What Is BeOnPush – Should You Invest Or Run For The Hills

By | March 3, 2016

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What Is BeOnPush - My Honest ReviewWhat Is BeOnPush – Legitimate Business Model Or A Ponzi Scam?

When it comes to Ponzi Scams and MLM business opportunities it’s hard to distinguish the truth about whats really going on behind the scenes. With lies and gossip thrown around the internet like a cheap rag doll, it’s easy to see how so many people (10,000’s even 100k people) fall victim to online scams.

With BeOnPush.com it’s one of those sticky situations again. Where it appears to be an obvious ponzi MLM scheme hidden by a well presented homepage, the truth is sometimes harder to find. That is…You won’t know 100% until the business packs up shop and moves to Hawaii with all your money.

Do I Think BeOnPush Is A Scam?

I’m very cautious about what to call this program, so I have labelled it as HIGH RISK investment program. When there is absolutely no proof as to how BeOnPush makes it’s profit from there proposed RTP (Real Time Bidding) system. As an investor in any field, I’m sure as heck if I was putting up to $10,000 (Which is the Maximum deposit on Be On Push) into any investment, I would want to know ALL the details. Not some vague, we bid on advertising space and share the profits. I mean real data, conference calls the whole works. But that’s just me.

How Does BeOnPush Make MoneyHow To Make Money With Beonpush.com

According to their website, the profits which they divide among the members come from buying advertising space online and selling them at a higher price basically. The more money they have to purchase ad space the bigger profit margins they can accomplish with bulk buy/wholesale prices. While this sounds great in theory, do the numbers add up?

As BeOnPush pays it’s investors 150% on there investment in such a short period of time, the amount of ad space they would have to buy is incredible. When you add in the percentage they pay ‘affiliates’ to bring in NEW members and the downline  (The member you brought into BeOnPush then recruits NEW members and you get a commission on their deposits as well. MLM- Multi Level Marketing). So in reality the company needs to find at least 170% ROI just to break even. To make profit the company would aim at 200% ROI which just doesn’t sound right to me. If website owners or marketers could find advertising at half price, don’t you think more people would be doing this?.

To me this sounds like a program from a couple of years ago called Just Been Paid, which then became Profit Clicking and then became non existent. Many companies just like BeOnPush will do anything to cover up what their business model really is. A ponzi or MLM ponzi. Which is illegal and unethical. A good initial sign of programs like this being scams are if PayPal are not in the list of payment processors. PayPay won’t allow ponzi’s. pyramids and most MLM companies to transact with them.

Reviews Of BeOnPush.com

After reading through many reviews for BeonPush I came to 2 different results. The first was just a bunch of people saying ‘this program is the best, get in now’ while promoting their affiliate link, as this is how the company makes its money, By recruiting new members to put money into the system to pay the old members.

The others were genuine people concerned with the thought that Be On Push is a Ponzi scam. I can see why honest marketers would want to spread the word on this opportunity. I know myself how easily it is to get scammed online. So the more reliable online resources pointing out scams, the safer the internet will be.

What I Discovered From The Reviews

Like most HYIP or Rev Share programs, the legal details are blurry. According to the official website, this company is based in the UK and Luxembourg. However a quick search on ScamAdvisor.com clearly shows that BeOnPush was not originated in those companies. While there may be genuine reasons for this, don’t you think it’s a little suss?.

BeOnPush Location

Breaking News! No Not Really Just A Cheap Fiverr Video

What I find hilarious is how BeOnPush have cheapened out to buy a $5 video from Fiverr.com and stuck it on their homepage. This is a very SUSPECT move to do. Trying to fool your potential ‘serious’ investors into thinking that the company B.O.P has actually appeared in the world news. Obviously they didn’t appear in the news and it’s just a tactic to make less informed folks fall for it. Much like the ‘fake’ video reviews you can also buy from Fiverr.com. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Making a quick buck but costing thousands of people $1000’s.

