What Is Triple Threat Marketing & Is It A Scam?

By | February 11, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

Before you sign up for the free account or even pay the first month subscription, stop for a minute and discover exactly what is Triple Thr3at Marketing. Find out the truth from an experienced and honest marketer and a member of TT3. Before you make your next move, please listen to someone who’s been in the program for 4 months. If you don’t know what this Rev Sharing program is about and how it makes it’s money to pay it’s members, don’t leave this screen!. It could cost you more than you think.

*View My Latest Update Here: TT3 IS Scam Status – Be Warned!

My Honest Triple Thr3at Marketing Review


What Is Triple Threat Marketing


First and foremost I want to point out I’m NOT promoting Triple Thr3at, however I am giving you my honest review for anyone who’s on the fence about joining TT3. As you can see from the above screenshot, I am an actual paying member at Triple Thr3at.

Quick Summary

This is my brief overview of the program. It’s not a complete scam, as it does pay out to it’s members (For a limited time). However there is a MASSIVE problem with the longevity of TT3 (plus other Rev Share Programs), it’s not a method of making money online that will be around for much longer. This I can guarantee you, whether it be 1 week, or 1 year. Eventually this program will buckle and leave all it’s members with a frown on their faces. So DON’T put money into this program unless you’re willing to accept that you may loose it all.

The reason I put $220 into TT3 is because I make a stable passive income online and it’s not a big deal for me. I can easily accept loosing it all. But can you?. This is why this program is a medium to high risk earning opportunity and I would avoid a business structure like this.

Read on to find out why I say these things about Triple Thr3at.

How Triple Thr3at Marketing WorksOnline Scam Program Reviews

TT3 is basically what you call a revenue sharing program (AKA Ponzi Scheme), meaning all the money that is brought into the company is shared between it’s paying members. This is completely fine if there is a legitimate way of the company making money and IF the company is not paying out more than it’s bring in. (Which unfortunately TT3 is NOT!.)

Some of you may remember Just Been Paid from a few years ago. It was one of the first ever programs I found online that was meant to make me my millions. Needless to say it didn’t and I lost a few hundred dollars once the company buckled and took off with the members remaining money. Just like Just Been Paid, Tripleth3at Marketing has an alluring appeal to it, JBP even lasted a couple years before it simply went offline once new members stopped joining and putting the money into the company. I think they were even investigated by the Authorities as well for running a ponzi scheme (Been a few years now, so can’t remember all the details).

How Does Triple Thr3at Make Money To Pay Members?

This is the question that really got under my skin with Just Been Paid. As TT3 is set up in a similar fashion, this is why I am comparing the 2. For JBP I was LIED to, I was told that JBP bought advertising space on various locations online, which they than rented out those AD spaces for more money. So I believed it, until they closed down with no warning and took everyone’s money.

Triple Thr3at is a bit different tho in the fact they charge a monthly $10 fee to be in the system basically. So right now they have 9 thousand or so paying members. 9000 x $10 month = 90k month income. As they are fairly new (Less than 6 months old) and have paid out over 1 million to it’s members, the maths doesn’t add up. 6 months x 90k month = 540k.

Triple Threat Scam Review

Where does the rest of the money come from that they are paying to their members?

With a return of 120% on your investment within days , where does Triple Thr3at Marketing get it’s money from to make these payouts to it’s member?

Answer: Tactics. From my experience with these sorts of programs, cracks in the foundations start appearing after a few weeks to a few months. Once the hype online has settled. They start delaying payouts for days to weeks then ultimately months, endless amounts of maintenance issues, issues with finances and then usually something that pretty much tells you your money is gone. Maybe not today but it will be.

It starts with a reduction in payouts (From $100 a day maximum to only $50, $20 etc) to the next big warning sign : payment processors (PayPal) closing THEIR PayPal account because PayPal want nothing to do with this scheme.

Guess what?. This has all happened with Triple Threat since I joined. Don’t dare speak of these issues within their private Facebook page or you will be kicked out, in fact don’t question anything… Really?? Sounds like some sort of religion to me.

So now ALL the members who used PayPal to deposit funds into TT3 have basically no money left because PayPal shut them down and kept all the funds… But TT3 tell us in a couple of weeks we will all get our PayPal money back, that was over a month ago and no sign of it happening this year (Even tho it’s only February). So to keep playing this game, all members had to add FRESH money into the system with a new money processor because PayPal was no longer playing nice.

What Does This All Tell You. Is It A Scam?

This whole situation tells me that Triple Threat is struggling (Don’t believe the lies u read on blogs) to come up with money to pay it’s members. Why is this? This is because Triple Threat Marketing has NO WAY of bringing in new money UNLESS they get new people (Hopefully NOT you) to join and add new money. So then they can use your money to pay their old members plus keep a slice of the money for themselves.

That is the only way these sorts of programs can keep running. Without offering a product of true value to people, it will NEVER be sustainable. They NEED new members to join and put more money into the system and when that runs dry…It crumbles!

