Unbiased & Honest Reviews Of The Wealthy Affiliate Program

Unbiased & Honest Reviews Of The Wealthy Affiliate ProgramToday I will be sharing my secret to making a full time income online with you all. It took me 4 years of making money online before I decided to share my success with the world. I’m not one to promote something that I don’t 100% know works. Even though I knew Wealthy Affiliate was the real deal when I first signed up in 2012, it wasn’t my initial reaction to start helping complete strangers make a living online.

This was not me being selfish or anything. It was the fact I was taking action on the training and building my business to the level it’s at now. A level I now feel comfortable to run on autopilot so I can branch out and help other lost people wanting to make a full time income online.

So welcome to my unbiased and honest review of the Wealthy Affiliate Program for 2017. Here you can discover what you should know before you take the next step, plus I’ll give you my 100% true story on how The Wealthy Affiliate University has been a life changer for me. I’ll even share some good solid proof of my online income (The Juicy Stuff Revealed).

What You REALLY Want To Know?

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost Or Is It Free?The Best Way ever TO Make Money Online 2016

Glad you asked, let me answer this question quickly for you. Yes there is a free membership option which you are entitled to use for your lifetime (Includes 2 free websites). Wealthy Affiliate Also has a premium feature where you can have up to 50 websites hosted using their unique first class hosting platform (this alone is worth $100’s per month). Plus a whole heap of extra training, support and the ability to earn while you learn.

As Wealthy Affiliate is always updating and enhancing the training and tools for it’s members, the prices have altered over the years. They are an actual business with overheads too, so we can’t expect them to go under cause we are stingy right. Anyways, because of this I don’t feel comfortable in sharing the price in case you read this years down the track and I have misguided you with the current price. So click below to see the current prices.

Check Current Wealthy Affiliate Prices

Free Membership

Premium Monthly Membership

See My Bonuses At Bottom Of Review

What Is Wealthy Affiliate All About?

To me, Wealthy Affiliate is the complete business in a box. I know you may have heard that term loosely thrown around many times in the online marketing sector before. But, as I’m sharing my honest review I can honestly say that EVERYTHING you need to succeed online can be found within Wealthy Affiliate. For more information skip to the next chapter where I share what makes WA the complete online business package.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a online training and education center which teaches you the exact methods you need to make money online through affiliate marketing. But WA doesn’t stop there, like all the other so called online training courses. WA offers the best tools any internet marketer could ever need.

The help and support from the creators and owners Carson & Kyle plus the guidance and help from the entire community within WA are one of the major reasons I am where I am today. I don’t like to brag, but I do like to offer proof to people so they can rest easy knowing that this is not just some other scam or half arsed course that offers little to no value. To see more about how my online story unfolded, head over to My Profile Page On WA where I share how I got started.

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Offer To Members

Brief Overview

Wealthy Affiliate Overview On Features

WA has 2 options where you can get started today. The free method or the paid option. Naturally you may want to try before you buy. Heck that’s how I started and that’s exactly what I recommend to all my clients and friends. I don’t like how most of these learn how to earn money online products you can’t take for a test drive before buying. This is usually because the course/product is complete rubbish and the owners wouldn’t make any money if they offered a free sample. Customers would simply laugh and then move onto the next offer.

But this is where WA is different. They offer a 100% completely free sign up option. This gives EVERYBODY the chance to see first hand that Wealthy Affiliate is no scam and that it’s an absolutely incredible training program which offers an extreme amount of value to its community.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017 Updates

Wealthy Affiliate is not a product you may be use to spending money on. Because this is a REAL business, WA continuously strives to better its service. To stay ahead of the game, keep it’s members from splitting through the cracks with old methods, WA updates their services every year.

So far in 2017, Wealthy Affiliate has introduced some pretty amazing features. All these new features come at no extra cost to the member either. This is another reason why Wealthy Affiliate is the best in the business. Don’t worry if you don’t understand, as its all covered in the up to date training for 2017.

  1. Site Speed – A ranking factor in Google is how fast your website loads. This is a new feature where websites build with WA have a speed boost like no other.
  2. Site SSL – This is a soon to be ranking factor as well. This is basically making your website secure from hackers, mainly used in E commerce sites, but like I said. Soon to be favored by Google.
  3. Site Protector – This is a build in spam blocker. So no need to add another plugin to your site as the websites built with WA have a blocker built in.
  4. Site Content – This is a tool to help you write content and stay focused on your goals. Very helpful when you get writers block.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017


What W.A Offers To Me Personally

As I'm Not From America, I receive Cheques As My Payment from Amazon.com.

As I’m Not From America, I receive Cheques As My Payment from Amazon.com.

