What Is A Home Business Opportunity Online That’s Scam Free

By | February 22, 2017

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

What Is A Home Business Opportunity OnlineWhat is a home business opportunity online in 2017 by definition and is there such thing as a scam free way to get started. Back in 2012 when I first entered the words “how to make money online” into the Google search engine I had no idea what I was in for.

I was scammed left right and center. Why?. Well simply put I was desperate to make some money and make it fast. For whatever reason, I thought the internet was going to become like a personal ATM to me where I could withdraw money at will.

Sadly I learned the hard way. The internet is no different to making money in the offline world. That is, you have to work for it. There’s no way around this and the number one sign of a business opportunity being a scam is if that product guarantees you a ridiculous amount of money in a short amount of time. Then run run far far away from that website.

So if the thought of working to build an online  income stream scares you, then you should probably leave this site immediately. Because I’m going to tell you straight and how it really is. There is no secret to making a online business work, just hard work that makes an online business work.

From Zero To Over 10k A Month Profit From My Online Business

I hope that title grabbed you a little. You see, making money online is possible and it is unlimited. Meaning that

Are All Online Business Opportunities Scams

there is no limit to the amount of money you can make. BUT, it requires dedication, hard work and learning, learning and more learning.

There’s a heck of a lot of noise in this industry, it’s no wonder every man and his dog thinks that making money online is a big scam or some mythical tale. But once you learn to block out all this noise, you can start seeing the real scams from the real online business opportunities.

So How Do You Block Out The Noise?

Like I said earlier, any huge claims of money in short amounts of time is a straight up scam, anything that promises 2-10% return on your investment DAILY is an illegal Ponzi scam. I have written an article on ways to avoid scams which highlights more of the sneaky tactics scammers use to take your money. Trust me, I have been in quite a few scams before I dug my way out. So learning the tell tale signs of a scam is important to starting a online business.

So What Is The Best Home Based Business Opportunity Online?

If you have been searching through Google or another search engine before landing on this article, then you have probably seen the “10, 15, 20, 30+ ways to make money online” etc. But I’m not going to do that to you.

All those huge lists do is confuse you more because how on earth is one meant to know which one of those 30+ ways to start an online business is not a scam and if that method even works in 2017 right. So that is what I’m NOT going to tell you.

But what I am going to tell you is how I run an online business for under $50 a month to bring in over $10,000 a month online. So as you can tell, that’s a pretty decent profit for my business. But it wasn’t always like this!. Always remember that this is a business and needs to be treated like one. It takes time to build and grow to any amount of value per month. Put a post-it note on your computer if you have too. Just remember, this is a business, treat it like one.

Whats An Opportunity Without Knowing It Works First?

But first, who am I to preach to you without showing you any income proof right?. I know I know… It could be fake and I could have just whipped this up on Photoshop. But it turns out Photoshop is out of my league,(I’m not all that technical) so I’m just going to show you my un-edited proof of just one of my income streams online.

Proof Anyone Can Make Money Online


The Best Non Scam Business Option Online Revealed

Something I want to quickly put forward. The above income proof is NOT money made from this site you are on right now. You see I created this site in 2016 as a way to teach people to learn how make money online. My very first post was published Feb 9 2016 which is just over a year ago now. I started this site AFTER I had proven to myself that making a full time income online is very possible for anyone. I don’t want to be accused of ‘the only way you make money is by promoting this or that on my site…’.

Drum Roll Please…. Affiliate MarketingEasiest Way To Start A Home Business On The Internet

The above screenshot from the earnings I made in January 2017 are from ‘recommending’ products on the amazon.com website. Not this site!. You may or may not have heard of affiliate marketing before. But it is hands down the BEST way anyone can start an online business.

I have written a full rundown in my beginners guide to affiliate marketing 2017 for a greater understanding. But I will give a quick recap for people whom may have a basic understanding of the term.

Affiliate marketing is when you (The affiliate) makes money by recommending products for the vendors (Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Apple, Nike, Clickbank etc). Depending on which affiliate program you join, you will earn a percentage of the sale cost.

So if I was recommending you to buy an alarm clock valued at $100, I would make $8.50 through Amazon. The best way to recommend products and earn commissions is by having a niche website. A niche website is basically a website focused around one topic. Example: Dog toys, Dog training, Women’s clothing, Baby Strollers, how to lose weight, building muscle etc.

Is Affiliate Marketing A Legitimate Online Business Model?

Absolutely, there is no doubt whatsoever that affiliate marketing is NOT a scam. You are 100% safe with this business model. Many online stores and brands have affiliate programs because they make a lot of money from people like myself recommending products to other people whom want help choosing a certain type.

I use the Amazon.com affiliate program to make most of the money for my online business. What is very surprising to me is that: according to Wikipedia, 1.2% of all websites online use the Amazon affiliate program to make money. When you consider there is over 1 Billion websites online, that 1.2% starts to represent a fair chunk of revenue produced for amazon.com from their affiliates like me. So roughly there are 12000000 websites currently recommending products and making money from the amazon affiliate program.

Convinced it’s NOT a scam yet?

So how does it work and can anyone in the world do it?.How To Make Money With Physical Products

So the whole concept works by sending large amounts of people through to an affiliate product. For this study we will say that we are working with Amazon’s affiliate program as it’s without a doubt the best to start with.