Does Triple Threat Pay Out (Payment Proof)

Yes they do pay out for now… Once the money runs dry..well you know what will happen. So I have put in over $200 and have only withdrawn $12. This is because of what happened with PayPal my money dried up. So I withdrew enough money to pay for next months membership fee. There is no way I’m putting more money into this program.

Triple Threat Marketing Payment Proof

So What Should You Do Then?Image (140)

Hopefully from reading my Triple Threat honest review, you can see that this is not a sustainable and reliable online business. So my suggestion to you is to stop thinking making money online is as easy as these programs tell you it is and that it requires no effort. Go out and find a real and reliable online business structure. The number one way I made my money online is by changing my mindset and coming to terms with the fact to run an online business, it’s going to take time and work.

After some solid research I came across the best training on making money online the internet has to offer. Immediately I knew this was a stable business and can honestly say I’ve never come across a better training program ever.

Look… If  You Want To Make Money Online…Read This!Is Triple Threat Legitimate

The reason I’m sharing this with you today is because I’m sick of all the innocent people being lured into these ponzi/scam products available online. So many people are not aware of the potential debt these programs can lead them into. It can seriously tear families apart, and this deeply upsets me to know that I could have helped.

Fortunately you can learn from my mistakes… I’m here to help everybody who has the right mindset. The people desperate to get away from all these rubbish products and finally make a dime online.

I run a serious online business now and believe me.. It’s much much more rewarding than any Triple Threat program could ever be. If you seriously want to change your life, then please contact me, either in the comments below or in my About Me page. This online madness must STOP!.

You can read more about How I Got Started online to see the difference between a fake marketer and a real online marketer who makes money by doing what they preach. It’s definitely true that anyone can make money online. The real question is How Much do you want to make?.

Update 01/01/16

The Triple Threat PayPal Migration Is Happening… Or is it?

The Long awaited Triple Threat PayPal Migration is scheduled for this Friday the 4th March 2016. When I say long, I mean it. This alleged migration has been going on for months, when originally they said it would happen in 2 weeks..

Is this another stalling tactic? Time will tell, but I’m not holding my breath. I would imagine A LOT of members have been waiting for the Paypal migration of money just so they can withdraw their lost funds. Many folks entered Triple Threat using PayPal (including myself) and when they said we must put more money into the system with another processor. Many simply lost hope and have just sat on the sidelines waiting for this great migration to happen.

So I do think Triple Threat will be up for a lot of money requested for withdraws and I honestly don’t think the program will be able to handle a sudden urge in withdrawals which would go into the $1000’s. I foresee a collapse in the not to far away future for the Triple Threat money making system. Sadly I have still only have 1 payment of $12 from the initial $200 plus investment.

My advice is to withdraw money now if you can. Before the hordes of people click the withdraw button on Friday (If the PayPal migration happens that is) and the bank is running low on funds. I know I am…I’m waiting about a week now for a $40 withdrawal which is still pending.

Let Us Know!

While I don’t remain hopeful, I would love some other members to share their success once the PayPay migration happens. This may install confidence in other ‘stuck’ members trying to get their feeder money out of the system before it’s too late. Please leave your feedback below.


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17 thoughts on “What Is Triple Threat Marketing & Is It A Scam?

  1. chris@win-back-your-ex.com'Win Back Your Ex Comments

    HHmm another program that does not seem to carry much weight unfortunately.

    I notice you say it is not a complete scam, but it does not appear to be solid and long term like you say!

    Unfortunately there are a lot of sites offering you great things out there, and not all of them give you the complete truth.

    It is websites like yours that bring the truth to our attention, and just wanted to thank you for that 🙂

    In your opinion, what is the best opportunity out there at the moment to make an online business (that is not a scam) ..?



    1. Josh Post author

      Hi, the reason I say it’s not a complete scam is because they do pay out money in the beginning, but generally towards the end of the programs life span they close up shop because there isnt enough money come in from recruiting new members.

      AS you said, it’s not long term and I classify this type of program as High Risk. Don’t enter unless you expect to loose all your money.

      The model I like for making money online is Affiliate Marketing. IT is passive income to me and when you learn how to do it right. Full time income online is a reality. The place I learned Affiliate Marketing is at Wealthy Affiliate. They are an established business online for over 10 years now and even offer free membership..

  2. moynulamin98@hotmail.com'moynul

    Hi Josh just read up on this post about the triple threat marketing scheme (not a particularly good one) so you have done a really a good job in explaining what it is and why to avoid it. I mean seriously, it doesn’t take a fool to see that this scheme requires new members to pay off old ones lol! We need more honest reviews like this one, to really name and shame these online scams that really can put one in serious debt and tear families apart!

    1. Josh Post author

      Unfortunately Moynul, some of these types of programs go to great lengths to fool the members into thinking it’s a legitimate way to earn money online. When I was in Just Been Paid, I was told they were buying ad space and selling at higher price so they could pay their members 2% interest daily. Total Lie…and wheres JBP now? Did I loose all my money?. You Bet!