To be 100% honest with you, I could survive online without WA. BUT without Wealthy Affiliate I would NOT be earning $10,000 month in month out. This is because I learned everything I know from within the WA training program.

I dedicated many months to perfecting the affiliate marketing system. I first signed up with Wealthy Affiliate on March 24 2012. 5 years later and I am still one 100% paying member. This is testimony to the true value WA offers.

How many other how to make money online course do you know of that have been around for 10 years plus like Wealthy Affiliate?. NONE, and I’m proud to say I’ve been with them for 4 years+ until the day I die.

If I know it all, then why am I still paying a monthly subscription with Wealthy Affiliate?.

While I could drop back to being a free member (Which you can be forever if you like), I believe my premium membership allows me to help so many other members to succeed online. Members see me as an authority and trust my opinions and guidance. So having a premium membership is more about helping others than anything else.Which I honestly find rather enjoyable. It’s a nice feeling to be able to help people better their lives.

The Community and the support are another big reason. The other BIG reasons aka The Business In A Box package make it too hard to resist. If I’m doing something new online and am unsure of it, I always head back to WA to get honest answers. For example, if I forget how to install Google Analytic’s I can easily find the answer in mere seconds (Don’t worry if you have no idea what Google Analytics are, it’s all explained within the training).

I’ve also become attached to the program I guess. It’s like my safety net. As I know it’s the only way I know that teaches you everything to succeed online I just don’t leave. Plus as I’m earning much more than my old Painting job offered me, the small monthly fee is not even noticed when it is withdrawn from my PayPal account. Oh yea, the monthly or yearly fees are tax deductible :).

What Will You Learn At WealthyAffiliate.com?What Wealthy Affiliate Teaches

Myself and hundreds if not thousands of other members are living proof that what you will learn on the inside is a 100% proven way to start a profitable online business. The courses are structured to teach new members a PROVEN way to make money online with Affiliate Marketing. Which is more than enough training to make your first bit of cash online.

But it doesn’t stop there, the more experienced online marketers even do additional training within The Wealthy Affiliate. Which cover many different ways to make more money, or different strategies revolving around affiliate marketing. Also, every single week Jay, one of the most experienced affiliate marketers does a webinar explaining every aspect you could think of in regards to being a successful online marketer.

Is The Support Within The Program Real?

The training within WA is in both video and text format. Which is good because while I do love videos, I do prefer text training if I’m going back over a subject to rehash things. Also, if you don’t understand anything from the training, support will be your best friend. As a confused beginner marketer, you have 3 options for getting your questions answered.

  1. Live Questions – This is a box in the far right of the screen. Here you can type in anything, including question you may have on a training module. As it’s live chat, you could get an answer within seconds from other members that are logged in at the times. This includes the owners Kyle & Carson.
  2. Search the question in the bar at the top in the center. The answers are than displayed on relevancy.
  3. Ask A Question/Write Blog – Within the WA dashboard, you can click on the pen image (Top right) and a drop down menu appears with the option to ask a question, or write a blog within WA. Either methods are suitable and will be seen by all members when logged in until you are satisfied with the answer. Also members who ‘follow’ you will also be notified by email that you need help with a topic.

Wealthy Affiliate Support Options



As you can see from the above, the training and help/support within Wealthy Affiliate is second to none. This is by far the best online affiliate marketing training program out there. Four years of my life I have been a member at WA, that is as long as I was at High School (Australian, and yea you can use WA to make money from any country).

But after 4 years of High School I was not making more than the Teacher. Now I am… Do you see the power in this program?.

How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

How To Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate

Amazon.com Earnings Thanks To Wealthy Affiliate!

Short Answer: Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing Is the best way for a beginner to start making money online (Best Way Overall in my opinion). What WA teaches us to do is build websites (very easy to do, you can even have a free website made in mere minutes at WA). These websites are made to talk about things that are either interesting to you, or can you make a lot of money.

I took the 2nd option and armed it up with amazon.com (I am an Amazon Affiliate – Which is my source of income). So I make websites about a general theme/product (Called niches) and I advertise Amazon.com products. Every time a visitor goes to my website and clicks on something, they are then sent to Amazon.com. I then get a % commission from ANY product the visitor buys within 24 hours. You even make commission on products not related to what you’re advertising.

For example, I could write something about my favorite dog chew toys on my website. When somebody reads my recommendations and likes what they read, they may click on the image or the words ‘buy from amazon.com’. From there, anything they buy I get commission. Even if the customer clicks to amazon and decides he/she doesn’t want a dog chew toy anymore, but decides to buy a Dog House instead. We get the commission, pretty cool right.

