Who Wants An Honest Trio Profit Machine Review!

By | April 29, 2016

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An Honest Trio Profit Machine ReviewWhen I came across this product just yesterday I knew I had to give my honest review for the Trio Profit Machine by Jani G and John Racine. Mainly because I was lured into the thought of adding 3 “new” income streams to my already profitable online business. Now who doesn’t want 3 extra income streams right?. Sounds pretty amazing and for many this would be their first streams of online income.

Trio Profit Machine has a pretty appealing sales page and claims some pretty nice income proof. But how do we know any of this is true and will the course even work for me?. Fear of online scams is pretty much at the forefront of my mind these days after being scammed so many times in the past. Fortunately I have surpassed the days of buying product after product just to be scammed or let down time after time.

So to save you the hard times like I endured, I have presented my honest and real Trio Profit review. Plus it’s helpful to know what you are actually buying before you hand over your credit card details. So either way, you may pass on this product or you may be better informed in your buying decision as a result of this review.

Short Review Of Trio Profits Machine

Honestly, any experienced marketer won’t get a thing from this course. It’s simply rehashed methods and presented in a new eBook video series. In saying this, a newbie may grab some new tactics from this course on a sales funnel. However the training is not that in depth and you will be left on your own to do most of the research. Not recommended for beginners in my opinion.

The overall vibe I got after going through Trio Profits Machine was that this product is simply a gateway to get you to pay big bucks to join their coaching program. Which of course is a legitimate business model. But the amount of times I saw their ” Fast Track VIP coaching service” was simply too much. While Trio Profits Machine is not a scam, it’s also not that in depth of a course. Many people will be left wondering what to do next.

What Is Trio Profits All About?

What Is Trio Profits Machine About

So this trio of profits is not explained on the sales page. So here’s the rundown.

  1. IBI: Impulse Buyer Income. So the method inside Trio Profits Machine is to giveaway a free product on a landing page. After the visitor enters their email address to claim the free gift they are then taken to a OTO page. On this OTO (One Time Offer) page they are presented with a product you are selling which compliments the free product you are giving away. So this is income stream one, from a product you are selling.
  2. DPI: Download Page Income. The 2nd income stream is after they either buy the OTO or opt to not buy they are then taken to the Download Page. This page tells the visitor that the free product has been emailed to them. But the twist is to have a luring video on this page promoting a affiliate product in hope they click and buy it.
  3. LFI: List Follow Up Email. Basically building an email list and promoting offers to the people who signed up to your free offer.

My Complaints About Trio Profits MachineTrio Profits Machine Complaints

Keep in mind that my reviews are for people simply wanting more information before they buy and written with the beginner marketer (Someone wanting to make money online) in mind.

  • The course is very brief, more of a rundown on the strategy rather than in depth training. Multiple times the guys state that they are not going to show you how to do something. Instead they tell you to Google it. Hmm isn’t this a training course?. If I wanted to Google how to make money online, I would have landed here anyways.
  • Experienced marketers won’t find any value from this course
  • The free traffic methods are not by any means new nor are they explained very well in the course. In fact they are very time consuming and a waste of time if you ask me. The methods include traffic exchanges, safelists, forum commenting and article posting. Most people in these ‘free traffic’ arenas are looking to make money from YOU, not give you money. This is something I learned way back when I started my journey online. I have nothing at all to show for it now..

My Final ThoughtsUnbiased Review Of Trio Profits Machine

While I try to remain unbiased to these make money online courses I review, it’s very hard to give them a positive rating because 9 times out of 10 they are simply rehashed methods thrown up on a video or PDF. Sure in theory the methods included in Trio Profits Machine works and is proven, but without the knowledge to implement each step, results will lack. The purpose of this course is to add you to their email list and also get you to pay for their upgrade and coaching service.

The Best Way To Make Money Online

From my 4+ years of making money online, I’ve found the best way to learn how to earn is by following a proven and in-depth training course. I realized early on that their is no easy push button or copy and paste systems. None of them worked…

So fortunately for me I stumbled across what I think is simply the best place to get started with an online business. Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my full review and how Wealthy Affiliate changed my life Here!.

If you are struggling to make a dime online and sick and tired of these half arsed training courses then I suggest you do what I did. You won’t regret it. But I must warn you. This is the real deal and you will be required to put in the effort. Don’t worry, the effort pays off over and over :). This is why it’s my favorite online business model.

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