P.s The Video Is Below If You Want A Quick Laugh


BeOnPush Scam Scandel revealed


BeOnPush LTD CompanyBeonPush LTD Company Review

To my surprise, BeOnPush ia anctual registered company in England. The company details are in fact in the Directors name: DEMIROVSKI, Ferki. This does not mean that this company has honest and legitimate beliefs behind them. It simply means they are registered as a company for Tax purposes and such. I’m not from the UK so I don’t know the process involved. However in Australia, to start a company it’s not all that complicated. But how hard is it to get a fake ID and start a company?. Anyways if you’re interested you can view their company details online.

Read The Forums

The Money Maker Group specialize in these types of programs. This is a place where members generally discuss other HYIP’s or Rev Share programs and also have progress reports on how each program is going. Naturally most of them fall over and the new members loose there money. But what I found interesting is a member who was banned 3 times from BeOnPush. From following the thread I saw that this member was generally concerned as to why his account kept getting banned after he invested money. Apparently his account was linked to Fraud so BOP wanted photo evidence of proof of ID. This member obliged and sent in the required documents before BOP banned his account again. Claiming he sent them a virus. The member claims it was only a selfie of him holding his ID in his hand.

What does this tell you? It tells me that this program cannot be trusted. What happens if you invest $1000 and they do the same thing to you. Would you happily hand over you ID to a shady looking company?. I certainly wouldn’t and I wouldn’t want to loose $1000 either. So what do you do?

P.S. Take Note Of The Date. 18 Feb 2016 – Is this the end of the line for BeOnPush?

Be On Push Is A Scam Do Not Invest

What I Suggest You Do!My Best Suggestion To Make Money

After reading my BeOnPush review, I hope you have been enlightened to what kind of business practices this company implements. Initially upon landing on their homepage, I must admit I was slightly interested. However are digging deeper into real reviews, I have seen enough. I will not risk any money with this company. I don’t care if you are making $100 a day from this program because I know ONE day it will collapse. It’s not a long term business model like the one’s I implement to bring in $500+ days.

Their are NO risk ways of making money online, and BeOnPush is not one, so therefor I do not recommend this program. However, if you feel like I did when I began my online journey. That is you want to create a full time long term income online and are prepared to do it by the book. Then I suggest you read my #1 Recommended Program To Make Money Online. Trust me when I say, you won’t need these questionable programs ever again.

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29 thoughts on “What Is BeOnPush – Should You Invest Or Run For The Hills

  1. thadpoore@yahoo.com'thadpoore

    Great review! I had this on a list of websites to asses and determine valuable or not, but this review really gave me some good insight!

    You also have a good smooth writing style that is very easy to read.

    Thanks for the great read and keep it up:)
    Thad . P Gymbulk Fitness

    1. Josh Post author

      Thanks for the feedback Thadpoore. Genuine make money systems are hard to come by these days.

      1. kitmafu@gmail.com'Keith

        Thanks josh. Actually, friends of mine from church talked to me about this venture. At first I was skeptical , but reading your review confirms my doubts. I’m pretty sure it’s a scam, cuz it’s to good to be true. I mean, 150% ROI are you kidding !!!!??? Now all the people from that church form a big pyramid with the pastor on top, which I find unethical on a religious standpoint ……what do you think?

        1. Josh Post author

          Hi Keith, I 100% agree that it’s very unethical. Religion and make money opportunities should be separate in my opinion. A few years ago I was in a program similar to BeOnPush called The Golden Path. These Scammers claimed to be doing God’s work and encouraged everyone in their churches to join the Ponzi Pyramid scam. When people claim to be religious and doing things to ‘help’ the poor you can almost guarantee it’s a scam. Unfortunately back then I didn’t know about Affiliate Marketing and I was blinded by the claims of doing Gods work and fell for the scam. Needless to say I lost 100’s of dollars. I have been involved in many of these Rev Share Ponzi’s over the years and have never made a cent. Which when I look back, I’m very glad I didn’t make any money. Because the guilt I would feel from taking someone elses money so I can have it doesn’t sit right with me.