This my friends is how I earn a lot of money online. Again not bragging, but showing you the basic concept on affiliate marketing and how easy it is for ANYBODY to make money online. With the right training, the kind of training Wealthy Affiliate offers, you too could be the next person to FIRE their Boss!. It’s a great feeling, to be independent and not have a Boss. Wealthy Affiliate can get you started today!.

One Of My Role Models

Within WA other marketers can post related pages about the make money online business. This screen shot below is a blog from within WA a Role Model of mine posted online in November of 2015. You can read the full blog here and see just how successful he is thanks to WA. It’s mind boggling how much some people earn online.

Wealthy Affiliate Honest Reviews

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is The Complete Online Business

As I have mentioning several times within this honest Wealthy Affiliate review, that WA is the complete business in a box. If you are a complete beginner to making money on the internet, you may not understand everything I’m about to say. But bare with me, because you learn IT ALL within WA. So I will give some brief explanations below.

  • All the training you will EVER need to run a highly profitable online passive income business. As technology changes, so will the training (if needed).
  • 24/7 support and answers to all your marketing questions. Sign Up With Me, and I will be your mentor/coach. Within Wealthy Affiliate we will be connected and I can help you get started quicker. So you don’t make the same mistakes I did as a beginner. I am only a message away once you sign up for free.
  • Free websites – When you sign up as a free member you are limited to an amount of training, but you can still take advantage of the 2 free websites. If you go to premium member, you have unlimited number of free websites = unlimited income 🙂
  • Free Website Hosting: free websites are hosted for free within WA. Hosting a website normally can cost you $10+ per month alone. So you can see the true value W.A offers now with it’s added tools :). Plus if you have you’re own websites, you can also get them hosted by WA, and it is covered by the membership fee. Pretty cool idea.
  • Brand New DOMAINS: Wealthy Affiliate now offers it’s members a discounted domain service. This new option now makes this WA training program the complete online marketing package. Before one had to go to other providers to buy a domain, now EVERYTHING is available within Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Free Keyword Tool: Don’t spend a dime ever on keyword tools (Most keyword tools cost $20-$100 month). WA has it’s own unique keyword tool which is completely free within the program. A keyword is the words people type into Google to find answers. E.g “how to make money online” is a keyword essentially. The WA keyword tool will tell you all the data you NEED to know so that you can get your website on page one of google for the term “how to make money online” or any keyword you want.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review Of The Negatives

How I Bought Land With INcome ONline

Land I Bought With Income Online

If you haven’t noticed that within my review of The Wealthy Affiliate Program, I haven’t got a section on the Negatives that WA has. As this is an unbiased review, I should share with you the negatives as well….

After some time thinking long and hard, I’m struggling to find negatives. But Ive come up wit 2 things that some people may encounter when trying Wealthy Affiliate for the first time.

  1. Information Overload: Which is a common term in the make money online business. This is when a person  is struggling to make money because they are simply overwhelmed by the shear amount of new information they must digest in order to be successful. This is something everyone must overcome. Take the time to learn the basics. Once you achieve this, you are free to make money on demand essentially. Fortunately, the Wealthy Affiliate training is all step by step, so allow yourself 30 days to conquer the information overload and you will be so much better off.
  2. While someone experienced like myself could stroll into WA and use the free account and still make money. Many new marketers wont make money immediately. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to make a sustainable long term income online. Not some get rich quick scam. I don’t know how this is a negative, but some people come into this game thinking a full time income can be made overnight. It can’t and it won’t. Wealthy Affiliate will guide you there, but you need to take the action. Follow the step by step directions and once your on the inside you will quickly see that WA is the real deal. The search for how to earn money from home will finally be over and you too can start building an online empire.

The Ending Credits PLUS My ‘Cheat Sheet To Success’ Bonus!

So in conclusion, my honest opinion of Wealthy Affiliate is that it is hands down the BEST way to learn how to make money online. Without Wealthy Affiliate, I would not be here right now. My online struggles were immense until I found some strong guidance and the support I needed.

W.A is the only solid and foolproof way to learn how to make an income online that I know of. It’s my number one resource when friends, family members, random people ask me how I do what I do. I don’t hesitate to promote something I’m so proud of. A website that has finally helped me achieve the true financial success we all long for. The reason I could afford to get married, have 3 kids and now building a brand new house on a 3/4 acre block with only my income (Which is normally not possible in Australia with a normal Job and only 1 income).

How To Claim Your Free Bonus

After you join the FREE Starter Account, I will offer you a bonus if you do decide being a PREMIUM member is awesome and you become one in the first 7 days (With a 59% bonus discount).  Once you have created your account at Wealthy Affiliate, It won’t be long before I personally welcome you by contacting you on your profile with my “greeting” and some more helpful stuff about WA, how to get help from me (use my 4 years experience to your advantage), and how to claim MY ‘Cheat Sheet To Success Bonus’.  Trust me, this is going to be some INCREDIBLE stuff (Tip: it includes my FULL 4+ years of experience and my personal mentoring!)

