What Are Keywords And How To Use Them Effectively

What Are Keywords And How To Use Them EffectivelyBeginners Guide To Keyword Research

If making money online from SEO is your chosen path in life, choosing keywords will become part of your daily routine. In order to succeed, you need to know what are keywords, and how to use them effectively in 2016?.

Keywords research to me is in the top 3 SEO practices a beginner should understand 100%. Keywords get your pages ranked in Google, which then bring you free traffic and ultimately make you money. So I think it’s rather important that every new internet marketer fully understands the process.

With the amount of mish mash information available online, it’s no wonder so many beginners end up quitting this make money online business. Much of the lack of success comes from very poor keyword knowledge. Heck, some people have told me they have 100 + posts and make $0 per month with less then 100 visitors per month. Which then lead me to ask “Are you targeting keywords?”.

Answer: “What are keywords?”. Are you serious!. How can you possibly make 100+ articles online and receive so little love from the search engines. So I had a look at the site and knew immediately what was wrong. There was no focus, no targeted keywords. It was basically just a bunch of words thrown together in hope to rank and make money.

Which has lead me to this article here today. I want to help more beginners understand what keywords are and how to use them properly. If you want to attract visitors from Google and someone tells you that you don’t need to do keyword research, run. Run far far away, because doing the correct keyword research can mean the difference between 100 posts online and making $0 and having 100 posts online and making $5000 per month!. So read carefully and make sure you understand everything I’m saying here before you progress. Comment below if something is unclear to you, I will help you out.

What Are Keywords All About?What Are Keywords 101

Keywords are a singular or string of words to make a phrase. Typically shorter detailed words to describe a topic. Keywords are the phrase people type into search engines such as Google, Yahoo, You Tube and Bing. When these people are typing them into the search engines, they are wanting answers, help or to buy something. Our job as Affiliate Marketers is to provide the person with the correct information they so desire. So a keyword is simply what people type into search engines.

It’s important to really understand the concept of what keywords mean, but also providing the person with the correct information. While as online marketers, we can target our content at any given keyword, it’s useless if we don’t offer the reader what they wanted when they typed those keywords into Google. For example: Say we made a web page targeting the keywords ‘What Is The Big Bang Theory About’ and on our page all we did was offer links to buy seasons of The Big Bang Theory.

Then this is not what the user wanted when they typed into Google: ‘What Is The Big Bang Theory About’. Because all we would be offering are where to buy DVD’s. When the user wanted to know what is the TV about, who are the actors, characters, story line etc. This would result in the reader being disappointed when they landed on your website. They would typically close your site and keep searching on Google. This increases your bounce rate (Which is not good) and would result in you having lower rankings in the search engine.

Google’s job is to provide the user with the most accurate and appropriate web pages. High quality results that when the user lands on your webpage they don’t have to close it and continue searching in Google. If this is not the case, Google hasn’t done it’s job correctly. Google is trying to eliminate this, so that’s why your content must be relevant to the keyword your are trying to rank for.

How To Find KeywordsKeyword Research

In order to have any chance of ranking your website in the search engines, you must know important details about the keywords you are trying to rank. Without this information, you have no idea who you are up against. To find out the important data related to keywords, you will need a good keyword research tool. There a many keyword tools out there, but many of them are not very accurate.

So the Keyword Tool I use and have used for 4 years now is called Jaaxy. It has never let me down, so I have no problem recommending it to others. To find keywords that you can easily rank in Google, you simply start by entering a broader term related to your niche into the search box below. This will get you started with 30 free searches.

The Best Keywords Are Longtail

Longtail keywords are by far the best and easiest to get fast results in Google. Long Tail keywords are a longer version of your broad keyword. For example : you are trying to rank ‘the best laptops’ because it has lots of searches per month (64k), but it has way too much competition. In Jaaxy QSR is the number of competition (262). So it would take you a long time and a lot of money to try and rank for Best Laptops.

An easier route is to find a longer and more descriptive keyword. So a quick look in Jaaxy and I found a much better keyword to aim for. This is ‘What is the best laptop for college’. This keyword has over 4000 searches per month, but has only 32 competing websites for that exact term. You have a much better chance of ranking your website for ‘what is the best laptop for college’ compared to ‘best laptops’.

I would dig even further into the keyword and try to find more words to add to the keyword eliminating more competition. I would try find out what types of laptops College students use, what programs etc and try to find really descriptive keywords with 0-10 QSR. This is where the money is!.

What Are Longtail Keywords


Keyword Tools Can Be Misleading

At times you will come across keywords with 1000’s of searches and hardly any competition. Initially you think YES! this is my golden ticket. But the reality is, it probably is misleading you. There are a number of factors which could make an awesome keyword turn into a extremely difficult one. So how do you tell if a keyword is really good?

