What To Blog About To Make Money Online Starts With Choosing A Niche

By | October 19, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

What To Blog About To Make Money OnlineOne of the most important decisions you can make to start a successful affiliate marketing business is choosing the right niche. When you know what to blog about to make money online, becoming a success story is made all that much easier. But knowing what to write about and choosing a niche are huge problems I see every single day. Choosing a niche for the first time can be a make or break situation for new online marketers. But it’s not only beginners that struggle with picking a niche, people who have been doing this for 6 months or longer still don’t know how to correctly narrow down a niche.

The thing is, you can be confident going into a niche before you begin. But there is no way to determine how quickly you can start making money or how much money you can make. From my 4 years of online marketing experience, some websites can make up to $500 a month while others with the same amount of content can generate a full time income. One website may take 30 days to start making money and another website may take 60 days. That’s just how it is in this business.  So the question remains, how do you know what to blog about if you want to make a full time income online?. This is what we will be covering in today’s lesson.

But First… Do You Really Understand What A Niche Is?

There are many variations as to what is a niche and what makes one profitable, so I will be sharing my experiences with niches and what made some more profitable than the others. A niche is basically a group of people that you want to sell to or make affiliate sales from. A niche should be targeted so that your website can relate with the audience. This niche is a bunch of folks like you and me that need help with something.

Every person on this planet is looking for help in one way or another, so they turn to Google for help. Our job as affiliate marketers is to help these people. By ‘Help’, this could mean the person needs advice on : Pimple reduction, whats the best cooking book, how to beat the Boss on Mario Brothers, Ways to make money online, How to install Window 10, best red dresses for a Prom, best wedding rings for tall Men etc etc. The list is pretty much endless. People turn to Google wanting help on anything. So what I’m trying to get across is that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to make money online. If you can find some ‘Red Dresses’ that would be suitable for a Prom (Just an example) then you can make money online.

Some Examples Of Niche Types Include:

People With ProblemsWhat Is A Profitable Niche

  • The most profitable niches are ones that target an audience that needs help because of a problem. If someone is suffering from an addiction, illness or any thing that can reduce their quality of life, then they WILL pay to get this problem fixed. If you can relate to these niches you can make a lot of money. Problem niches can include many topics, but here’s a few to get your brain ticking over: Back Pain (Huge problem), Weight Lose, Cigarette, Alcohol or any Addiction, skin defects (Pimples, Acme etc), Children With Disabilities, Single Parents etc etc etc. The list goes on. Think long and hard about any problems in your surrounding life. What kind of help could you offer them? This can be in the form of physical products like massages (Back Pain) or diet plans (for weight lose) or Skin Cream (For pimples) etc.

Hobbies/Interests/Sport/PassionsHow To Narrow A Niche Down

  • This category of Niches will give you a tonne of ideas on what to blog about to make money form home. It’s a huge category that covers many topics in life. Everybody has some sort of interest, passion, hobby or likes/plays sports. So the audience is huge and prime for the picking. People that have these interests are committed to their passions and spend a lot of money buying the latest products, collectibles, tools needed, sporting gear, memorabilia etc. Take Golfers for example. To play Golf you need a Golf club right, and people that play Golf are passionate about their sport. So they want to be the best and have the best. But not every Golfer is born with the knowledge on how to perfect their swing, or what Golf clubs are the best etc. So they will tun to Google for answers. Can you recommend them some clubs and make some money?. Of course you can, Golfer spend a lot of money to be better. Other niches in this category could include: DIY Reno’s, Gaming, Coin collecting, Tennis, NFL, Movies/TV, Religion, Crochet, Water Polo, Bird Watching, Photography etc.

