What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO?

What is it that matters most about your website content?. Correct, it has to rank page 1 of Google right, because thats What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEOwhere all the money is right. But to do this you may need need to know what is the best keyword research tool for SEO?.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most passive ways to make income online if you ask me. Having the right tools to help you get the job done correctly and in a convenient time, is essential aspect to my business.

My Honest Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Who Wants The Truth…..Finally?

My number keyword research tool of choice is a lessor known name in the industry called Jaaxy. Some of you may have heard of it, some may not. Anyways… It’s been the tool that has helped me online since pretty much day 1 of launching my online career back in 2012. So to help ease your concerns with getting Jaaxy. I say without Jaaxy, I would have failed many years ago. It’s up there with the small list of reasons why I have achieved online success.

Without Jaaxy, I would have failed years ago

So naturally I’m not going to compare various keyword tools here, because I am only experienced with Jaaxy and I don’t want to be talking about stuff I don’t know. So as they say ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and Jaxxy definitely ain’t broke, so why would I ever need another tool. That’s been pretty much my number one reason I have been a full time user of Jaaxy for 4 years now.

What Makes Jaaxy My #1 Keyword Researcher For SEO?

I’m not going to bore you with a sales pitch or anything. I’m just telling it straight. The reasons why I LOVE Jaaxy and can easily recommend it to any marketer online of any level of experience.

  1. Test Drive It For Free (That’s how I got started) You get 30 free searches on a free account. 30 searches for me these days is almost enough to have a whole niche website lined up ready to make me some cash. Depending on your marketing experience online, you could profit without having to spend a dime on keyword research. That’s pretty sweet.
  2. Saves Me So Much Time. Now I have to compare Jaaxy to free methods like the Google tool and the WA keyword tool to prove it’s time saving abilities. (Jaaxy has Free, Pro, & Enterprise options, I only use Pro but enterprise is up to 10 times faster if speed is a main concern to you). With the ability to find lucrative keywords within mere seconds, I can’t see how anyone would still be wasting hours and hours on the free methods of keyword research. Obviously financial restraints play a role, but if you can’t afford the free sign up…well?.
  3. Reliable Access. Jaaxy is a web based product, meaning you can access it on any device online anywhere in the world. I use to do keyword research on my phone with Jaaxy during my lunch breaks at work. That is what I call powerful. The ability to research at any given moment from any given internet connected device. To date I have never been unable to access Jaaxy. In about 4 years, that’s pretty impressive guys.
  4. Accurate Results. Accuracy from a keyword tool is what its all about. Having the certainty to knowing beforehand that a keyword has a good chance to rank is pure gold for online marketers. I can honestly say the results Jaaxy give me are pretty darn accurate. Otherwise my niche websites would not be ranking page one constantly for many years. The results are pure solid data that we need to succeed in this business and you can see the data Jaaxy gives me further down the page.

That’s about it in a nutshell. Accurate, fast and reliable results are my secret key to ranking in Google. Jaaxy hasn’t led me astray and I doubt it ever will. So I can easily continue to do what I do using just one awesome keyword tool for as long as I will ever need.

The Data Jaaxy Spits Out

Whats Important To Me

Honest Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Reviews

While there is some technique to finding the best keywords for your website, the key factors I look for when using Jaaxy are:

  • Avg: The Average number of searches that keyword gets searched per month
  • QSR: The Quoted Search Results. How many web pages have the exact keyword in their title SEO. (This is basically your competition number, so lower the better) e.g “how to loose weight fast”. This can be manually backed up by searching in google your keyword in “…” the result will be the same Jaaxy gives (Remember to click thru to the last page (page 1,2,3,4,5,etc) of results on Google to get the true number of competition)
  • SEO – How well that keyword is likely to rank with SEO. If it’s under 90 I usually don’t touch the keyword. As it’s not something I could rank for easily, and I really like easy to rank keywords.
  • Domains: This option quickly tells you if the domain is available for that keyword. E.g: Keyword “Enterkeywordshere” is available as a .com .net .org. This option is really good for marketers who domain flip or want keyword rich domain names. Buy cheap domains and sell at a higher price. Finding the available domains that quickly is definitely an asset.
  • Related Keywords: This is a wonderful feature to help the user either get new keywords instantly, or encourage the user to think of different angles to take the keyword.

Want Some Honest Results?

Get instant results by entering some keywords into the search bar below to find out the real statistics you need to succeed online!

Why Jaaxy Is My Number 1 Keyword Tool For Research

Below I’m going to unleash some easy to rank keywords right before your eyes. This is a test to prove to you that Jaaxy is an unstoppable beast when it comes to finding good keywords. These will be some pretty random niche keyword ideas with no prior thought put into them. Below the examples you can test drive a keyword on Jaaxy for free. Don’t miss out.

Keyword Research Crystal Balls

In this example I typed into Jaaxy “Crystal Balls”. In the results I saw “swarovski crystal ball bracelets. So I clicked on that and it brought up the results above. From their I spotted a great keyword to use If I was in this niche. “Swarovski crystal beads bracelets” only has a competition of 26 other web pages that contain that exact keyword. Plus you can see on the right side I get some other related keywords that may be really good. All I would have to do is click on one and I would get the results immediately.


keyword ideas 2

Gift ideas have a tonne of available keywords just begging for folks to swoop in and dominate them. Here is an example of an easy one if I was in either a gift niche for Men/Supernatural Fans etc. Very rewarding at Christmas time $$.

The Best Keywords Example


The above images captures some really good keywords for anyone in the swimming/pool niche. It’s almost tempting me right now to go build out a quick niche affiliate site and start profiting.

The Results

The results above took me no more than 2-3 minutes to find. I could easily go out and build content around these keywords and start making money. With the right affiliate marketing training anybody can achieve success online. It’s just a matter of learning and applying what you have been taught. I hope my honest review of the Jaaxy keyword research tool has helped you make the right decision and can increase the amount of traffic to your web properties. If you have any questions about Jaaxy, please feel free to comment below.

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9 thoughts on “What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool For SEO?

  1. gayatrimantra@gmail.com'Gayatri Mantra

    Very useful list for finding keyword search. I was using only google. But these other tools are also friendly.

    1. Josh Post author

      I don’t personally use the Google keyword tool because I find the results I get from Jaaxy are more accurate and I can find what I want in seconds. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. johnmathew1289@gmail.com'John

    Indeed a great post about keyword research tools.

    Keyword research is the best way to find the right opportunity to work on and earn some decent amount of income.

    It is true that without targetting the right keyword, We can’t achieve success because we don’t know that which keyword has great potential so to know this, keyword research comes into action.

    I am using Google Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro for my keyword research work. Thanks for sharing such a nice list of keyword research tools. 😀

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi John, thanks for your feedback. Without proper keyword research one is doomed form the start. Have a good day

  3. stylebycolleen@hotmail.com'Colleen

    Hi Josh. I am going to be signing up for WA but have a couple questions for you.

      1. stylebycolleen@hotmail.com'Colleen

        Can I email you instead of posting on here. If so, what is your email addy 🙂


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