What Is Digital Altitude About – Honest Aspire Review

By | June 30, 2016

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What Is Digital Altitude About  Honest Aspire ReviewMichael Force is the man behind Digital Altitude or Aspire as it’s also known. As like many other sale pages, you’re probably left wondering what is Digital Altitude about?, how do you make money from it and most of all…. Is Aspire Marketing a scam?.

In my honest and real review of Digital Altitude/Aspire (Heck, if a company goes by 2 names…does this ring alarm bells to you?) I will unveil what this money making opportunity is all about. I hate to see people go into a costly program blindly, which is what you will be if you sign up for their $1 trail. So hopefully from this review of Aspire you will be able to determine if this business opportunity is for you.

So What Is Digital Altitude Even About?

Is Aspire Legit Or Just Another Scam

I’m sure many people have been lured in by the bold claims made on the sales page and wondering what the heck Digital Marketing is even about. 6 Figures online in 90 days, that’s the one right?. The one claim that will potentially make some people money, but the vast majority nothing. Why do I say this?. Well simply put Aspire is a high end MLM product.

Is Aspire A Scam

But is Digital Altitude a scam or not I hear you asking. Well, simply put it is and it isn’t at the same time. Let me explain more…

Aspire/Digital Altitude is a training program designed to get you in the door so you can promote their company. The only way you will make money is if you can get people to join this business opportunity. Which is fine if a company provides legitimate training which wont just make the owner rich. The training needs to be solid enough so you can go out on your own and keep making money away from Digital Altitude. Which I believe it will do. But only if you’re interested in getting referrals into this type of company.


How Aspire Scams You Into A Corner

This Is How It Works…

So this is how it works. You have obviously seen the sales video and understand to get into Aspire you need to pay the $1 trial for 14 days. After 14 days you are then slugged with a fee of $37 a month. In the video Michael says you can easily cancel by calling your ‘coach’ and to allow 48 hours for the cancellation. Why do you think they do this?.

Well maybe they want to trick you into staying a member by giving themselves enough time to persuade you into staying, or taking advantage of members not knowing that they need to give 48 hrs notice so therefor the refund is void. While this is not a scam, just dodgy marketing if you ask me. This is why I always recommend my #1 way to make money. First of all it’s free to join (no credit card needed) and if a member wants to cancel, you can cancel at any time no strings attached.

What To Expect Once You’re In

The Pressure Begins

How Does Aspire Digital Altitude Work

So the sole focus of this method is to recruit other people into Digital Altitude. As this company has a multi level payment scheme with multiple extra products, expect to be pushed into a corner if you don’t want to spend the extra $1000’s. This is done subtly and Aspire is not the first company to use this marketing method. Perhaps its a reason so many companies like Aspire never last…

There are 3 different membership levels, $37 month being the cheapest. On top of the 3 membership fees are ‘high end’ products. The most expensive I think is $20,000. Now once you join Aspire it’s your job to promote Aspire. When you do manage to recruit other people into this program they will be left in the same predicament that you face right now.

By this I mean, if you don’t upgrade to the 2nd or 3rd membership level and if you don’t buy their ‘high end’ training products (Sounds similar to Empire Network, MOBE ?) and the person you recruited does ‘upgrade’. Guess what, you don’t make the commission because you haven’t bought that product. Your Sponsor does, he makes the money because you didn’t buy the upgrades.  (The person who lead you to Aspire/Digital Altitude is you sponsor).

This is what I mean by being boxed into a corner/feeling the pressure. This is how their ‘sales team’ convert so well according to Michael. When you are told this information, you naturally think well I don’t want to miss out on the $1000 commission, so I better buy the $2000 product (Values are just for example purpose). Now you are out of pocket $2000 (+membership fees) with no income. But you have now made your sponsor $1000. Basically you just handed $1000 to your sponsor.

Can You Recruit Members Into Digital Altitude?

If You Can’t.. Don’t Join!Real Reviews - Aspire Marketing

So you have just blown a lot of money, the only way to get it back is by doing the same thing to someone else. This is where I have an issue. While this system is fine and dandy for the successful network marketers with contacts coming out of every …… The common person won’t have these contacts and the experience to recruit members into these sorts of programs.