Product Based NichesProduct Based Niche Ideas

  • A product based niche can be 2 things. A single product(Example PS4, iPhone 7, Ninja Blender etc) or a group of products. A single product niche is very limited to what you can write about. So choosing a group of products is a better option. A group of products is exactly that a group but isn’t restricted to one brand or model. So for example you could make a niche website about all types of: Blenders, Laptops, Headsets, TV’s, Lawn Mowers, Knife Sets, Cutlery Sets, Desks, Train Toys, Baby Strollers, Cots etc. You name, it can be a website to make you money. For this category of niche, you may have multiple types of audiences, unlike the first category (Back Pain Site Only for example). For these product type niches you find what types of audiences buy these products and target them For example: Niche: Shoes. Audiences could be: School Kids, Walkers, Runners, Casual Wear, Skaters, Professional etc.

A Narrow Niche Combination

  • This type of niche site combines 2 of the above categories to target 1 type of product with one passion or problem. These sites are a bit more limited on what you can write, but can make you quicker money due to being very targeted. So for example you could choose a Problem Niche combined with A Passion. An example could be How to play Golf with a Bad Back. Or you could choose a Problem category and a Product category combination. An example of this could be: Learning Toys (Product) for Deaf Children (Problem).

Can You Have More Than ONE Niche?

Is My Niche Too Broad - Start A New Website For FreeAbsolutely. So many people get caught up choosing a niche like it’s a life or death situation. Yes obviously choosing a good niche in the beginning will help tremendously, but you will also learn a lot along the way. Even if you don’t earn as much as you hoped, you now have the skills to move on. From there you can make more and more niche blogs and make more money. I started out with a ‘Parenting’ niche website and it failed, which I will explain shortly. But I didn’t stop there, I learned from my mistakes and have gone on to earn over $10,000 per month from Affiliate Marketing. Had I decided life was over after my Parenting blog failed, I would be living a miserable life right now.

So try to think long term when choosing a niche. Don’t solely rely on one website to get you through to retirement. However one website can make you a full time income, it’s always a good idea to have multiple websites. This way all your eggs aren’t in one basket. So if one niche isn’t quite working for you, then start a new site on a new niche. What have you got to loose?. Or even start 2 websites at once in 2 niches so you are expanding your reach online.

The beauty about where I learned how to make a website is that I can have a new niche website online in under 5 minutes ready for me to test out. These are also free websites so I can keep testing niches all day long if I wanted to. But I don’t have time for that. You won’t either because I am about to save you a lot of time and headaches so that you won’t need 10 websites to make a full time income online. I will show you WHY so many online marketers FAIL so you can get to the best start possible.

Before You Begin Blogging To Make Money.. Stop!What Is A Bad Niche To Choose For Affiliate marketing

Whatever niche you choose to target, the most important thing to remember is: Are you helping people?. If you have chosen a niche for which you cannot help people then you may struggle to make money. Remember, helping someone can be as simple as helping someone by recommending the best learning toys for deaf kids. But it’s critical you think of your website as a way to help people and not just Sell Sell Sell. They will turn their noses up. So do some ‘Audience’ research first. Learn what your niche’s needs are and what issues they currently having. Knowing this info will help you relate to your niche through the content on your website.

Do This So You Will Succeed While So Many Others FAIL!

Niche = Too Broad = FAIL!

So now that you know what a niche is and some categories for which to base a niche around, it’s time to discover why so many people fail when trying to make money online blogging. Niche = Too Broad = FAIL. Plain and simple. But what is too broad and where should you start?.

So I will give you my real world example.  My first website was on the niche of ‘Parenting’. This is where I want to save you from making the same mistake I made. Parenting is far far too broad. If you are a Parent, then you know that the book on being a parent is never ending. Same goes for this niche. Parenting covers 100’s of topics and those topics cover many sub topics within. So the audience I was trying to reach was massive and I could not get my website heard. I was competing against 100’s of thousands of websites covering 1000’s of sub niches.

I made articles on various topics of Parenting like: How to entertain a Child, Cribs/Cots, Child Care Services, Baby Monitors etc. Basically I was writing about anything related to parenting.