Powerful Message

I want to leave you with one of the most inspiring messages I have heard in regards to becoming financial better off.  It is absolutely amazing and represent Wealthy Affiliate to me 100%.

“IF you’re willing to spend a year of your life doing what most people wont, YOU can spend the rest of your life doing what others cant!”


Whats That? You Want Some More Testimonials?


Below are some screenshots of 100% satisfied Wealthy Affiliate members. To be honest, I’m hoping you don’t need to see this to believe. Because I have tried my hardest to portray my true and honest Wealthy Affiliate Review above. However, I know that some people need that extra nudge to get them in the right direction.

P.S. Even More Reviews Can Be Found At Honest Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam Or For RealA Member For Over 7 Years Loves Wealthy Affiliate

Read His Brutally Honest Testimonial. Longevity in this business is not heard of…. Unless you’re talking about Wealthy Affiliate!

WIll Wealthy Affiliate Work Long Term





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    1. Josh Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. I could share so much more on Wealthy Affiliate it’s ridiculous. That place changed my life and I like to tell everyone about it lol.

  1. admin@chartdude.com'Jim

    Excellent honest and clear review Josh. Your details and showing how WA has helped you
    is great info for anyone looking for a place they can learn and earn an income
    using the internet. Very helpful info and well done.

    Thanks and best wishes to your continued success!

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Jim, If my Wealthy Affiliate Review only helps 1 person to either get out of debt or live more comfortable financially, then I’ll be very happy with that. There’s a reason why I have been with WA for 4 years… Because it works!.

  2. hrpenman1@gmail.com'Helen

    You have worked really hard on this website, its very well set out and I agree wholeheartedly with everything said about Wealthy Affiliate. I would not be where I am without it. I would not have had the training and therefore could not possibly have put my website together.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Helen. Thanks for your input. Thanks to the training at WA, we no longer need to fall for these half ass products and scams ever again. We have found home :). Like the saying goes..If it ain’t broke…Don’t fix it.

  3. kelvin.humantoc@gmail.com'Kelvin

    wow nice review.. i hope that place change my life too.. i dont have money for now.. can i join even if i dont have any ??

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Kelvin. Yes you can 100% join fro free without any credit cards etc. Get Started Here. Wealthy Affiliate is great for the fact you can get started for free and never have to pay. Obviously the premium features are well worth the investment. But try out the free version and see if you think its for you. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate!.

  4. leighleslie@aol.com'Leslie Leftley

    Hi Josh,

    Honrst reviews are rare and I wanted to thank you for your latest one on the Fiverr tool. However there does not seem to be anywhereI can register to be on your list, for furgher reviews etc..

    Pleae send me a link.

    However, I am afraid I don’t agree with you about your recommendation for Wealthy affiliate. I tried them a couple of years ago. They have the same guy heading it up I see.

    Now I never spammed the site but I did ask for advice on other outside tools. I ended up being restricted everytime I tried to ask for advice.

    If Wealthy affiliates weres so sure of themselves they would give honest opinions on other produtcs, whether they compete with theirown ideas or not. This is why I fundamentally wont try them again. It’s there way or the highway.

    Plus the Wealthy Affiliates forum/chat system appear to have guardien trolls (currnt customers) who report you simply for asking about views on outside proucts. Hence the several times I was restricted and/or banned (twice).

    Thansk for reading.

    Plea don’t forget to supply your link, you appear to have the customer’s best interests at heart, at least in your reviews.

    In anticipation


    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Les,
      thanks for your kind words. Yea I do try my best to give my honest opinion on so called money making programs. Unfortunately there are a lot of bad ones out there!. I haven’t yet got a email list service because this site is rather new and I was going to give it a little while before I head down that route. But it’s on the cards.

      May I ask what kind of products you wanted advice on when you were asking inside WA?. I have seen other people ask about all sorts of products that are not included inside WA, so this seems strange to me. My initial thoughts are that they may have wanted to keep the system how it is so that adding outside products into the system may distract people from making progress. Shiney object syndrome kind of thing.

      The thing is…The training and the tools within WA are all anyone needs to make an income online. While there are much more advanced methods available elsewhere, adding this kind of thing into WA would make it too much for new people to comprehend. Which could lead to them giving up all together.

      I’m trying not to be biased here, but it’s hard when WA is the only place online I have learned everything I needed to grow my business to over $6k a month. Had I given up on WA 4 years ago, I would never be where I am now. Heck I even left WA 3.5 years ago because I made mistakes, had doubt etc. But I came back not long after, when I realized that everything else was leading me nowhere. I was spending up to $700 on courses which taught me nothing solid and even got my Facebook Ad’s account banned in the process!. Which I still haven’t got back.

