Update :Scam Alert: Triple Thr3at Is Dead – Proof You Will Loose Money

By | March 25, 2016

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Update Scam Alert Triple Thr3at Is Dead Proof You Will Loose MoneySome of you may have read my previous Triple Thr3at Marketing Review and continued on to join the program anyways. This is unfortunate and I’m sorry you are involved in this mess. This is my 24/03/2016 update of what’s going on with Triple Threat!. I haven’t done much updating for this program in the past, but after what I read today. I must STOP people from joining this scam immediately.

This Is NOT A Triple Threat Review – It’s A Warning!

Triple Thr3at is seriously struggling to keep it’s head above water. I strong urge you to take notice of this warning. Complaints and negative feedback about Triple Thr3at is starting to spread like wildfire. They are as good as officially over, done, no more: DEAD!.

I joined Triple Thr3at over 5 months ago and in total have invested well over $200. To this day I have been paid $12. This company has been showing red flags for a while now and I think the end is not too far away for them and their 19,000 paying members. So if you are even remotely thinking about joining TT3, think again!.


The Red Flags Are ShowingComplaints about triple threat

I have known this since day 1 that Triple Thr3at will eventually die off and 1000’s of members will loose money. It’s just a matter of time with these Revenue Sharing programs (Ponzi Schemes). I joined and invested money into TT3 as living proof that this supposed make money program will crumble and runaway with everyone’s money in the end. As I can afford to loose a few hundred bucks due to the fact I already make money online (Almost Made $1000 In 1 Day Legitimately), I know MOST of you cant afford to be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. Only to be out of pocket in a few months.

  1. PayPal Migration: PayPal closed the TT3 account because they don’t allow scams. So 350k was lost in transition with people that used Paypal to put money into TT3. March 4 2016 TT3 claimed for all the lost money to be rolled over into our new payment processors. In order to get out PayPal money back, we had to put MORE money into the system with an alternative payment processor.
  2. Once PayPal money was put back into our accounts, we assumed we could withdraw this money… NO!. It had to be reinvested into TT3. Alarm bells ringing!
  3. Withdrawals have now been downgraded. So before we could withdraw up to $100 per day (Read next point before you get excited). But now most member can only withdraw $50 a day. Unless you can sign 10 new people into the scam, then I think it was $75 per day.
  4. Yea $50 a day is still great… If they PAID!. Read below for more on how TT3 is doing everything they can to avoid paying members.
  5. Next they refunded everyone’s withdrawal requests for imaginary money. Because Triple Threat was so far in debt, they thought that refunding everyone’s withdrawal requests would free up money..How?. So everyone was waiting over a month just to receive 1 withdrawal from 1 day. Then they refunded everyone in the waiting list. Now we have all tried to withdraw money again…. Still WAITING!.
  6. Troy Fobbs one of the supposed owners of Triple Threat has basically publicly announced that TT3 is in serious trouble, whilst abusing everyone for not bringing in more members to pay the old members. Shame on him. See More below.

Triple Thr3at Are NOT Paying…. So It Seems

This is how the majority of TT3 members must be feeling right now. It has gone beyond a joke and members are starting to get pissed off. After all the delaying tactics and refunds TT3 have been handing out. Note when I say refunds, I mean they put imaginary money into your ‘wallet’ inside TT3. Not money into your bank. To get the money from your wallet to your bank, you need to withdraw. But TT3 keep refunding the withdraw requests and delaying the death of TT3.

After the great migration and refund bonanza, payments have come to a grinding halt. While a few members get paid to keep the program looking legit. There must be 1000’s of people waiting on withdrawal requests back logged to the 11th March 2016. Today is the 24th March 2016, and 1000’s of members are still waiting on payment requests we made on the 11th March. TTS is stuck on this day, we have been waiting about a week and the payments are still trying to get through the 11th March payments. If it’s taken over a week to payout the 11th March withdrawal requests, imagine how long it would take to get paid for today’s request. Months..Years?? It won’t happen, Triple Threat will be doomed by then. So just consider your money GONE.

Triplr Threat Is Not Paying Or Are They


Don’t Listen To Other Reviews For Triple Threat

While I am a member of TT3, I 100% don’t endorse anyone joining. This should be enough to give you fair warning. However, I know you will be conflicted because of all those glowing payment screen shots. Members are going to be pushing TT3 like never before. Why? Because they need money!.

In order for any member currently in Triple Threat to get paid, they need you to join and give them your money. This is how Revshares function and TT3 has come to the end. So don’t join, I promise you that you will loose money. Because members of TT3 need to get paid they are writing positive reviews about the program in hope you join and put money in. The money you put in goes to the owners and old members.

From Mouth Of The Owner

This an eye opener from one of the owners of Triple Threat. If you read this and still join. Then there is nothing more I can do!. Enter at your own risk

tt3 is a massive scam

Other Triple Threats Complaints

There are hundreds of complaints about Triple Thr3at within the ‘private’ FaceBook group. However admin are quick to delete these negative reviews. They only want to show you positive reviews so new members don’t hesitate putting there money into this scam. Run, run now!.

Dont Join Triple Threat Marketing

Update 13th March

It’s looking like the death of Triple Threat is not far away. The program has no money or bare minimum left to pay members. Of course we cant include the $1000’s the Admin have pocketed for themselves. So what’s the big solution Admin are looking like enforcing this week?. Make all members pay $40 per month instead of the $10!.

When I read this I couldn’t help but laugh but feel sad for all the folks who are going to loose their money (Myself included). 1000’s of members are yet to even make a withdrawal from this scam but yet the Admin say pay $10 a week or get lost!. What a sham! There is absolutely NO WAY I’m giving these scammers another cent.