          And that’s essentially how BeOnPush works and it’s wrong. Ethically speaking. There are legit and honest ways to make money online and fortunately for me I found a real honest and supportive community which has guided me to the position I’m in now. I’m forever thankful for the opportunity to make money online and I’m trying my best to share the real truths about internet marketing so others can llive the life we deserve to live. Thanks for reading my review Keith.

          1. Kitmafu@gmail.com'Keith

            Thanks for you honest answers and insights my friend. I appreciate. And I’ll surely look more into online opportunities on your blog. Thanks again

  2. travis@sayitwithphotographs.com'Travis Smithers

    Like the time and detail, you put into creating this article to call it like it is. Right off the bat with the video requiring $5.00 tells me their offering total garbage. No legitimate business that wants to show how great their opportunity is are going to nickel and dime you for a few dollars for a video that should be there to prove how your offering such a great opportunity.

    When companies talk about paying up front for basic information on whether or not I should get involved with their opportunity by paying to view a video, I don’t waste my time with them.

    It’s companies like your #1 recommendation that are the real deal having a full week of access to check it all out.

    1. Josh Post author

      Yea if they were a serious business, I don’t think they would try to fool real clients into investing with them. A $5 Fiverr video that is all fake would just be unacceptable.

    1. Josh Post author

      Haha, so it continues. Think I will avoid ACX. Never saw a cent from JBP and Profit Clicking. Bridges are burnt.

  3. dirk@dirwil.de'Dirk Wilckens

    Thanks for the review.
    I am actually in Beonpush and invested in a few packs. It is running well and the earnings from the binary system are phenomenal. I hope it will go on this way for long time….

    1. Josh Post author

      As long as you know it’s a risk and you don’t put your groceries money into programs like this, then the impact won’t be so bad. Keep us updated how your journey goes at BeOnPush. Cheers.

  4. daryl22tm@yahoo.com'mangkanor

    Me too.. I rolled over my earnings for 2 months, and then withdrew my capital for 1.5 months.. Now I’m rolling over my profit with less worries that I might be scammed because I won’t be. I already took back my initial investment so I can’t be scammed 🙂 I will keep you “bitter” guys informed about my journey with beonpush. It’s just the way u think that makes u unsuccessful in your lives. Be it scam or not, if u can manage to take advantage before u get scammed, then why not? Use your brain guys if you have one. And please search the word “strategy” in your dictionary..Go on seminars about Risk management also.. And stop giving false belief to those who want to believe..Do not poison their minds with your destructive criticisms.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hey Man, I just say it how it is. BeOnPush is a high risk program and yes you are right. If you get in early and the Admins aren’t liars and deceiving then you may see some money. BUT at the expense of people who join after you down the track.

      I don’t have a problem with people joining these type of make money schemes as long as they are aware of the risk that they may loose all their money. Looks whats happening right now to Triple Threat…. I’ve been there 5 months and haven’t even been able to withdraw my seed money back and they are now crumbling.

      I have a problem with marketers promoting these kinds of programs without letting people know the high risk of loosing everything. Some people invest there last $50 into these types of things only to hope and pray they can make some money. Only to go further into debt. That is not what I want to see. Genuine money can be made online and lots of it, just recently I almost hit $1k in one day legitimately. I don’t want to see people get scammed anymore.

      1. honchan@hotmail.co.uk'hon

        Hello there Josh, just curious about what you mean by going in further debt and losing all their money? So lets say you start it with $50, are you saying that you can lose more than $50 – like you have to pay what you owe to them?

        Thanks in advance.

        1. Josh Post author

          Hi there, what I meant by going further into debt is not how you may have perceived it. I just meant that some people believe everything they read online and fall for scams daily. So when someone invests $50 into such a program and when the program goes bust, they will have put them selves further into debt instead of actually making money.

