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By | September 24, 2016

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Unbiased Honest Video Wave ReviewIts been just over 36 hours and I thought it’s time to give my honest Video Wave App Review. I bought the Pro Version (unlimited videos for $67) and thought, yes having the ability to make unlimited videos that will rank page one of Google like the gang (Tommy Hatcher, Paul Ponna, John Gibb and Mo Miah) state I should be able to recoup my investment pretty easy. So I didn’t hesitate to spend the $67.

The sales pages is rather long and has some pretty bold claims which interested me. Who doesn’t want to be able to churn out Page 1 videos in under 5 minutes right. But like all sales pages, the truth is not revealed until you buy the front end product. So the one time offers kick in (Up-sells) and I’m forced to watch them until the (x) pops up so I can skip the offers. But I was pretty sickened to see one of the up sells was the package to get your videos ranking page 1. This lead me to believe that the front end product won’t be sufficient enough to rank page 1 of Google without the up sell. But as I’m firmly against up sells, I didn’t buy. In my opinion the product should be 100% ready to go once you buy. Adding an extra $300+ in up sells to the purchase price is just not right. If the product can’t stand on its own 2 feet without needing extra products, then it’s not a very good product.


What Is Video Wave Software All About

Is The VideoWave App A Scam?

Is Video Wave A Scam

Some Pretty BOLD Claims Right There!


The Video Wave software is a cloud based (No downloading needed) video editor. The software allows you to do what you would expect from such software. You can upload videos, images and voice record yourself. Or you can use the built in images and videos to create your own videos.

The videos and images built into the software are limited and won’t suit all niches and businesses. The main industries included in the videos are: Business, Doctors/Health, construction, news reporting and some moving background videos. These are pretty simple and may not suit all niches. But at the same time, you can chop and change the videos to suit your needs.

There are other features which are pretty cool, such as: audio soundtracks and noises (crickets chirping), fade in and fade out options, adding text to the videos any where you like. I have made an example of a Video Wave showcasing some of these features. So in essence the Video Wave Software is not a scam. But don’t believe all the hype of the very hypey sales page. Read on to find out more.


What I liked About The Video Wave EditorVideo Wave Keyword Tool Ranking Predictor Example

The thing I liked most about the Video Wave App was the ‘text to speech’ built in software. When I saw this, my brain got buzzing with video ideas to make. As I personally don’t like making affiliate videos where I have to talk I thought this was brilliant. I imagine a lot of people are in the same boat as me. But before you get to excited, there are some drawbacks.

The computer voice is not too bad, probably one of the best I’ve heard from software. But unfortunately the sales page lies yet again!. On the sales page it states “Video Wave is the only software on the market to be built in with text to speech technology” ($497 value?). What they DON’T tell you is that you only 5 uses. After you have converted 5 x 1000 words into computer generated speech you have to ‘Upgrade’. Bugger!

Get Video Wave One Time Offers OTO


After clicking on the upgrade button as I like the Talk To Speech feature I saw the price: $97 one time fee or $37 monthly. Are you serious! just to be able to use a simple feature. I don’t think so. Fortunately for me, I have a ‘test to talk’ app on my PC so I can just use that. It means I have to record it and save on my PC then upload to Video Wave. But it’s better than paying $97 for it.

Slide Show Presentations

The Video Wave App also has some custom made templates to use as slide show presentation videos. These are particularly good if your in the internet marketing niche. They look professional, yet simple. So this is a nice bonus. You can add music and your own text/images to the templates to make them suit your business. While many folks already have slide show editors, it’s a nice touch to the basic video editing software.

My Complaints About The Video Wave Application

The Misleading Sales Page

What Is Video Wave About


I know it’s part of ‘this’ industry to make hyped up sales pages. But when the product under delivers in a crucial element I can see many people getting upset. Yes I’m talking about the social media syndication feature. So after watching the long video and reading the long sales page, I was a little excited about this syndication feature. Sharing videos or even web pages across the internet is not my favorite part of this job. So when I thought that this video editor not only could make videos quickly, but also share them in the video Wave secret syndication plugin I was over the moon.

To my disappointment, the Video Wave social sharing feature only shares to 10 social media accounts already owned by you. So there’s not extra syndication going on, all it does is share your video url with your 10 social media accounts. So yes, this does have the benefit of saving maybe 10 minutes per video, I was hoping for something more. Perhaps this is included in the Up-Sells….

I’m not a Video Editing Guru, in fact very very far from it. Previously I have only ever made videos with Animoto and Youtube itself. So I won’t criticize too much on the features of the Video Wave software. But I would have liked a few more features and more options for sound tracks and pre installed backgrounds/videos. But there is still enough, and is probably good vale for the price (Do your research on prices of other software first).

My Test Video Using VideoWaveReal Video Wave Review Test Video

So I cant do a review on software without testing it out right. So in the last 36 hours I have made 2 videos. One for this review targeting the keywords: “Video Wave Review” and another for one of my amazon affiliate niche websites. Once I publish this post and my vidoe using Video Wave I will have data on which method works best.

So how did you find this review on the Video Wave software?. Did you find it on Youtube or did you find it from the Google search results. With the training I have used for the last 4 years, I manage to rank very well in Google. So this will be the test as to whether the Video Wave Youtube video outranks my actual website. Time will tell. As for my ‘niche’ website, the You tube video and Vimeo video currently sit on page 3 of Google. Not quite page 1 ranking like the sales page said right. But we will see how it improves over time.

*I also not a notice from one of the Video websites which the Video Wave syndicates the video too. It was flagged as inappropriate and breaking the terms of service for veoh.com. It was a simple Amazon product review using Video Wave, so I’m not sure what the problem is with Veoh. Whether it’s considered duplicate content because the same video and description is also on 4 other video sites…


After less than an hour of publishing and indexing both this article and the YouTube video, the results are in. The power of this website and training I learned 4 years ago proves that it is superior to the simple YouTube Video. This article ranks #1 for actual websites. A few YouTube videos rank above mine, but for actual websites. this article is top spot. I also notices ALL the TEXT I added to the video is NOT showing in the videos. Now this is annoying. This happended on both my videos created with Video Wave.

Video Wave Results


Here Is My ‘Test’ Video Wave Video On YouTube

My Overall Opinion Of Video Wave 6/10

As I’m not a video guru, I find the software to be acceptable for the price. Having the social media syndication does save some time which is always good. But in all honesty, there is probably better video editor or animation editing software available. You will just have to do some research before you just go out and buy like I did.

In conclusion it’s not a terrible product, but with some improvement it could be a lot better. Perhaps look into the one time offers if you can afford them. Alternatively if you are struggling to make money online, I don’t think this is the product for you.

From my experience, the best way to make money online is by following a proven formula. Where I learned how to make money online, they have been using a proven formula for over 11 years now.I use the same formula and I make a decent wage online. So I believe that is the best place to start online.

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