinions of others website, but I would appreciate it if you can take a look at mine and give me any pointers.

    Thanks Angela

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Angela, thanks for your kind words. I had a quick look at your site. You have a lot of content. But I think you need to narrow the niche a bit as it’s in the money niche it is tough. You can Private Message me on WA. How much traffic are you getting per month and what is the main goal you want to achieve from your site?. I will discuss more in privacy 🙂 As for TNT, I just checked using your niche of retirement and money’ and from the 3 searches I did there was 2 immediate opportunities to rank page 1. So TNT could work. BUT if you pick it up now and make up a really quick Xmas site on WA, TNT will bring you in a tonnne of traffic. With Christmas around the corner there is traffic wanting to buy buy and buy. Hope this helps.

  2. nabilmandev@gmail.com'Nabil

    Hi I like your website, and I’m sure that you want to help beginners to start correctly making money online.
    I’m a newbie , I’m participing in your free 9 days training and hope to keep in touch , I’m from Morocco and I think I can not start in WA for free, I will get into premium membrrship soon.
    My question : making website talking about soccer for a specific team, could be considered as a nich ?

    Thank you


    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Nabil, sorry to hear that your Country is on the no free list. Yes you could definetly make a site based around your favorite soccer team. You could make money via google ads or by promoting the teams merchandise. Another way you could do it is by making a site just on soccer training equipment for example. Hope this helps

      1. nabilmandev@gmail.com'Nabil

        Thank you for your reply, in one website does google allows affiliate links besides their adsence ?

        1. Josh Post author

          Absolutely.You can have google adsence and affiliate offers at the same time

          1. nabilmandev@gmail.com'nabil

            Hi josh,
            which is better, making a wordpress website with affiliate links or shopify store ?

          2. Josh Post author

            WordPress and affiliate links all the way for me. With shopify you will still need to drive traffic to your store to make sales. I prefer free traffic from blogging on WordPress over paying for advertising to a shopify store. Too much risk with paying for ads in my opinion.

  3. nabilmandev@gmail.com'nabil

    If you don’t mind, could you show me one of your website, to get an idea how should be a good website content to be able to get traffic and make money from it ?

      1. nabilmandev@gmail.com'nabil

        great Josh, one more thing, which is better wordpress with affiliate or woocommerce ?
        I appreciate , and for sure I’ll meet you in the near future in wealthy affiliate, good luck for your business

        1. Josh Post author

          Ive only ever used wordpress so i cant comment on woocommerce. All my affiliate niche sites use wordpress.


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