The best way to do this is by having a website around a topic that interests you. Don’t worry, setting up a website takes minutes and is very easy to do in 2017. So lets say we have a website about Dogs. How do you make money from a Dog niche website?.

What you would do is find keywords that Dog owners type into Google search. Learning keywords is a crucial part of the overall strategy and one that is taught in depth where I got started online.

Once you have mastered keywords and learned the basics, all that’s left to do is write articles on your website targeting dog owners whom want to buy something. Your job is to get the products they want to buy in front of them by ranking your website in google. Which is also taught in depth and the correct way of doing things.

So by writing an article titled “the best dog chew toys for 2017” you could generate sales from the Amazon platform by recommending certain types of toys on your website. Each keyword you target will have different amounts of traffic (People searching that term in Google). So lets say each article you write gets about 100 searches per month. In a years time after writing 2 articles per week (Which is VERY easy to do) you could be looking at a minimum of 10k+ people visiting your site per month buying a tonne of Dog toys and other related products.

This is why I said, it takes time. You are building a business and it’s something you do for the long haul. Building a website that gets 10k+ per people per month is going to make you money, and lots of it if the price is right. Most people fail online because they don’t understand that it takes time, months to years to build a really really good income online. But the chase for instant riches knocks them back to square one = Chasing scams again!.

How Much Does This Business Model Cost?How Much Does It Cost To Start A Online Business

While you can get started for free to see if it’s the right path for you to take, you should allow about $50 a month. Which is considerably cheap to run a full time business. Imagine the overheads an offline business holds.

What does $50 per month roughly equate too? Well, depending greatly on where and what direction you take the costs could be significantly higher!. I’m just expressing how much I spend per month to run my home business online.

Where Can I Start A Home Business Online From Scratch?

So if you join Wealthy Affiliate which is the place I learned how to do affiliate marketing you can run everything for under $50 a month. They have ALL THE TOOLS needed to run a successful website online.

They have an option to go yearly after your first month which equates to less than $1 a day which is the more economical route if you can afford the upfront fee. The only other cost is buying a Domain (About $10-$15 a year) which is like the street address where your house resides, but for your website. Amazon.com is a domain. The website is what you find when you go to the domain amazon.com. All other tools required to run a home based business are included in the WA fees. With the free WA membership you get 2 free sub domains which you can use as your websites in the beginning. Once you feel that this is the business for you, you can then buy your own unique domain and transfer the website over. Or you can just stay on the free website forever if you choose.

Want To Fly Solo?

Frustrated With Working Alone

Alternatively, if you choose to go this method alone (Not recommended), you need to pay for website hosting (Think of this as rent/mortgage which is a monthly cost. For decent hosting it can cost $30+ per month. Don’t be fooled into cheap and nasty hosting for $5 a month. Your website will only but have problems staying online.

Once you have a website set up you will need a keyword tool. This is ESSENTIAL to being successful. A keyword tool will tell you how many people search for keywords every month and how much competition and likely hood of you ranking page 1 of Google search results for that keyword.

Without a keyword tool, you are flying blind. No ifs, buts or maybes here. Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate includes a keyword tool inside the membership area. So no extra expense is needed for WA members. If you choose to go solo, a keyword tool can cost from $19 – $497 per month. I built my home business from the ground up at WA using their tools, so I can testify to there accuracy.

Is It Really Free To Get Started?The Best place to learn to become an affiliate marketer

This is where I am going to fill you with lies of a luxury lifestyle without spending a cent right? Haha no!. I will be telling you exactly how it is.

Can you get started for free?. Absolutely, no credit card needed or deposit. Nothing. Sign up today for free and get going. BUT!. I don’t want you to join for free if you are not serious about this business. Why?. Because I personally HELP lots of people inside WA to reach their goals, get started, F.A.Q etc. So my time is greatly consumed by helping other folks make money online.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE helping other people reach the heights that I have. But I don’t want you to waste your time if this business model is not something that appeals to you. Yes the passive income, working from home, traveling and spending more time with the kids are all possible with affiliate marketing. BUT only if you take it seriously. But if you are not committed to making it work, then I can’t help you.

But if you have the desire and commitment to life the life so many are chasing, then I am very happy to help you.

Sorry I got Off Topic….

So the deal with the free WA membership is basically there to show you an insight of what to expect once you become a premium member (Remember, under $50 a month business). Instead of charging you to try, WA lets you try it out for free.

The training and the tools are of the highest quality and up to date to make 2017 the year for anyone willing to work. So the free membership allows you to access this and see first hand the quality of the training. Alongside the free training are the 2 free sub domain websites. These free websites can and do make money, can and do rank in Google and best of all. You can keep them forever as a free member.

So yes, with the right knowledge and training you can really make money for zero cost upfront, but the reality is. Everyone needs help to get started. Nobody was born with the knowledge of SEO, WordPress, Rankings, keywords etc. So in most cases, the successful members of WA are premium members.

Keep in mind, I personally make a full time income from just $50 month in expenses and get to live the laptop lifestyle. So don’t think of spending $50 as burden, more as an investment into your business. Once the mindset has changed, who knows what is possible!.

Need Help?

Want to know more about this home based online business, or how you can get started in 2017?. Leave me a question in the comments section below and I promise you. I will reply!.

Josh From Oz

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