    1. Josh Post author

      It’s a risk to put money in at this stage I would reckon. Programs like Triple Thr3at will eventually fail once the money stops coming in from new members. I’ve been a member over 4 months now, invested $200+ and only managed to withdraw $12.

      If your looking to start a legit income online, I suggest you read my review for WA. It’s nothing like Triple Threat, but it will teach you how to make money online, which is all you will need for the rest of your life.

  3. rc_magnuson@hotmail.com'Rocky

    I,ve been a member of TT3 since November. Put in $99 to start with PayPal, then PayPal stopped. I had requested $70 in withdrawals but they were refunded back to my PayPal wallet. So I scrapped together $50 to start over with coinbase in January while waiting for the migration. To date I’ve successfully withdrawn $180, so I’m just barely ahead of the game with TT3. I migrated my PayPal funds this past Friday and requested a $100 withdrawal which is still showing pending as of Saturday evening. I had a feeling this was a ponzi scheme with returns on investment of 120% in 3 days, etc. It can only last so long. There is another rev share – Fort Ad Pays – that claims they will pay out up to $3,200 per day! They have been around about a year, based in Mexico I think. I don’t see how they could do it? I also have an e-com store with Shopify that I am about to launch aiming for $100 per day in online income, but there is a lot of work involved there. I also have developed an online investing strategy that can give me a good 30% ROI weekly. I plan to turn this into an e-com product that offers an advisory service by email. This will feature online investing in only 10 minutes or less per day with a real opportunity to grow a fortune. A true online opportunity.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Rocky, happy to hear you managed to get your money back out of TT3. Thats a start. It’s really good that you can see these programs for what they really are. They will all fail eventually. It’s not a long term strategy and it’s awesome you have direction.

  4. mwest34@gmail.com'Michelle West

    Its interesting that the owners are planning the launch of their program on March 26th and yet we know nothing about the site. I wonder if they have the funds to maintain payments in TT3 until March 26th??

    Its necessary to join a program like Traffic Monsoon or Fortadpays that really do have outside revenue coming in so that if no new members join…..they still pay. Both of these sites are much more reasonable as well…paying out roughly 10% over a period of 2 months….which is still excellent but not crazy 20% in 3 days like TT3….

    Lastly, the big unknown for any Revshare is how much the Admin make. This also determines the length of a program. Basically, the owners decide how much they will make period. With TT3 approaching 20,000 members …we are talking bout 10,000 a day coming in from JUST THE MEMBERSHIP (There are 20 business days in a month X 10 dollars X 20,0000 = 10K a day )

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Michelle, this tactic of creating a new side project is not something new. I’ve been involved in a few which ‘say’ this and bam, before you know it the main program doesn’t exist anymore. Red lights are well and truly flashing for Triple Threat in my opinion.

  5. Gofuckyourself@gmail.com'ProudTt3 Member

    Marketing tactics like the one you are using are not new, and to be honest, not very ethical. TripleThr3at Marketing is an advertising service that shares its revenue with its members as a bonus. At this very moment I am sure that there are approximately 15,000 members that would completely disagree with this review. Myself included.

    What we really have here is an opinion article written by an individual with a very limited understanding of a business that is doing so well… that he has seen fit to use the TripleThr3at name in the taglines of his article to promote his own business! Talk about low down… wow

    1. Josh Post author

      Yes you are right, I am trying to stop un-suspecting people from falling victims to Ponzi scams. Fine if this is your style of business and you want to keep chasing your tail around everytime a new rev share program comes out. It’s not long term and it’s not ethical to basically steal money from the newer members to pay out the older members.

      How do you turn $1 into $1.20 or $1.50 etc without no other form of money coming into the system besides new money put in from new members.

      I am a member of TT3 and never expected to get my money back, and it’s looking likely I won’t. Their delaying to pay tactics and excuses are wearing very thin. From my experiences, only people who recruit large numbers of people and early members make any money here. 5 months in this program and I’ve lost $200 and made $0. How is this right?. I ask you this?

  6. gauravuptobiz@gmail.com'K Sharma

    Scam .. Paying 1st payment quickly .. later on no payment. Peoples are diverting away now. Only few payment gateways are working well. all other zero. No guaranty when they will dropp..

    1. Josh Post author

      Yea, still waiting on withdrawal request from March 11…

  7. azpat0@gmail.com'courtenay oconnell

    They disabled my WD link: never paid any money for my WD requests- even after I paid the $10/week member fee- they have now banned me: lost a lot of money on this fraud!

  8. beens@slingshot.co.nz'Robina

    Yes it is a SCAM! Don’t invest any money. I have been trying to withdraw my funds and they are making it impossible for me to so. I am going to spread it all over the INTERNET and so should all you other people who have been ripped off. This is so others don’t get caught out. They should be reported!!!!

    1. Josh Post author

      Thanks Robina for sharing your concerns. Hopefully people by now know not to join TT3 at this stage.


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