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By | February 14, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

What Keywords Make Money Online For AffiliatesAs affiliate marketing is a proven way to earning money online, it’s of great importance that we know exactly what keywords make money online. In my opinion, not understanding keywords (And lack of commitment) are the biggest reasons many new affiliate marketers fail online. It doesn’t have to be this way, it’s really not that hard once you have the fundamentals down. So let me explain a few things which may help take your business in the right direction in 2016. I will also be providing my method step by step on how I find good money making keywords with some real evidence.

In a nutshell the keywords which will make sales or money as an affiliate marketer should be buyers keywords. Buyers keywords are words which have intent. Intent for the visitor to buy a type of product or at the very least be looking for a review on a certain product. Keywords which tells you that the person typing the keywords into the search engines are wanting a specific item or group of items. The more specific the keywords are, the greater the conversion rate will be.

Example of a bad buyers intent keywordHow To Get Free Targeted Google Traffic

While getting traffic to a website is what our business is all about, getting non buyers don’t help us to pay the bills. These types of keywords can work but have a lower conversion rate from my experience. I believe they are better suited to information websites with AdSense being the method of making money.  This is because the keyword is usually not targeted enough and may not be offering the viewer exactly what they want.

Some examples could be: Best Exercise Equipment, What’s The Best Book?, How To Plant A Tree, Where To Buy Lamps etc etc. While all of these keywords could be used to make money, they won’t convert very well. Lets look at why. None of the above keywords are being specific enough; There’s so many genres of books, how is my best book recommendation going to be the best choice for my reader. I need more specific keywords, I may be saying that a Children’s book is the best, but the reader wants Sci Fi etc. How to plant a tree is another broad keyword. What kind of tree does the reader want to plant?, what country/climate? etc. The chances of you writing about how to plant a Gum Tree being what the reader was expecting is low. Where to buy lamps? Way too broad… Which County/State, online or offline, what type of lamps etc.

Some Good Buyers Keywords

Buying Keywords Have Better Conversions

The more specific your keyword is to what the reader wants, the greater the conversion rate is going to be. This usually means less traffic per keyword. But, and this is a very big but!. The traffic for the more specific keyword has a much better chance of making you money. Because if you take the hard work out of researching and looking online for something someone wants, than it’s going to be easier to refer them onto the affiliate place where they can buy the item.

What About Review Keywords? Do They Make Money?

Without a doubt, adding the words reviews to your key word can also be a great method of making money. However, me personally I normally avoid targeting keywords which rely solely on the review part. This is because so many other marketers target the ‘product review’ keyword. Competition is something I don’t like when it comes to making my money online. The less people I have to compete with in the search engines the better, so while I might add the word reviews in my content and sometimes in the titles. I generally don’t even go after review type keywords.

My Method Of Finding The Best Money Making KeywordsFinding Keywords Stategies

As I make all my money online from Affiliate Programs, Amazon being my bread and butter. I will demonstrate how I go about finding keywords that almost guarantee me to make money. So I chase after buyers who want physical products because I think it’s easier to give people what they want without having to be a sales person just to make a commission.

The keyword tool I will be using is Jaaxy, which has been by my side since day one and has never let me down. So I figure it will be perfect for this demonstration. If you are unsure of some of the data Jaaxy spits out at me, you can read my full Jaaxy keyword research tool review for a better understanding.

Random Niches

For this demonstration I will Enter a random niche and see if I can quickly pull up some profitable keywords. My best tip: Don’t stress too much on the traffic per month data, I have a bare minimum and that’s about 50-75 a month. ALL targeted traffic is worth your time!.

Example 1. I searched  “polka dot twin bedsheets for a girl” in Jaaxy. Note: It’s always good to find who your market is, by doing this I try find keywords with the ‘FOR’ in them. However in this case, it’s pretty obvious it’s for Girls..

Examples Of Money Making Keywords

From the above screenshot of the results for “polka dot twin bedsheets for a girl” I would try to combine the 3 red underlined keywords into one post to try rank for them all. So I would write a post with a title similar to this” Cute Polka Dot Twin Sheets -Bedding & Comforter Sets”. This title captures the entire word “polka dot twin sheets (Most traffic and least competition) and I also added the other words from the other 2 keywords. This way I’m ranking for all 3  keywords and giving me the chance of getting 216 avg traffic per month. Plus a heap more if I write related content in the post. As the competition is low on all 3, I would feel very comfortable of ranking on page 1 or atleast page 2 of Google the next day. This keyword is VERY targeted. I know the view want Polka Dots on a Twin size bed sheet. My job is to deliver them what they want and I make easy money.


How Do Keywords Make Money


Example 2: I searched for “frozen cake decorations” and I got HEAPS of potential money making keywords. Any one of them could be really good converting keywords. To be even more specific you could dig deeper and use the names of the Frozen characters as keywords, or use their names as subheadings within your post.

It’s Easy To Make Money With Keywords!

Feel free to steal the above keywords as I’m not in those niches. However, the point of all this is to prove that there are literally millions of profitable keywords available for us affiliate marketers to make money form. This demonstration took no longer than 5 minutes to put together. With the right Affiliate Marketing Training and the right mindset, success online is just around the corner for anyone who takes action.

P.S. The keyword tool I used and always use is Jaaxy, feel free to use up 30 free keyword searches to start getting some profitable keyword ideas. With this brief training on finding profitable keywords, the 30 free searches should get you heading in the right direction.

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