The problem with TT3 latest and greatest hair brained scheme is that many members will cut their losses and walk away. So right now there are 20k members, lets say 10k leave. So 10,000 members x $10 = $100,000. Woohoo 100k right?. WRONG!. Lets say 5000 of those members request a $50 withdrawal on day 1 of this new scam. 5000 members x $50= $250,000. BAM!. After day 1 Triple Threat is negative $150k. How is this new idea meant to work Admin?….

Cut your loses and work on building a real stable and sustainable online business. That’s my best advice I can possibly give.

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10 thoughts on “Update :Scam Alert: Triple Thr3at Is Dead – Proof You Will Loose Money

  1. thisblogisabitch@gmail.com'Thisblogisabitch

    I believe that by now the stupid guy who wrote this has already received… Join TT3… this blog is owned by a jerk. LONGLIVETT3

    I received all my payments 😉

    1. Josh Post author

      Unfortunately NO, I am still well over $200 in the negative thanks to TT3. Mate, payments are stalled, they have been stalling for a long time. Now they are changing the withdrawal limit, my guess is to ‘refund’ all withdrawals yet again… Another stalling tactic. The owners are announcing a new program they are bringing out when they are so far behind on Triple Threat. Why is this do you reckon? I’ve been there, done that. It’s not looking good I’m sorry.

      They have taken nearly 3 weeks (Still haven’t finished) paying out withdrawals submitted on March 11.

      So you tell me… If I were to request $100 everyday, that means I might get paid $100 every month, or every 2nd month…Who knows because they are that backlogged with withdrawals. There is no reasonable way to make money with these types of programs (For the common person). There’s a reason why Ponzis are frowned upon…

      So you come back here in 6 months and tell me how little you have made from TT3, and I’ll compare my legitimate long term regular income from the internet. Then people can make an honest opinion on this Ponzi program. I can assure you, TT3 won’t succeed. Think about it for more than 1 second and you may just get it. Hopefully then I’ll be able to help you. Have a nice day.

  2. elenatprv@gmail.com'Elna

    The only thing I don’t understand is how come you invested $200 five months ago and received only $12 ???
    I joined in November and spent about $50 (+subscription every month). Up to this moment I have been paid $762, having only 2 active refs. I also have $1100 pending, and if I don’t get that, I’m still ok with the results I have)))

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Elna, because I was one of the many people who paid with Paypal ($150). Then Paypal terminated their relationship with TT3 because Paypal don’t allow these types of programs (I have no idea how TT3 even got accepted by Paypal in the first place). So all of us Paypal users were left with no money in the system basically. TT3 promised it would be fixed within 2 weeks and it wasn’t. So then TT3 said we all must put new money into the system using another payment processor. Months later the great Paypal migration happened where they put money into ‘repurchase’ wallet only. So we could still not withdraw any money. We had to put it all through the system again.

      During that time I also deposited $35 into Payza, which got the ball rolling again. This is how I managed to withdraw $12, just so I could cover that months membership fee…

      After more refunds as you can see in the images, I finally made a few $100 withdrawal requests. First being March 11. Which they have taken weeks to be able to pay out the members for.

      I’m glad you have been able to withdraw some money out of TT3. But do you understand how the business model works and understand it’s not a reliable method of income?. As long as people are aware of this before they participate, I’m cool with that. It’s high risk, and people should know and not loose a months rent, bill money, the groceries, nappies etc just because they did not understanding the consequences of what may happen.

  3. wardmike265@gmail.com'mike

    They don’t pay anymore and i strongly advise people NOT TO JOIN TripleThr3at
    When they do, it’s selective payments.
    I got 8 payments on hold (Payza and Blockchain)

    Also, they will put out a new site very soon. Do you really think they will support triplethr3at after?
    The joke is over guys. Spread the word!

    Heck they are racking in over $190 000/month with the subscription bull. Very clever if you ask me…

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Mike,
      yea it may have been clever of the admins to introduce the $10 monthly fee. However, getting the admins and top promoters rich whilst the rest stay poor and go into further debt is not something I enjoy seeing. For some people, this is their last $100 or whatever and they are hoping for a miracle. I feel sorry for the unsuspecting people who get involved in Revshare programs. This is why I also advise anyone else joining the likes of Triple Threat. Thanks for spreading the word.

  4. faithalcantara25_upc@yahoo.com'jabez ephraim

    i invested $100, and requested a $20 withdrawal. its been 2 weeks now since i requested and the owner told us to wait and recruit more members. im trying my best to recruit more, but of course they are searching on google how tt3 now works, and the review are not good, they said they are not paying on time, and it takes them several weeks, worst is months to get their requested withdrawal. so sad, but im still hoping it will bounce back. but with the new rev share coming on the way, i know they are in short of payments and they need another rev share to cover the payments.

    1. Josh Post author

      Yea from my experience, when a program is introducing a 2nd program to work alongside the original program, you know it’s game over. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be smarter to just re-invest into the main program to get it working. I will be surprised if this new program even comes around. Can you imagine 19,000 angry members wanting their money from tt3, but are told to join up to the new ‘Shares That Cares’ program.

      Only to be stringed along further and making the admins even more wealthier. It’s been their plan all along, tt3 was just a stepping stone. When this new program launches and say 15k members from tt3 join, it’s going to make this new program look amazing. Everyone will want to join…Until it fails just like tt3.

  5. shafeeqlashari@gmail.com'shafiq

    its my bad luck i join tt3,I have already spoil a lot at empowr scam.Now tt3.Can any body suggest me real earnings source?

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Shafiq, sorry you had to be involved in not just 1 scam..but 2!. Fortunately for me, I never got involved with Empower Network because I had already discovered what I consider the best place to learn how to make money online. At Wealthy Affiliate, you are given the tools and knowledge needed to make a profitable online business. It takes work… But thats the only way to make money..Work!.


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