This Was The Problem That Resulted In Me Failing

How To Chose A Easy Niche

So imagine I had 10- 20 articles on my Parenting website, each article was on something completely different to the rest of the articles. Essentially I had 10-20 Sub niches of the Parenting Niche. Lets take 1 article for example. So I had 1 article on Potty Training and was not ranking in Google at all. The reason is because my niche/website on Parenting wasn’t narrow. It was way to broad. So not only did I have to compete with the 1000’s of already establishes Parenting Authoritative website online, I myself wasn’t establishing any authority myself.

Lets imagine there are 1000 websites that talk about Potty training on at least 1 article on their website. So I was up against 1000 other websites. How the HECK do I compete against them?. The answer is simple to me now, but I too was a beginner and made this mistake.

Had I made a website solely focused on ‘Potty Training’ as my niche I would have done so much better. Why?. Because instead of having 10-20 articles on my website about various topics in the Parenting niche, I would of had 20 focused articles ALL on Potty Training.

What this does is establishes my website as an authority in the Potty Training niche because everything on my website is about Potty Training. It’s not diluted with 20 other topics of parenting which reduces any ‘potty training’ authority I needed to beat my competitors.

In simple terms, by having a site that talked about 20 topics of Parenting I had 1 Million+ Competitors, but by having a site focused JUST on Potty Training my Competition was just 1000. What would you rather go up against – 1000 people or 1 Million+ people?.

How To Choose The Best Niche For BeginnersBest Way To Choose A Niche For The First Time

Continuing on from the Potty Training case study blog I want to show you how you can go even further and get faster results and make more money. The Term Potty Training is still a little bit broad, so I still had 1000 competitors to beat. How do I beat them?. By drilling down further into the niche. Who is the audience for potty training?. Answer: Babies, Newborns, Toddlers, Children, Animals: Dogs and Cats.

So the audience for ‘Potty Training’ is still too broad. This is my BEST advice for beginners starting a new niche. Narrow down you niche as far as possible. Start getting traffic and start making money. Once you are making some money, then and only then should you EXPAND your niche. Now back to the Potty Training example.

To narrow down the Potty Training Niche I simply added an audience. I choose Toddlers. So my niche was Potty Training For Toddlers. BAM! Targeted niche with people needing help and will spend money to solve there problem!. From there (After I was making money) I could have expanded my niche into other areas of potty training, or I could have added a NEW sub niche of Parenting to my website. Something like healthy diets for a toddler, breast feeding a toddler etc.

This is how you build a full time income! You first start out with a narrow targeted niche and audience. From there you expand and add new sub niches until you become a huge authority in your ‘Too Broad’ niche idea. Or you can just start a new targeted narrow niche blog and rinse and repeat.

What To Blog About To Make Money Online From A Niche Website

So now that I have shown you how to narrow down a broad niche, how do you know what to write about to make money?.  Some simple research is the answer. What I do is use this Keyword Tool. This tool tells us what to write about. We know that we want to talk about potty training for toddlers, so I simply add them words into this tool and it will spit out results. These results are the words ‘Buyers’ type into Google because they want help.

We then apply SEO taught from the same place where we get the free websites targeting these keywords our Buyers are typing into Google. From there, we keep adding content about our targeted niche on a consistent basis. In a matter of time, our tight narrow websites will start making money.

This is a very summarized ending to this article, but as it’s getting rather long I will have more training coming in the near future on Keyword Research for your first niche. In the meantime I highly recommend you go read my review about this online training and website builder so you can continue on in the right direction. By the way, this place is the place that taught me how to earn a full time income online. So your in good hands. On a side note: If you join up, as a premium member you get access to my secret methods to know how to write these articles that make me my full time income online.

Having Problems With Selecting A Niche?I Am A WA Success Case Study

I know it’s a daunting time choosing your very first niche. So let me try to help you out. If you want to add your niche idea into the comments box below, I can give you my honest opinion and some real feedback.

Josh From Oz


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    I was researching vacuum cleaners, razors for shaving, bbq grills.
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    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Jeremy, no they are one product websites where you could become the specialist in. The key is to making sure the competition isn’t too high before you enter into the niche. Otherwise it will take a lot more work and a lot longer to get the results you want. From that list, I would think razors would be the least competitive.


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