What Is The 3 Step Secret All About?

By | February 13, 2016

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3 Step Secret As Seen On TVIf you are living in Australia, you may have seen the ads on TV lately and wondering what is the 3 Step Secret?. As an experienced online marketer I too was interested so I took a deeper look into what the free seminars in Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney are all about.

I’m undecided as to whether I will actually attend the seminar just yet. This is because the 3 Step Secret is a strategy of making money online that is slightly different to how I make money online. Not saying that This Seminar by Brett McFall would be a complete waste of time. But I do think it will be a lot of motivating and triggering emotions in the audience to be excited and take further action = Buying his course/coaching. This is something I do not need nor want, but the experience may be nice and could be interesting to see his approach.

What Will The 3 Step Secret Teach You?3 Step Secret Seminar

How will attending the live seminar 3 Step Secret teach you to make money online?. Well to be honest, it won’t. Making money online takes time, commitment, study and taking consistent action. Going to 1 free seminar will not teach you the fundamentals of how to work from home online. However, it will open the eyes of many Australians to the world of possibility online.

What I think you may learn from the 3 Step Secret is about his process of making money online. Which seems to be: Teach people how to make their own digital products and sell them online while creating a buyers list at the same time. Which is well and good for the experienced marketer, but for the absolute beginner, I think this approach is somewhat overwhelming. I prefer a simpler system, one that doesn’t involve me creating my own product. Been there and haven’t done that. That’s because it just seems so hard to create your own product right?. Even tho the gurus tell you how easy and stress free it is to create your own product, I don’t believe it is.

Even after spending upwards of $500 AUD on training courses, the whole create your ow product just seems too involved for the amount of potential loss of not only money but motivation as well. Considering the amount of failures online who have wasted so much time creating digital products that sit and collect cyber dust. I don’t think this is the easiest way to make passive money online.

Can You Really Make Money While You Sleep?How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Programs

With the internet being what it is, many money making possibilities have also emerged in this time. The biggest and most profitable for beginners is Affiliate Marketing. With Affiliate Marketing you can make money while you sleep, this is how I do it:

  • Build a Website (Takes less than 5 minutes with no skill needed)
  • Name your website around a niche (Hobby,interest, product etc) Example could be playing poker as a niche.
  • Write articles on the website about your niche. These articles are targeting keywords. (Keywords are proven words people enter into Google when they do a search online)
  • These articles either are reviews on the product or talking about the niche in general. So next you find out how to make money with Affiliate Programs. Sign up to a affiliate program for free then add their images and links into your website.
  • Next wait for the free traffic (Human Visitors) to find your website in Google.
  • The viewer clicks on your images or text links and they buy whatever it is your writing bout.
  • MAKE MONEY! Earn your commission for advertising their products on your websites.


Repeat the process on the same website/or new websites until you have reached your goal income online. The more you do, the more you earn. Because your website is now in the search results of Google,Bing, Yahoo etc people will be finding your site and end up buying products. This can happen for years after you have made that one page/site. So people are always buying products no matter what time of day/night it is, essentially making you money while you sleep.

Amazon affilaite Earnings Feb 11 2016

This is the process and the real secret to making a full time income online. This is the exact process I have used and the reason I made $361.13 (USD) while I slept last night. I’m not showing you this to brag, but more to prove to you that making money online isn’t that hard. You don’t need to spend months creating your own products. Leverage the products on places like Amazon.com, Walmart.com, even SuperAmart.com.au to make money online that much easier.

In conclusion

I could go on for days about the making money process and how to do it, even if you live in Australia (Like me), but I don’t think you want to read that much. I don’t believe the majority of Australians would find the 3 Step Secret seminar relevant to them (I think we are too lazy to create products), however I believe leveraging other peoples products is more appealing. Think about it, we don’t have to process orders, do any shipping, don’t handle refunds etc. All we do is write words on a screen and can earns a LOT of money.

Before You Go To The 3 Step Secret Seminar In Brisbane, Melbourne Or Sydney

Do your self a favour and take a look at the place online I learned how to make money. It’s got a free option to get you started and you will have a much better understanding on how this internet thing works. I’m living proof that you can make money and I will answer your questions. Otherwise take a look at the review I made for my recommended training place or take a look at how I got started online. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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