      The chat function within WA isn’t as trolled these days. In fact I think it may need to be soon. While it’s a superb feature for getting instant answers, some people use it to much for general chit chat, which could be considered annoying to some.

      Yea WA is still run by Kyle and Carson, why would they ever leave!. They are extremely helpful to every member, because that’s there passion. To help as many people learn ‘How’ to make money online as possible. To be in direct contact daily with the owners of such a successful platform is something I really appreciate. They must get asked 100’s of questions everyday, yet they still answer in such a positive and professional manner. Many people wouldn’t be able to handle this sort of pressure they put on themselves. True test of character. They are Canadian, so maybe its true what they say about Canadians..Really nice folks :).

      Anyways, sorry for the ramble. I know WA is not for everyone and I believe it’s better suited absolute beginners and moderate level marketers who want to learn how to build a profitable website. So some people won’t find value here, however the included hosting is a nice topping. I would love to know since you left WA, have you found anything online which has been successful for you?. Always good to learn new ways to make money:).

  5. yasir.ca7866@yahoo.com'Khan

    Hi Josh,

    You have written an excellent review. I am a bit confused if Wealthy Affiliate train people on affiliate marketing and other similar platforms also train this method but at a lower cost, so why we move towards Wealthy Affiliate?

    Do you think that there is any quality that stands out Wealthy Affiliate over other platforms? Thanks.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Khan, Wealthy Affiliate is more than just training. This is what separates it from the rest. The training specializes in Affiliate Marketing which is the best avenue to take for a beginner in my opinion.

      WA teaches how to legitimately create an online business without cutting corners and getting penalized by Google. The training is all white hat because that’s how you create a stable long term business. No PBN’s, or trying to trick Google into ranking your site well. Etc, so that’s why WA rocks!.

      Like I said, WA is more than just training. WA offers everything inside the platform to create a full time income = domains, hosting for websites, the BEST support I’ve ever seen, keyword tool and all the training anyone needs to succeed. I honestly have never come across anything as good as Wealthy Affiliate and quite simply it’s the reason I am where I am today.

  6. prabir269@gmail.com'Prabir

    Hello Josh,
    Being an absolute new in internet marketing I want to know is it really possible to earn, if so Advise me

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Prabir, Quick Answer: Absolutely! I first came across Wealthy Affiliate in 2012 when I was almost scammed by another product promising me riches…. Fortunately I got directed to WA and the rest is history. I was a 100% noob to internet marketing and didn’t even know it existed. Now I wish I had learned about WA many years earlier.

      So when anyone joins Wealthy Affiliate through my link, they get direct access to my bonus which explains exactly how I use WA to make me a full time income online. This is 100% what I do, so yea I know it works and can work for anyone willing to put in the effort. Hope this helps and good luck on your journey to passive income.

  7. partnerwithchaneenm@gmail.com'Chaneen Meyer

    Hi Josh

    I went in via your link to register. After I’ve completed the requested info my tablet went haywire.
    I don’t want to out in my details again just now they block me.

    Can you please help.

    Kind regards
    Chaneen Meyer

    1. Josh Post author

      Hey Chaneen, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘blocked’. The sign up process should be rather easy and only require basic details. No credit card or payment details are required. Maybe try with a different email address?.

  8. chris@fitnessdad.com'Chris Jones

    Hey Josh wealthy affiliate is a great way to start out. Have you ever looked into offering your SEO skills to businesses?

    1. Josh Post author

      Hey Chris, its definitely an avenue I could take in the future. Right now I’m enjoying the passive income Affiliate Marketing produces. There is training on Local SEO within Wealthy Affiliate and a few members actually make $10,000+ month from doing SEO for local businesses. Personally I prefer to make niche websites for myself to make 100% profit for months to years into the future. Rather than basically feel like a employee doing local SEO. That’s just my perspective tho. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  9. saifulisa653@gmail.com'SI

    How this is work…i see ur review about beonpush. Maybe u can teach me some knowledge in how do we earn money online

    1. Josh Post author

      In a nutshell Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to be a successful Affiliate Marketer and provides all the tools needed to succeed. There is much more training on other ways to make money, but the base concept is Affiliate marketing. This involves building a website around a topic and promoting products on your website. When someone buys something that you have recommended, then you make money. Affiliate marketing is the best online business model if you ask me. Because it is passive income once you get it going and the income you can make is unlimited. I have a more in depth explanation on Affiliate Marketing if you wish to find out more. Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Si, it’s pretty simple to get started, first you 1st join for free and you start the training where you learn how to build an online business. Everything is explained on the inside. I think you will be amazed by how amazing the training is. Good luck!

