Poolside Profits – My Honest Review, Why It’s Not For Most Folks

By | July 21, 2016

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Poolside Profits  My Honest ReviewAfter watching a video review of Poolside Profits and reading the sales copy, I must admit I was intrigued. However…. Like most WSO’s, I was left disappointed. The sales copy and the video interview with the Man behind Poolside Profits Bill Hugall on The Mike From Maine Show led me to believe this product was something that it is not.

While Bill Hugall sounds like a great guy and coach, I highly doubt many folks will take action on Poolside Profits. You see, I thought the product was about building small websites and charging people money to access the site for valuable information. However, it turns out that Poolside Profits is yet another product about how to sell these types of ‘make money online’ products to other people. It blows my mind how many people are just throwing up products and teaching the same thing over and over. People just selling the same thing back and forth to each other.

Sure, some folks do make a lot of money doing this. They create emails lists and blast out new ways to make money online everyday claiming they had actually used the product. When in actual fact, they didn’t, many probably didn’t even read the sales page. But they will make money off you when you buy it…

Now imagine if 1000 new people like you and me tried throwing up a product to sell on warrior plus, or JVZoo, how much success do you think we would see. Especially by using the ‘free’ traffic method as disclosed in Poolside Profits. Most of us would be lucky to see 1 visitor, not too mention no sales. It just bothers me that people think the only way you can make money is by pushing a product onto someone else to buy, when that person them self hasn’t made a dime online other than selling the same rehashed useless products over and over. It’s just a never ending circle of failure=buying next product…I’m not saying Bill does this, but in general. Rant over.

Is Poolside Profits For Newbies?

In a nutshell NO.  In the training Bill says go watch these 5 videos and create these 5 accounts. But the videos are not there. The videos that are missing are: How to buy hosting/domain, Autoresponder, How to join JVZoo & Warrior Plus as a seller and finally join up the a landing page builder. Unless you know how to do all these things, you are gong to struggle.

Besides the missing videos, some of the training is insufficient. For example, you have to create a PDF on a profitable niche. These is absolutely no training on how to choose a niche, nor create a PDF. The niche Bill uses is ‘make money online’ naturally. While Bill says this product can be used in any niche, I don’t believe it can without having prior marketing experience. This is because the only traffic method included is solely on make money niche.

What Is Poolside Profits About?

Poolside Profits is about creating a PDF (With a affiliate link inside the PDF) which you will sell for cheap, like $5-10. Then create a sales page to sell the PDF and list it on Warrior Plus or JVzoo as a product. This is not a new technique and one that many marketers do on a daily basis it seems (see above rant).

What I Didn’t Like

The free traffic method is about getting other affiliates to promote your PDF. To do this you have to join groups where people share there products to other affiliates to promote. These groups are solely on making money and related topics. Which is fine if you want to do what everybody else is doing… But lets say you want to enter the dog training niche and create a PDF. How do you get the free traffic from from affiliates if there are no product launch groups in the dog training niche?. This is where newbies will be lost. How to get traffic to your offer.

In the training Bill says to be honest in your PDF. So if you haven’t made money online, but you have bought Poolside Profits to try and learn how to make money. How are you going to create an honest PDF guide on how to make money online, get traffic, facebook likes etc if you are a newbie and never made a cent online. Bill then goes on to say, try something get results and then make a PDf on it. Such as try Poolside Profits, make money and then create a PDF about the method used. But to me this seems like a revolving circle, because how are you going to make money selling a guide on how to make money online if you never have made money?.


That was my honest review of Poolside Profits. It may seem a little harsh, but it’s my honest impression after going through the course. It’s not a new method, any product creator on Warrior Plus etc will already know everything in this course, yet complete newbies will be lost on what to do. Especially on what to write a PDF about and how to get traffic if you are not going to make a PDF in the make money online niche. It is a proven method of making money, but one which you have to have the right personality for.

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8 thoughts on “Poolside Profits – My Honest Review, Why It’s Not For Most Folks

  1. thinknomore@yahoo.com'Nette

    Thank you for an honest and detailed review! There are only a few out there like you. So, thanks!

    1. darkwishvorph@hotmail.com'admin

      No problem Nettie. I know it frustrates me when I spend my hard earned money on a product and knowing what to expect. SO if I can help just 1 other person from wasting money, then I am happy.

  2. tommorrow267@yahoo.com'Tom Morrow

    Hello Josh,

    Thanks for your Pool Side Profits analysis.

    Have you reviewed Elite Money Machines yet? Sounds good for any newbie
    ,like myself and others.
    Any comments,at all, greatly appreciated.


    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Tom, sorry about the delayed reply. No I haven’t reviewed Elite Money Machines, but I have seen the salespage and because its by Mark Barret. I get the feeling it’s just the same rehashed methods of building a list of people like you and me and constantly slamming them with cheap crappy make money online offers (That don’t work). That’s just my gut feeling and probably why I didn’t buy it.

      To me, making money online is not just about selling these courses back and forth to eachother. It’s about learning how to build a business where you can make money by talking about your Dogs, gaming, TV shows, Sports gear etc. This is how you can make a career online. Having these skills will mean you will never have to worry about looking for another job agin. Once you have built your income up to a level where you can quit your job first of course. Wealthy Affiliate is the place where I learned these skills, I have websites on all kinds of different stuff which is not related to the niche :make money online.

  3. webbizcash@gmail.com'Ranganathan

    Thanks a lot for a truly ‘real’ review. I bookmarked your review for your site. Most jvzoo products are gurus scratching each other’s backs. I trust CB more in that aspect.

    1. Josh Post author

      Thanks for your comments. “scratching each others backs” I love it… It’s so true. I’m sure there maybe some legit course on CB but for the most I found them a waste of time and money. Making money online is not hard, nor is it rocket science. But it does take work, and unfortunately that is where many folks give up. But the rewards are so much greater then the work 🙂

  4. guy.leckythompson@gmail.com'LeckyT

    Thanks for the candid review: exactly what I was after!

    Also, the introduction (or rant – your words, not mine!) was very interesting as it seems you and I share the same opinion on these kinds of products and the way they are being sold. It almost harks back to the very early newsletters that went around the ‘net which purported to give the reader a product to sell online, but ‘the product’ was really just teaching the reader how to sell the newsletter (i.e. the product was the information that was selling itself!)

    One takeaway for me as a product creator (albeit ghost, until now) is that you have highlighted the stuff that’s missing; that’s always like a money moment for me when a review helps me to make sure I build a better product from someone else’s failure to deliver.

    So, once again, thanks!

    1. Josh Post author

      Hey Lecky, I’m glad you were able to get what you needed from this review. That’s the thing with the latest craze of ‘I’ll sell you a product and not tell you what it’s about’. That’s what annoys me so much. Not telling you what you are buying. So if you actually give an idea of what your product will teach, you will have many more happy followers. Maybe not as many sales. But a more loyal and satisfied customer base.


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