Unbiased Honest Affiliate Edge Review By Erica Stone

By | September 17, 2016

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Unbiased Honest Affiliate Edge Review By Erica StoneErica Stone has just released her latest product called ‘Affiliate Edge‘ and if you are remotely into Amazon affiliate marketing (or any physical store) you MUST buy this product. In my honest review of Affiliate Edge I will tell you what it’s about, why you NEED this product and who exactly this product is for. Needless to say that any product released by Erica Stone is not a scam. So we can all agree on that right.

Over the years I have bought many products by Erica Stone, some I took action on and some I let collect dust due to me being to busy. But guess what?. The product I took action on worked exactly as Erica stated. I made money month after month… So I hold very high respect for Erica Stones teaching style because it straight up works. So for anyone who has never heard of Erica Stone, you can be assured that she is 100% legitimate in helping people make money with her courses. So with that out of the way, lets talk about what ‘Affiliate Edge’ is all about.

What Is Affiliate Edge All AboutIs Affiliate Edge A Scam

As I have been an Amazon Affiliate for about 4 years now I am always interested in learning new tactics to increase my online earnings. So when I got notified about Affiliate Edge,  I knew I had to buy it immediately. As you can see in the receipt to the right… I did!.

So Affiliate Edge is a 30 page PDF full of extremely important information, especially if you are an existing Amazon affiliate and struggling to make money. When I went through the PDF I was like, WOW this is going to change peoples lives. Why?. Because it is exactly what I have been doing for years now!.

Many if not most of people that try to make money with Amazon don’t succeed because they don’t do what’s involved with Affiliate Edge. I see it every day.. People try to rank in Google for terms that DON’T belong to affiliate marketers. For example; ‘Apple iPhone’. Affiliate marketers are not going to rank #1 for that term. Do you know why?. Because the #1 spot will belong to vendors such as Apple, Amazon, Ebay etc. To be able to break into the ‘iPhone’ market you need to start thinking outside the box. Don’t try to rank for keywords that are already being dominated by the product’s own website and vendors online such as Amazon etc.


The Affiliate Edge will tell you HOW to break into these industries that you may be trying to rank in Google for, but are getting nowhere. I can’t reveal the technique used in Affiliate Edge but I can tell you that once you discover it. Light bulbs will be going off in your head for hours.

What’s taught in Affiliate Edge will enable you to rank page 1 of Google because it’s a technique that doesn’t involve trying to out rank huge authority sites like Amazon and Apple. When you go through the 30 pages of information, you will be armed with a new view on Amazon affiliate marketing. This technique is so powerful, it could be the fastest way to get to page 1 of Google search results I know of.

Who Is Affiliate Edge For?

I would love to say essentially it’s for everyone. But I fear that if someone is brand new to affiliate marketing and has no idea on how to build a website, then they will struggle. BUT, what I recommend is you first join my #1 Recommendation (Free to join). From there you can build a free website really quickly. Once you have a site set up, then Buy Affiliate Edge. This combination of tools and training is ALL you need to make a full time income online.

On the other hand, struggling Affiliate Marketers will get a lot from this product. If you already have a website, or you know how to build on. Then combine that with Affiliate Edge and you will make money. Simple!. It’s a massive eye opener that MANY people miss out on.

Experienced Marketers earning a full time income online may already know this unique angle to getting ranked page 1 of google without worrying about vendors such as Amazon as your competition. However, there are quite a few techniques used in this course which may be new to you. Such as how to get ideas for the ‘Affiliate Edge’ keywords. Once you go through the product, you may instantly start thinking of new niche ideas using this Affiliate Edge tactic. Learning something new as an affiliate marketer is always a good thing and Affiliate Edge is a very good thing.

What I Loved About Affiliate Edge By Erica StoneIncome Proof Affiliate Edge Works

  • Lots of people are going to finally understand how to easily rank and make money online with Amazon
  • Step By Step Training (See Image To Right)
  • Erica gives examples: She shows how to find these ‘Easy’ keywords & how to know if you have easy competition. She even tells you what NOT to look for, this is something so many people do wrong. Then she even gives an example of how to write a short and simple post on your website targeting these easy keywords.
  • The course comes with a bonus guide on how to install WordPress and an Advanced keyword research guide.
  • The course is straight to the point and easy to follow
  • 100% works I know this because it’s a tactic I have been using for years. The tactic is a more in depth course on the ‘bonus’ I give to people that join my #1 recommendation to help them start making money quicker.

What I Didn’t Like

To be honest, I was a little weary because now there are going to be more people competing with similar keywords to what makes me my $$$$$ online. Other than that I highly encourage marketers to add the Affiliate Edge to there arsenal. For complete beginners to making money online then I recommend you read my Wealthy Affiliate Review because it will give you better in depth knowledge on affiliate marketing and how to easily make a website to make money with.


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