  10. makola.dudu@gmail.com'MissDee

    Hi josh, awesome review, ill be sure to join via your link, im excited already… My question for you though is, do you have to buy the products you promote in WA or you just promote like you do at clickbank for example?

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi MissDee,

      As I promote Amazon products, I don’t need to buy the products. In my bonus guide I show you how I go about promoting these products. Of course you can promote Clickbank products as well, but I found my success with physical products. Hope this helps

  11. ajmganga@yahoo.com'Joseph

    Hi Josh,
    nice review. I’m just starting out myself, and if you say it is that good, I’m all in. I’m always looking for ways to make money online and I have not yet found credible information, only systems that don’t give results back.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Joseph, you will get results if you learn the ropes and apply the system. It’s a proven method that has been making people money online for over 11 years now. It’s also free to start, so you can try it out without nothing to worry about.

  12. christen.searle@gmail.com'Christen

    Here’s a random question. I went to the website to sign up for my Free Account to check this whole thing out and was told that it’s not available in my country and that I have to pay to join. I’m a dual citizen US/Australia but recently quit my crappy 9-5 job and started travelling. I’m currently in India where I’ll be until November when I take a short break and head back to the US to visit family for a month.

    I’m assuming it’s not letting me sign up because it’s recognizing that I’m in India….? Is there a way around this since my permanent residence is still in the US? Or do I need to wait until November when I’m home to sign up?


    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Christen,
      Sounds great that you quit your job to go traveling. That must be awesome. When you try to sign up, can you enter Australia or the US as your country?. I’ve heard people enter neighboring countries as their country or use a vpn to try out the free version. Unfortunately there are 7 countries which are restricted from creating a free account due to high fraud rates etc. India is one of them: Bangladesh

      But I gotta tell you that it’s worth the money joining as a premium member anyway. There really is nothing like WA online. Just today Wealthy Affiliate turns 11 years old which is quite incredible for a make money online program to be online such a long time. But I totally understand people want to try before they buy, which WA normally offers. So it’s unfortunate that you are in this situation. If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask.

  13. nkakatone1@gmail.com'Bassey Godwin

    Hi there, am a Nigerian, I learn WA dont accept us as free members, kindly help on how to join.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Bassey,

      Unfortunately Nigeria is on the short list of countries from which the free starter account is not available. This is due to the high fraud rates in these countries. The only way for people to join WA from these countries is to ‘Join Premium’. This is in order to protect the community from Spam and Fraudulent offenses. You can view the full list of ‘Excluded Countries Here’. If you have a good grasp on English and have the funds, I highly recommend going premium.

  14. bobscrap2002@gmail.col'Cyber Wizard

    When I go to UPGRADE to PREMIUM i see under the POP UP which I can not remove a TOTAL of $359
    Can you explain this please I thought WA $49 /month

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi, you should be able to upgrade to the monthly plan. Check in your account settings and then payment settings. The yearly cost is a cheaper option as it works out to be $29 a month. However if you wait until Black Friday, WA usually does a sales on yearly membership which is a lot cheaper again. I highly recommend yearly as it’s cheaper and it also forces you to spend a year on growing your income. Many people just quit and never fulfill their dreams unfortunately. So having the mindset of’ Ive got a year to prove this to myself’ maybe all it takes to succeed. Yes 1 year is more than long enough.

  15. jyjhunter@yahoo.com'Jay Hunter

    Read your review and felt I had to write and ask, will WA help me with my current web site. The web site URL is http://www.freerealtyonline.com. I have been struggling for years to drive traffic to the site. If you are able to review my site and let me know what your thoughts are I would appreciate it. If you are not able to leave the url on this page I understand.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Jay, nice site btw. From what I can see, you are lacking any methods of attracting Google search traffic? To do this you need to target keywords that people search for in Google. WA is the king for teaching people how to get organic traffic from search engine results. This is my preferred method as well. However, WA also teaches how to do local marketing which would be beneficial to your website as you can target specific Suburbs, Cities etc. Then there is paid advertising which WA also teaches. SO in a nutshell, the training at WA could help you generate traffic to your site. There is not much WA doesn’t cover. Hope this helps

  16. beautyshallsavetheworld@gmail.com'Shan

    I love the idea of affiliate marketing but don’t u end up hawking products that u don’t really believe in? It sounds great, if you’re willing to sell your soul. I don’t believe in compromising my integrity in that way. What about products that are great but *don’t* offer commission-based revenue on the affiliate program? If I’m going to sell something, I want to be honest to my readers becuz honest=credible. You cannot put a price on your reputation. Would love to hear your thoughts on this comment!