    1. hellomissvia@gmail.com'Via

      Hi Dolly,
      You can use Bitcoin if you like but it has to be through a Payza or a Payeer account. In the US, I use Payza and you can use a credit card, bank transfer or wire, or bitcoin. It’s really easy. Let me know if you have questions.

  5. nikonowak@freenet.de'Niko

    Hello Josh!
    I run a blog that deals with the question whether beonpush is scam or not. I would like to use your picture on the fiverr.com Breaking News actors. Of course I would link your site. Would you allow that to me?

    1. Josh Post author

      I don’t see a problem with you doing that Niko. Best of luck

  6. zone9snouci@gmail.com'Alex

    I invested 100 dollars yesterday and I can’t buy packs today, it gives an error , do you think it is the end and I just lost my money ? 🙁

    1. Josh Post author

      Hey Alex, It may or may not be a glitch in the software. It’s possible you have lost your money, I guess time will tell. I have seen another member complain in the BeOnPush Facebook page that the ‘Withdraw’ button is blocked so cannot withdraw money. Without actual income coming into the company (besides members investing), these sorts of programs will eventually crumble. It’s high risk, which is why I try to let people know about these programs before they believe the hype.

    2. david31375@gmail.com'david brule

      hello Alex

      I’m not in this program but one of my friend are inside and her money works well.
      I think you should see with your sponsor.
      he’s the best to help you in this case.
      of course there’s a risk with this type of program but at the moment the program continue because my friend is inside and she has no problem.
      your sponsor can help you to recover your money
      I’m not in this program and just willing to help.

      thanks Josh for this nice and interesting blog 🙂

  7. flgcares@gmail.com'jc reyes

    hello sir josh i am a member of venture alliance and the site doesnt pay for almost a week it has been paying for the last 8months but now its gone. so embarrassing to my new recruit.

  8. flgcares@gmail.com'jc reyes

    SIR JOSH how come the scammers are not arrested by the authorities. there are so many of them hope there will be regulation for a legitimate entrepreneur or investment company that they have to submit their papers to the government before they will be allowed to post online and the owner should be physically present when applying. so that if there will be problems later they can easily be track.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hey Jc. These scammers are very good at hiding their tracks and operating offshore etc. Not all of them get away with performing illegal Ponzi scams. On the occasion they do get caught and thrown in jail.

  9. hellomissvia@gmail.com'Via

    Hi Josh,
    I agree with you on some things and I was just as skeptical joining Beonpush as the next guy. However the one thing I may know about more than other users, is the struggles of a startup/ small company. I’ve been part of a startup for a few years and we’ve also used Fiverr and had typos on the front website and all sorts of technical issues that a dozen of us worked around the clock to work out. That doesn’t mean that the product behind it all isn’t working or is a scam. It just means there’s not enough time in the day to address some things and it’s more important to focus on the main goal.
    My ‘sponsor’ is a friend who has been to Dubai and has met the founder of Beonpush a couple times (I’ve seen photos and videos) and is now a rep in the US. He’s making an insane amount daily and I’ve invested a bit too now and am watching my investment grow without having referred many people yet – because I wanted to give it some time and watch it actually work. And it does. Also, they are finally expanding and hiring more developers and customer support (much needed – I’ll admit that!) and there’s an app coming etc etc The business is far from crumbling.
    If anyone is interested here’s a link and you can start with a $20 investment just to test the waters – that’s like a fancy martini you spilled on the dance floor. Yes, I know … shameless self promotion but that’s the affiliate game 🙂 You have to have a sponsor link to sign up with Beonpush: (link removed)
    My question to you, Josh: I checked out WA and I’m a bit confused about HOW they actually help you make money. Is it basically the online tutorials and community feel that provide people value or what is it they actually DO? Because you can just as well watch free youtube videos on how to set up a free blog/website, get free or cheap hosting, hussle to get traffic, and then go to Amazon etc and sign up as an affiliate directly through them. I must be missing something…
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hey there,

      Yes I know start up business can be difficult to manage and run. I have both an offline business and an online business. So mistakes and errors do happen. I don’t have an issue with people joining programs like BeOnPush, but I think it’s important that they are educated on what they are getting into before they fall for the make 130% return in 3 days, 5 days or whatever. Who can honestly give such a high return in such a short time frame and maintain it for life?.

