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By | July 4, 2016

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The Six Figure Influx Honest Review Glenn KoskyIn my honest opinion I think The Six Figure Influx product by Glenn Kosky is well worth the few bucks. In this review I will share why I think this is actually a good Warrior Plus release and who will benefit from the course. It’s rare to come across a Warrior Plus product which offers such amount of value for such a low price, so this one is definitely worth sticking around to read my honest and real review.

For those concerned, The Six Figure Influx is not a scam, but a in depth video course with some bonus templates to assist even further.  In fact, quite a lot of work has been put into this release. But the question remains, what exactly is this course about and is it right for you?.

What Is The Six Figure Influx Even About?

In a nutshell, The Six Figure Influx is a video course teaching beginners how to get into affiliate marketing by taking advantage of the massive authority that is YouTube. While, this course is very step by step which starts at the very beginning of the journey – Explaining affiliate marketing. Some more experienced marketers will gain some golden YouTube optimization tips. These on page optimization tips are well worth the small price tag attached with The six Figure Influx.

While I’m not a huge video marketer myself, I did find I knew a lot of what Glenn was explaining. But along the way I did pick up some insightful tips. Such as how to optimize the ‘description’ box of your You Tube properly. I have bought quite a few products over the years, and I really did find the video on you tube optimization to be a real ‘aha’ moment. Enough about that… lets talk more about what you should expect.

Unbiased Real The Six Figure Influx Review


My Honest ‘The Six Figure Influx Review’

So there is no special ‘trick’ or method to this course. This course basically teaches you how to rank YouTube videos in step by step format. Similar to how I use websites online to make money, only in video format. This information may not be new to the experienced marketers, but it is particularly handy for new marketers wanting to get into video marketing.

In the training within The Six Figure Influx, one is taught every step needed to make money from You Tube videos. What I especially liked about the training is that it wasn’t just focused on promoting ‘make money’ products from Warrior Plus and JVZoo. Finally a course that shows methods that work for any niche.

The course has 18 videos in total, some which are as long as 20 minutes. Each video describes step by step the steps you need to take. Such steps include: Where to find affiliate offers to promote, what types of products are available, different ways to present a video, uploading the video to YouTube, optimizing the video to get free traffic and promoting videos via social media.

Towards the end of the video series Glen Kosky explains how to incorporate a YouTube video into a sales funnel. To many, a sales funnel is second nature. But for everyone else, what Glenn reveals is the core principles to making large sums of online money for years to come. This includes capturing your viewers email addresses so you can maintain long term income streams with this business.


What I Like About The CourseComplaints About The Six Figure Influx

  • The Step By Step Videos – Informative and don’t leave any steps out
  • The YouTube video optimization directions were spot on. Do this and you will get better rankings.
  • Perfect beginners guide to video marketing
  • Great value for money
  • Great selection of affiliate programs you can be in business with are revealed

My Complaints About The Six Figure Influx

  • My only real gripe with the course is the section on keywords. Keywords are a critical factor to ranking in Google/Youtube. I feel maybe another 10 minutes of further insight would have topped this course off. I’m not one for using Google Ad Planner as a keyword tool for SEO, but for PPC it’s fine. So when Glenn recommends anything under 1000 results in “” marks, I have to disagree. I think this is too high and to hard to rank for. However test with your own keywords and come up with your own ‘special number’.


Who Is The Six Figure Influx Best Suited To?Is The Six Figure Influx A Scam

In my honest opinion, I don’t think experienced video marketers will gain anything new from this strategy. However experienced marketers looking to venture into the video marketing sector for the first time will gain some great knowledge.

For beginners who are completely new to internet marketing, be aware that this course is about making videos. If the thought of this scares you then I don’t think you will 100% enjoy this course. However, there are ways in which Glenn explains where you don’t need to be on camera or even use your voice. But I think for maximum results, using your own voice and personal style would work best. But again one can outsource the video making process completely.

If you are willing to learn the basics of You Tube marketing and don’t mind being on camera, or outsourcing a few bucks to get a video made. Then I believe you will gain a great deal of information from The Six Figure Influx. I recommend The Six Figure Influx to many, but not all.



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7 thoughts on “The Six Figure Influx Honest Review


    Hi Josh! Wow, this is a great review with real in depth insights into the contents of the six figure influx course. This review provides great value for the person trying to find out what the six figure influx is all about. It is great how you have broken it down and given a completely unbiased review, in your own words. You obviously know what you’re talking about! How do you think this course compares with the training included with a wealthy affiliate membership?

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Brad,

      Thanks for checking out my Six Figure Influx review and sharing your comments. One can’t really compare this product to something like Wealthy Affiliate. This is because WA is an enormous monster of an Affiliate Marketing business in a box kind of training provider. WA provides all the tools needed to create profitable websites.

      However, The Six Figure Influx is more focused on YouTube and creating a business there. There are similarities for optimizing a YouTube video as to optimizing a post on a website. This product is more suited for someone wanting to get into video marketing from scratch. Overall Wealthy Affiliate is a far better option for beginners wanting to learn Affiliate Marketing, but for the price of a coffee, the Six Figure Influx won’t disappoint.


    Step-by-step training is definitely a big plus point. I know for a lot of people, learning something as big as how to make money online can feel like a huge mountain to climb over. When training is laid out in easy-to-follow step-by-step lessons, you only have one small thing to learn at a time. I am actually thinking of getting the Six Figure Influx because I really need to get better at making videos. It has to be said, people love videos. I love videos. Whenever I search for things online, if there is a video instead of a written article, I watch the video. And when I find articles that have videos embedded in them, I tend to skip the text and just watch the videos.

    1. Josh Post author

      So true Marcus, offering both video and text is a even better option. This way you cater to people who prefer text, and or people with limited bandwidth and can’t watch videos due to restricted internet. Having more knowledge in the internet marketing arena is definitely not a bad thing and if you only grab a few good tips from The Six Figure Influx then you are better for it.


    Hi Josh,
    I just wanted to compliment you on your style of this awesome review. This review was created in very good taste and the style of professionalism is truly outstanding. My hat is off to you!! I love the content and the way it is laid out and the honest approach of this product. Thanks For Sharing This !!

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Logan, I’m glad you liked my review of the Six Figure Influx. I know myself how hard it is to get a real honest reviews for these make money online products. So if I can make someones buying decision a little more clearer than I’m happy with that.


    Thank you, Josh, for this fact-filled article and I really enjoyed reading it.

    Adding video to my posts has been something that I have been thinking about doing recently but I honestly didn’t know where to begin and you have provided great food for thought here, It is much appreciated!


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