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Shan,
      Great questions by the way. With affiliate marketing you can recommend products you actually do endorse/use etc. Nobody has to sell their soul. While obviously one person can’t buy every product under the Sun to review, a great affiliate marketer will go the distance when it comes to reviewing the product. Such as finding out about the Companies history, refund rate, track record etc. Reading 100’s of consumer reviews to get a real and personal opinion on the product. Pretend to be the buyer yourself and read the reviews how you normally would before buying a product.

      Then you can write an article about the “top 5 products (Whatever the product is) That I’m looking to buy”. This way you have done the research for the people and they are your genuine top 5 products that you would decide between. You are not claiming to own them, simply letting people know which ones you think are the best from the research you have done. This is actually a great approach because it can encourage feedback from the readers by them sharing their opinions.

      Most products do have a affiliate program online. The best way to find out is to go to google and search product + affiliate program. Even if there is no affiliate program and you want tor review the product then go for it. One can always put Google Ad’s on there pages to make money also. This requires no ‘selling’ at all. Or you could simply be building a email list etc or even set up a Ecommerce store and sell the product yourself.

      You can absolutely NOT put a price on reputation. Totally agree with you there. Thanks for your great comment. Josh.

  17. deaddogdesign@gmail.com'Garen

    Hey Josh,

    It’s awesome to see you’re using Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been using them for years. Even, used them in the beginning, and I can see that they have evolved with the industry.
    Love the service and community. Have met lots of people over the years there. I really like how everyone is working to better their internet marketing ventures.

    But, the web hosting is truly worth it. I used to spend $50/month for a VPS. But, Wealthy Affiliate is a managed hosting, and that would cost over $300 with WP Engine for the amount of traffic you can have on their servers.

    I really do enjoy the training. Lots of user generated content and Kyle and Carson do a wonderful job at teaching us stuff. The best part is they stay current with the industry.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Garen, it’s great to see another veteran WA member pass by my website. Wealthy Affiliate is hands down the best way for a beginner to learn how to make money online. The training and weekly (Free) webinars are always 100% spot on up to date and WA never ever promotes or pushes other products onto their members. I love living in a scam free environment. I’m just a few months away from celebrating my 5th year with WA. Kyle just did a webinar giving an overview of everything he has leaned in the last 14 years online. I can’t imagine how great life will be when I hit 14 years online. I have followed you on WA and look forward to following in your success.

  18. adrimontanari@yahoo.it'adriana

    Hi thank you for your review. Can I ask you which kind of training does Wealthy Affilate provide about traffic? Does it teach seo only or how to build a list through paid traffic (FB ads) as well? Does it teach how to position yourself as an expert in your niche? Thank you in advance for your help

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Adriana, great questions. WA provides training on just about any subject you can think of related to online marketing. The main training is centered around teaching newer members how to start an online business and rank websites for SEO purposes. One of the Core modules for the Affiliate Bootcamp training is PPC advertising. There is a huge database of training at WA with fresh live training every week which is recorded and shared. As you can see here (https://monosnap.com/file/sVOGVSUwuZyKQ6Yd8KXaOMYwJrh8p8#) there is much training for the more advanced marketer as well as different advertising routes. There is training on FB Ads as well as you can see here :https://monosnap.com/file/Pq7P85GSbnmbUDrGJBBVxvWeaLQpum#

      Positioning yourself as an authority in the niche is pretty much the core of the training. Establishing yourself as an authority takes time, content and knowledge. All of this comes as a result of sticking with it. Every niche I enter is new to me and I research and write until I become an authority on the subject and traffic and sales are the end result. IF you ask me, organic search engine traffic is the best as it is free and extremely passive once you are set up. So there is no risk in losing money on ads at all. Hope this helps.

  19. nabilmandev@gmail.com'nabil

    Hi Josh, I’m sure that WA is one the greatest place to start learning affiliate marketing, however I have some questions : 1-I know that it takes time (even months) to get into a profitable autopilot income and it depends of how each one works, but I would like to know an estimated time to start making money ?
    2- Do WA make training for shopify ?
    3- To be with your stuff and get the necessary advices from you, shall I go to free member directly from WA, or to go from your affiliate link ?

    Thank you Josh in advance for your feedback, and I hope to see you there asap.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Nabil, Great questions. Yes in order to be connected to me on the inside you must join up through one of the links on this page.

      How long does it take to make money?. This really depends on how much effort you put in. Everyone is different. Some people can only spare 1 hour a day while others dedicate 6-12 hours a day. I typically start making money after about 15-20 posts. I have made money quicker, but this is not always the case. So if you can put out 3 to 4 posts a week you can potentially start making money in a month (7 days is my quickest).

      There have been WA members that make $1000 a month after 4 months, another hit 10k in a month after 12 months and another 3 years to hit 10k a month. So it all comes down to how much you put into it.