Signs To Look For In A Good Keyword

  • The word must be complete – make sense. This is because if you are trying to rank ‘best laptop student’ as an example(295 searches, 15 QSR). You will find that because it is not a complete phrase you are also competing against websites using the complete phrase. Such as ‘best laptop for a student’ (295 searches 66 QSR), this means your competition is 15 + 66 = 81 QSR. Also other websites ranking for ‘what is the best laptop for a student’ will also be ranking for ‘best laptop student (295 searches 19 QSR). So 81 + 19 = 100 QSR. which isn’t too bad, but 100 is alot more than the original 15 QSR you thought when you saw ‘best laptop student’.
  • Don’t Over look low searches per month keywords. While you may think under 50 searches per month is low, if it is a long tail keyword it can rank for keywords within the keyword. For example : ‘Best toys for a six year old girl gets 56 searches per month and has a QSR of just 3. Which is fantastic, but the searches per month may seem low. However this keyword can also rank for keywords within the main keyword. For example if you made a post and called it ‘What are the best toys for a 6 year old girl’ you could also rank for similar keywords within: ‘best toys for a 6 year old girl’, ‘best toys for a 6 year old, ‘best toys for a girl’ etc. The amount of searched per month will drastically increase from 56.
  • Under 50 QSR (Competition) is best for when starting a brand new website. This is because you can gather traffic alot easier due to less competition. Once you start getting traffic and a lower bounce rate (Less viewers closing your website immediately), Google will see that people are finding your website more helpful. Which will result in your website gaining more authority. Authority equals greater chances of ranking for harder keywords. Work on a bunch of low QSR keywords and once you have started generating good traffic, look into the 50 -150 QSR bracket.
  • Searches Per Month: Like I previously stated, don’t always overlook the lower searches per month keywords. These can be hidden gems. Another good way to find these kind of keywords is by going over to google.com. Start typing your keyword into the search bar. Google will auto suggest some keywords for you. These suggestions Google is giving you are extremely beneficial to you. Because these suggestions are based on what people are actually searching for. So if a keyword tool tells you otherwise, don’t listen. If Google suggests that people are searching for these terms. Go for it!.

How to find keywords on google

Alphabet Soup Technique

This technique is great for generating ideas to write about and find more keywords to target. This method involves going to Google and begin typing in your niche. then for the next word enter ‘a’ and google will suggest words starting with ‘a’ for you niche. Then try ‘b’ ‘c’ etc this will give you heaps of ideas to write about.

Jaaxy has this built into the keyword tool which is such a time saver. I love this feature and makes finding things to write about  lot easier.

What Is Alphabet Soup Technique Keywords

How To Use Keywords Efficiently

Where To Put Keywords For SEO

Now you have a better understanding on what keywords are, now it’s time to learn how to use them. So keywords selection is half of the battle to get good ranking in the search engines. The other half of the battle is learning how to use them and where to put them .

The most obvious and known place to put your keyword is in the title of the page. As you may have noticed the title of this page is trying to rank for What Are Keywords as my main keywords. In the title I also use a long tail variation and also a auto suggestion from google. This is how I came up with the title “What Are Keywords And How To Use Them Effectively”. Titles are a great place to stick your main keyword and also put some relevant related words into it as well. This will help you rank for similar terms.

Put Keywords in your first paragraph on the page. Another common area for keywords to be placed is within the first few sentences of your post. This will help Google understand what your page is about.

Put Keywords In The “Tags” Section & Images

Putting keywords in your ‘Tags’ section of a post is very beneficial to your site. Note, PAGES don’t have a Tag section, only posts have a Tags section. On the right hand side of the post inside your word press dashboard, just under the ;categories’ section you can see Tags. Add keywords to this section.

Start with your main keyword then press enter. Next add a handful of related keywords to the tags section. E.g: Your main keyword could be ‘red running shoes’ for the tags you could add related keywords such as: NIKE red running shoes, red joggers for running, Men’s red running shoes etc.

Adding Tags to your WordPress posts help you get ranked in google for those keywords. You may have not noticed before, but when you do a Google search. Some of the results will list the website title, url as per normal. In the description area you can see TAG and your keyword. So Google ranks the actual TAG as a separate entity to the actual post you wrote.

Do TAGS Keywords Rank In Google


Ranking Images In GoogleHow To Rank Images In Google

Making your images SEO optimized is another great way to bring in additional traffic. When people do a image search and your images are SEO optimized, then people may end up on your site from the images displayed in Google. Putting keywords into your images helps Google understand what the image is about and also helps Google understand what your entire post is about. Here’s what you should do when putting images on your website:

  1. Download the image from your source, I use Pixabay for free images. Save the image as your main keyword. Example: bestlatopsforastudent.jpeg
  2. Upload your keyword rich image into your page/post.
  3. Edit the image: Title: Add the keyword here
  4. Alt Text: Add Keyword here
  5. For Multiple Images: If you have more than 1 image per post (Which you should, I recommend an image every 300-400 words) you should do the same process as above. However, don’t use the same keyword for every image. Make the title and Alt Text fields a variation of the keyword. I usually don’t do any keyword research here, just add what I think are relevant keywords. E.g: Laptops for college students, cheap student laptop etc

Wrapping Up This Keyword Research Report

Understanding how the search engines rank websites is a critical fundamental all internet marketers need to know. By learning what keywords are and how to effectively use them, your chances of success are greater. Learning what keywords make you money is another skill set which can boost your online income.  Just remember to write for your audience and focus your content on your keywords and the ranking should come. The only other factor I haven’t covered in this report is understanding your true competition in the search results. This will be covered in time. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please leave them below.

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