Painfully Honest Next Minute Profits Review

By | January 18, 2017

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

Many people wont like my honest review of Next Minute Profits review by Samuel Cheema and Zain Waseem. Why?. Well because I will expose the truth about this product and will be cutting many affiliates short of a commission.

If you have experienced Warrior Plus sales pages in the past, you may be noticing that they all seem to say just about the same thing without ever telling you what the actual product they are selling is about. Super annoying right. You get the same old: How I struggled for many years and everything failed for me blah blah blah. Oh but this product changed everything (Of course).

These days I just skip the entire sales copy of products  and decide whether I want to review the product based on who emailed me notifying me about the release and some of the ‘bold’ claims on the sales page I know other people will fall for. So the very BOLD claim of “Discover How A Part-Time Cashier Cracked
The Code To $100+ Per Day And How You Can Do The Same… Guaranteed!” Got me intrigued.

Simply put nobody can guarantee you anything, especially $100 days. There’s extreme amount of risk involved with guaranteeing something like this. So curiosity got the better of me and I spent the $5.95 to buy Next Time Profits.

Painfully Honest Next Minute Profits Review


What Is Next Minute Profits About – Is It A Scam?Is Next Minute Profits A Scam

Besides the claim of making $100 a day, there is another claim on the sales page which is not true. “Why this is different than EVERYTHING else you’ve tried in the past… This training is 100% brand new and newbie-friendly”

Don’t fall for it like I did. This is not different and this is definitely not newbie friendly in my opinion. There simply is no real training and a beginner would have no idea how to do anything in this course. Besides the lack of in depth training, the course is crossing the line of possibly getting you banned from some affiliate networks like Amazon Associates in my opinion. More on this soon.

The Method Revealed:

Now remember this is apparently something that “flies in the face of the things everyone else is doing to make you money today”. The main method of Next Minute Profits is drum roll please….. Reviewing JVZoo & Warrior Plus product in the make money online niche via YouTube videos. WTF!. How is this a new method. Like really guys.

So Samuel Cheema is the presenter in the videos (First time reviewing his products) and there are 6 videos in total. What Samuel will show you is how to search for a product in Warrior Plus and JVZoo. He will then tell you to review the product via a video and put it on YouTube. Add your affiliate link to the videos description and you’re done. simple right and a method being used by hundreds of people already.

But there is no actual real training on any of the steps. If you don’t know how to record a video, how to review a product or how to upload and optimize a video for YouTube. Then don’t expect to learn from Next Minutes Profits.

My Complaints About Next Minute ProfitsWhat Is Next Minute Profits About

If you are an Amazon Affiliate the alternative method in this course is to make YouTube videos and add your Amazon affiliate link to the video description. Now I make $10,000+ a month using the amazon affiliate program and would NEVER jeopardize my account by sticking my affiliate link in the video description. Yes, hundreds of other people do that, but if 100 other people jumped off a cliff. Would you?.

Amazon is VERY strict about where and how you place affiliate links. Trust me, I have been banned once before and it wasn’t pretty. So if you value your relationship with the amazon associates program I recommend you read this post about putting affiliate links on YouTube. This not to mention you cannot get approved by Amazon as an affiliate without having a website. A YouTube Video will not get accepted.

Overall VerdictHow To Make Money Online Scam Free

In reality, this product resembles a scam in my opinion. The misleading information on the sales page and the inadequate training on the inside are enough to make me want a refund. Sure if you haven’t been around Warrior products before, you may have not thought about putting reviews on YouTube. But now you have, go Google how to do it and save yourself a few bucks. In my honest opinion, this product won’t satisfy the needs of a beginner wanting to make money online.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the ‘norm’ now for product creators. Throw up a quick video course and not really give enough details to truly help anyone. It’s quite sickening to think that these types of product creators are making a decent income online by promoting other creators rehashed rubbish (more times than not in my experience). I have no problem in standing by a product and recommending it to people. But ONLY if it will actually help them learn to make make money online.

If you take a gander around my site, you will notice I don’t recommend too many courses. This is because in my opinion, there are not that many amazing ones online these days. However, there is one that has been online for over 11 years now and of which I have been a happy member with for almost 5 years now. If you are tired of these crappy types of products, do yourself a favor and read my honest Wealthy Affiliate University Review. I imagine you will see the vast difference immediately in the quality of training and tools available at WA.

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