      At the moment there is no ‘official’ training on shopify, but I hear it is in the pipeline to be down. WA is always updating, improving, adding new stuff for members which is one of the reasons I love the place.

  20. nabilmandev@gmail.com'nabil

    Ok Josh, I’ll get through your link, other question that came to my mind, while hosting my website in WA, do I have the opportunity to take off my websites to others webhosting if needed or stopping as a member ?

    1. Josh Post author

      If you buy a domain and host it at WA, it is yours forever or until you dont want it anymore. So yes you can take your website with you and host it wherever you like.

    1. Josh Post author

      Sure Thing Nabil. Look forward to seeing you on the inside

  21. nabilmandev@gmail.com'Nabil

    Hi Josh

    I’m coming back to your answer above, you said “if you buy you domain” , and what if I take it from WA ?
    Also can I cancel at anytime ?
    My intention is to continue as long as possible, but I’m asking just in case and for knowledge 🙂
    See you in premium member 🙂

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Nabil, you can buy a Domain at WA or anywhere you like. Then you can host the domain at WA for free as part of the premium membership, or you can host wherever you like. You can cancel at any time by going into account settings and manage subscription. So if you bought a domain at WA and lets say in 3 months you decide to leave WA, you still use WA as the place where you bought the domain like you would godaddy, namecheap etc. WA is a registered domain/hosting provider and they offer the training as you know. So after a year, you would have to pay to renew the domain like you would anywhere else. Hope this helps. Feel free to private message me inside WA when you go premium whenever you like, I will help you out as much as possible.

  22. nabilmandev@gmail.com'nabil

    Thank you Josh, sure I will , see you there and have a nice business day 🙂

  23. macrogiant88@gmail.com'Michael Taiwan

    Hi Josh, I arrived on your website with “madsense reborn review” and I’ve read many of your (great) articles. I let you know that your page to subscribe to your email list to receive 9 lessons doesn’t work anymore. I would like to subscribe! Also as your last reply was on 16 May 2017, one year ago, does your bonus and help are still available with your WA link ? I’ve read ALL THE COMMENTS and your answers, and I’m impressed that you answered on the same day, even if people are asking over and over again the same questions, I know it’s very time consuming. One more question, Jaaxy is included in the premium membership?

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Michael, On the page to subscribe to the 9 day email course you have to make sure the little box is checked. Once the next page loads you need to select that you accept the privacy policy etc. It’s got to do with new EU laws that have come in. Basically making sure everyone is aware of your sites privacy policy… If you get stuck again I can get some screen shots for it.

      Yes I still follow the same strategy from my bonus guide and WA’s teachings. I kind of got too busy with creating new amazon niche sites that I stopped working on this site. It’s on my list of things to do tho. Keep this site going. WA has improved 200% since I have written this WA review. I need to update it too!. Jaaxy lite is included in the WA membership. Jaaxy has further upgrades if you choose. But as a beginner the included membership is all you need. Hope this helps.

      1. macrogiant88@gmail.com'Michael Taiwan

        Oh, I just see now that you replied the same day in fact. The system didn’t inform me of the reply or maybe it is in the Spam box. But you should check FROM mobiles of your friends that it works else you lose many people who want to register with you. Thank you for the answer. Time flies ! OMG I didn’t start niche websites yet but still in a part of my mind

  24. macrogiant88@gmail.com'Michael

    Hi Josh, I sent 2 comments with questions but they don’t appear here so I wonder if there is a bug from mobile version

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Michael, it;s not a bug. I just have to manually approve comments so that my site doesn’t get spammed to death :). Ive answered it now.

  25. jacquilynn1990@gmail.com'Jacqui Jasieniecki

    Thank You so much I was just getting ready to say that’s that, with as an affiliate or any money making ONLINE opportunity felt like a never-ending chase at so many broken promises and find out to be (mostly) scams. I decided to ENROLL by USING the link towards the end of this post, THANK YOU! You helped me let this wall down, and say ok I don’t and am NOT the only mom out there who is trying to learn great skills and support when feeling lost or confused. You truly gave me the inspiration I needed to say, NO, There’s still hope and I CAN DO THIS IF I GIVE IT ALL I GOT!!! Soon, will be a premium member, being Sunday, banks are closed, but I started my Account, Signing up with WA. I am forever grateful to you and am excited to start an entire NEW WAY OF LIFE! It felt like I was directed to this site on purpose, It was no coincidence! #NeverGiveUp #Ask4Help

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Jacqui, glad you made it here. It won’t take you long to realize that WA is not a scam but a legitimate training center and tool provider. WA is where I learned how to make money online so I can guarantee you 100% that if you follow the training and have the right work attitude, you will succeed. Look forward to seeing you over there.


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