So the experienced market has just pocketed $1000’s from poor suspecting newbies who just want to make money online. Not knowing the reality of how many people actual succeed online with this kind of business. Not saying it’s a scam, but it’s extremely hard work for a complete newbie to get into. From my own personal experience with Network/MLM programs, not too many people are prepared to put in the work to succeed.

I’m not saying you cant make money with Digital Altitude/Aspire. But you must understand firsthand that for you to make money you need other people to make money. The people you got to sign up will be paying you $15 a month to be a member. Do you think that these people will keep paying you $15 a month if they are not making any money? No, they will most likely leave and there goes your income stream. Some will stay and do the work, but most will quit from my experience and leave you stranded. You need people to put the work in for you to continue to make money. Otherwise you are forever chasing your tail to get your ‘upgrade’ money back. If this thought scares you, then this business model isn’t for you.

Who Digital Altitude & Aspire Is ForHow to make money with Digital Altitude and Aspire

I see many people join my recommended program everyday who failed at MLM/network marketing, which essentially what Aspire is all about. So it’s obvious to me that this kind of business model is not suited to everyone. So who will make money with Digital Altitude and who wont?

While some newbies will be able to enter the business and turn a profit, I believe Aspire is more suited to established online marketers. A high budget is also needed. As Michael’s opinion on free traffic (SEO) is a waste of time, he emphasizes on paid methods of bringing in traffic to recruit new members. I have to disagree here, free traffic is amazing. Just last month I made my First $10,000 online all thanks to SEO – free traffic from Google.


Who Shouldn’t Join Digital Altitude/Aspire

If you don’t have the determination or drive to recruit people into your business then I don’t recommend this program for you. I personally don’t have a problem recruiting people into a program IF I believe in the program I’m recommending. Unfortunately for me I don’t believe in Aspire enough to potentially harm peoples lives financially. I have the finances to jump straight in on the top level 20k+, but it’s not about the money. It’s about helping people make a long term business that doesn’t rely solely on recruiting people to make money. So therefor I will not be participating in this program.

So What’s My Deal?The Best Way ever TO Make Money Online 2016

Obviously I have learned how to make money online a long time ago before Aspire/Digital Altitude hit the virtual shelves. I make money by being an affiliate marketer for physical products. Instead of recruiting people into a program so they have to do the same, I make money by helping people.

When I say help people, this has nothing to do with promoting programs on how to make money online either. The $10k+ I made this month is all from helping online shoppers find what they are looking for. In my case Amazon.com. So I create websites (Which is not hard or technical ) about a certain type of product. Then I give my recommendations on which ones are the best. So I’ve helped a person find a product that they were needing answers for and I make commission on the sales.

For example… If someone were to type into Google the words ‘what is the best brush for dogs’ and I had a website full of dog accessories they could find my website via Google. From there the person reads my recommendations and if they think the brushes I have recommended are good they will go through to amazon from my special link.

Once they get to amazon.com and decide to buy ANYTHING from the millions of products within 24 hrs, I will make money. This is exactly how I made $10,000+ this month, last month etc… No need to stress about recruiting people, or being forced to upgrade. This is how I like to make money online. It’s much less stressful and far less expensive. This method is known as Affiliate Marketing and you too can learn just like I did.

How Do YOU Like To Make Money Online?

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  1. Nataleemarick@yahoo.com'Natalee marick

    I understand the dynamics of this article for the people who become sales reps for this company. My question is what about the people that they sell products to such as computer help for the person that needs a technician for computer that is having problems? Does aspire put Trojans and viruses in a computer to ensure a call back in the future?

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Natalee, I cannot say whether Digital Altitude would put viruses and such into your computer. They are not scammers in that sense. I don’t recommend anyone to join Digital Altitue/Aspire for other reasons. Basically if you joined this company, you are forced to promote there brand or you simply loose money. Then they pressure you into spending $1000+ to buy there upgrades. Why?. Because if you do actually make a sale to a new customer (Besides the Monthly re-occurring), you won’t make commissions unless you have bought all the expensive upgrades. Now if you don’t know how to recruit members, or you don’t even want to do this. Then this product is not for you. If you want to learn how to make money from your passions and what makes you happy, then I 100% recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate. In WA you never have to promote the company. Ever!. They teach you how to make money from anything online from toothbrushes to cat beds. Hope this helps. Josh.


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