      Which brings me to: How does BeOnPush make so much money to be able to turn your $100 into $130 or $120 etc so quickly?. Where does this mystical money appear from that can afford to payout 1000’s of members $1000’s of dollars every week?. Money doesn’t grow on trees, it has to be coming from somewhere right?.

      So whats the additional income source to make BeOnPush sustainable?. Anybody who’s been in the game knows there is no additional income stream. It’s all just a lie and a marketing tactic. The only way programs like this make money is by taking money from the new members to pay the old members. Do you see the problem with this?. Once the sign ups slow down, no more money is flowing through the company. So nobody gets paid. It’s just the way it works. There’s no push button miracle way of making guaranteed 130% in such a short time frame.

      Thats great your mate met the big boss man, and it doesn’t really matter if he is the nicest guy in the world and has the best intentions for the members. The simple fact is that this is not a sustainable business. The founder can try for months and even years to keep this thing going, but at the end of the day when membership levels get so high and less people are coming into the program. The money will dry up and bad word will spread. BeOnPush is not paying, BeOnPush is a scam etc. Ive been in many programs like this before I found WA and I never made a single cent. They all went belly up before I could withdraw my money. Even Just Been Paid who had been around for a long time back in 2012. By the time I had built enough money that I wanted to withdraw money. Guess what….. Problems and delays started happening before they finally went under, only to be reborn as another scam.

      Sure anyone can go and watch videos on Youtube on how to be an affiliate marketer, make a website etc. But for the beginner, this stuff could take them a long time to learn. That’s if they are even taught the correct way. Wouldn’t you prefer to avoid the headaches, false information, troubles with wordpress etc and not too mention doing it all alone with no one to help you?. It’s not a good feeling trying to learn how to make money online all alone not having a clue what to do.

      That’s where Wealthy Affiliate steps in. I have written my full Wealthy Affiliate Review Here which goes into more detail. Before I joined WA I had no clue how to make a website or make money from one. Had I not found WA and applied the up to date training there I would not be making $10,000 USd this month. I’m not trying to brag, but it is 100% how I learned to make money online. That $10k is not money made from referring people to WA either. All of it comes from my other websites within other niches. So WA offers you complete training on this and is not soley based on recruiting new members, it’s 100% not even required. In fact I joined WA 4 years ago and only started promoting them this year because I want to help others who are like how I was back then. People that want to build a real, honest legitimate online business that will thrive for life. Not just a few months like most Rev share programs.

      The skills I have learned from WA have enabled me to NEVER need another job again. I support my entire family (Wife and 3 kids) of just my online income. So I hope you can understand why I hold Wealthy Affiliate so highly. That place literally changed my life. You can see my WA Profile Here and see my full story and that I did actually join way back in 2012.

  10. frank_cracknell@yahoo.com'Frank Cracknell

    Good review.. very similar to MMMglobal.. my wife put in 1000 into 2 separate accounts .. was growing according to their claims.. tried to withdraw.. suddenly problems with admin,with accountancy, etc etc. never happened. It was worth over 5000 according to the account but could NOT get it. That was 2014. Now I notice they are operating again offering 100% return.
    They get people excited people then put more money in and then !!!!!!!!!! closes because of problems with the system or other subscribers.. SCAMS all of them.. as you say no product to sell where does the money come from?? only one place. DONT be tempted.
    There always people saying “its working for me” also remember comments can be bought too.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hey Frank,

      Sorry to hear that you both lost money in this scam. It’s unfortunate so many people fall for these Ponzi style programs. In saying that, I too started my online journey by being scammed of $1000’s. Luckily for me I found a real and legit program that I’ve been a member of since 2012. Thank you for your comment and trying to help others from being scammed. I hope you find success online and recoup your lost money. Best of luck.


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