Passive CPA Profits An Honest Review

By | April 23, 2016

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Real Honest Passive CPA Profits ReviewsThis is my honest review of Passive CPA Profits by Tyler Pratt. After going through the entire course which consists of a very vague PDF and 7 short 5 minute videos I’m not overly impressed with this course. But is Passive CPA Profits a scam, or will it actually help you make money?.

Lately I have taken a interest in marketing CPA offers, so my interest was peaked when I was ‘promoted’ this course by fellow internet marketers. Knowing well in advance that I would yet again be disappointed, I soldiered on with the pure intention of bringing y’all a real and honest review of Passive CPA Profits. So you too, don’t have to waste your money.

Short Passive CPA Profits Review

While the videos are clear and well presented by Tyler Pratt, they simply don’t deliver the goods. A complete beginner should be requesting an immediate refund while the more advanced marketer…Well they will be completely stunned that they fell for this cheap course. The method involved is nothing new and the delivery of the training is well below sufficient.

End Result: Passive CPA Profits By Tyler Pratt is NOT recommended.

So What Is Passive CPA Profits All About

In a nutshell, Passive CPA Profits is about making money with CPA offers and using YouTube as the method of traffic to your offers. Like I said in the introduction, nothing new here. The whole concept of the course requires you to make videos based on the CPA offer you wish to promote. Tyler recommends using an extension for the Chrome toolbar called Screencastify.

Screencastify will allow you to record the screen of your computer while you are reviewing the offer landing page. So for example, if you have a CPA offer in the weight loss niche, you will want to be on the actual CPA offer page and be talking about the offer. Tyler emphasizes on targeting the offer’s buyers pain points. So for example with the weight loss offer you could spend a minute talking about the embarrassment of going to the beach when you are a big person, clothes are too small etc. This is a good marketing tactic and one most marketers already know.

This will allow you to connect to the viewer and push their emotional buttons. This is all well and good. But what if you don’t know how to get traffic to your You Tube videos?.

What Is Passive CPA Profits All About

What About The OTO’s For Passive CPA Profits?

There’s not much more to this course that needs to be explained. Get a CPA offer, record yourself talking about the offer and uploading it to You Tube with your CPA affiliate link in the description of the video. Pretty straight forward, but what about the OTO’s, are they worth buying?

The Gold OTO (One Time Offer) which is also available after purchasing just the front end product is about watching Tyler go through the whole process. Very briefly going through a campaign I must say. This over the shoulder video may give the complete beginner a little more insight, but still not enough to completely help one fully.

The OTO Platinum is basically 9 or so done for you landing pages in various niches: Gaming, Dog Training, Ecigs, Bizopps etc. This is for folks that don’t want to put their affiliate link into the You Tube video description and build their email list. This option is the smarter option, but way to involved for a complete beginner to set up. No training is included on setting up landing pages, auto-responders etc.

What I Liked About This ProductIs Passive CPA Profits A Scam

  • The bonus video which may help people get approved into CPA networks. Many CPA Networks will require a phone call/Skype before they even approve your application. So having a few insights before signing up is definitely a positive. Note: CPA companies will require you to call them during their business hours, so if you are from another country other than the US like I am. You may be making middle of the night phone calls.
  • The free Chrome Extension Screencastify. One can’t have enough tools for their business.

My Complaints About Passive CPA Profits

  • The training videos and PDF are vary scarce. I would be willing to bet $100 that a complete beginner could NOT make any progress with this course. The entire course is missing critical information to make it work. It’s like a rundown on what Tyler is doing, but without the detailed steps NEEDED to make it work. This is the biggest CON for this product, and one that will steer many people away from buying.
  • You Tube marketing is a whole course in itself. But in the course Tyler just says make a title pick some relevant keywords,tags for the offer and upload to You Tube. This my friend will not get you ranked for ‘how to loose weight’… No way in this world. Learning how to rank in Google or You Tube is something that requires specific and correct training. One cannot simply pick any keyword form Googles Keyword Tool and put it as a Tag on You Tube to get ranked.
  • Some CPA networks wont allow you to direct link your affiliate link on You Tube. So a website with a redirect is required. This is not mentioned in the training.

My Final VerdictPassive CPA Profits Complaints

Passive CPA Profits is not a scam, but you may feel scammed when you read through the PDF and watch the videos. The principal concept of the course is a solid one, however it’s not new and not very well detailed in my opinion. After reading my honest and real Passive CPA Profits review, any experienced CPA marketer shouldn’t need to buy this course. I have disclosed enough information ( A tad less than the actual course…) for you to understand what to do.

I don’t recommend this course for anyone wanting to start with CPA marketing because it simply doesn’t deliver enough information. I’m sure Tyler had all good intentions when he made this product, but he forgot to think about the market who need help making money online. This won’t help!.

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Everyday my email is filled with cheap and nasty learn how to make money online products, but very rarely do I ever come across a good product. Unfortunately Passive CPA Profits is yet another to add to the pile of rubbish. With so many people promising the world, but deliver nothing more than a hole in your wallet. Whats a honest person wanting to make decent money online meant to do?

I can only give you my recommendation, and it’s not some cheap inferior product I assure you. The way I learned how to make money online was from Affiliate Marketing. Some of you may have tried Affiliate Marketing and failed in the past. But I assure you, with the right training, tools and support (very important otherwise you are going it alone) you can become a successful Affiliate Marketer like myself.

The training and basically business in a box from Wealthy Affiliate University is how I managed to create the lifestyle I now am privileged to live. The freedom to live debt free and make money while I sleep is an amazing feeling. A feeling I hope to bless others with by sharing my methods on how to really make money online. The best part is, you can get started for free and really get a feel for the training. None of this pay before you purchase business. So in the end, you have nothing to loose, just so much more to gain.

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2 thoughts on “Passive CPA Profits An Honest Review


    Hi Josh,
    Well after reading your thorough and honest review of this online money making opportunity I agree with you in that it would be an absolute waste of money for anyone to get involved with it.

    For any online business opportunity to NOT address the crucial concept of how to draw traffic as part of their techniques to allow one to be eventually successful is blatantly inexcusable. Wow we, I can learn how to record my thoughts when studying a niche venture, to later be edited into a YT video. But as you stated, if the person is never trained how to draw traffic then what the heck is the point in getting involved with this mediocre program?

    Here we go again with yet another venture – CPA profits, that is so lacking in depth regarding its total program and similar to the thousands of other inferior opportunities that still plague the internet.

    These programs will continue to exist as long as there are gullible people online looking for a scheme that will earn them money easily and with minimal effort coming on their parts.

    Thank you for putting your readers on notice Josh that this opportunity would be one to pass up!

    1. Josh Post author

      Thanks Jeff for your useful insights. I wouldn’t say everybody is gullible but more desperate to change their lives. Unfortunately these masterpiece sales pages drill into this fact that people re desperate to make money. Yet the only one that makes money is the dodgy product creator. Unfortunately this is now a method being taught by others and it’s not ethical in my opinion. Teach people how to make legitimate money and actually help people build a business is a far better approach in my opinion.


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