My Honest Thin Air Profits Review – Can You Pull Money Out Of Thin Air?

By | September 12, 2016

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My Honest Thin Air Profits ReviewSo by now I’m pretty sure you have been lured into James Renouf’s latest product launch. But finding an honest Thin Air Profits review is like finding a needle in a haystack right?. But look no further, because what I’m about to reveal to you WILL help you make up your mind on whether you should or shouldn’t buy ‘Thin Air Profits’.

Like many products that hit the virtual shelves daily on the Warrior Plus site, you’re left wondering “what the heck is this product even about”. Unfortunately it’s no different with ‘Thin Air Profits’ by James Renouf and Shane Nathan. A short video is all you have to go by and decide whether or not you want to hand over $9+ (Dimesale) on this product. Fortunately for James Renouf he has a pretty good reputation in the Internet Marketing industry and a large following. So many people will buy Thin Air Profits just from the short video on the sales page. But for everyone else, you’re going to have to read my review, and then and only then should you make your buying decision.

So…What Is Thin Air Profits?..Another Scam?

I’ll be honest here, after going through the 20 odd page PDF I was a little disappointed, well very disappointed initially. But that’s because of my personality and characteristics. I’ll explain more about this in the ‘Who’s Thin Air Profits Best Suited To‘ section. Moving on..

Thin Air Profits is like nothing I have reviewed or seen before. In respect to product owners I won’t disclose the sources used, but give more of my personal opinion on the product. So basically this is a very short PDF which is very much an overview more than a step by step method to making money. This product will reveal to you a new social video sharing platform from which you can get paid.

This platform is not yet booming, but if Periscope and Facebook live streaming is anything to go by, then this platform is going to fit in nicely. But for some folks, can actually make some money with it.


How Do You Make Money With Thin Air Profits?

What Is Thin Air Profits

Screen Shot – Donate Feature

This section of Thin Air Profits is what disappointed me the most. No examples or step by step methods were shown. So you are left to use your own brain to make money here (My brain hurts just thinking of ideas arrgghgh).

However like anything, you are going to have to experiment and see what works and what doesn’t work. So the way you make money with this new platform is by using your Smart Phone and downloading this App. Next you make live streaming videos from your Phone which are then added to your account on this platform. When people watch your videos, they have the option to ‘donate’ or ‘pay’ you for making the video. Anything from $1 to $20 donations are accepted and the money goes directly into your PayPal account.

Sounds easy enough right?. Make live videos, get paid by people. But I fear it’s not as simple as this course tells you it is (After-all there was no real proof of income in the course, just an overview of the platform). This is because I could go make 10 videos of me peeling vegetables. But who honestly is going to pay to watch me peel vegetables?.  Or how is anyone even going to find my videos of me peeling vegetables in the first place?. This is where social marketing comes in. If you have no clue how to grow a fan base or following of 1000’s of people, then I believe it will be hard to make money from Thin Air Profits.

However, in the OTO (One Time Offer) that is offered after you buy Thin Air Profits, you are given the option to buy the upgrade which teaches you how to use social media to grow your following on this platform. So this may be handy for some folks. So that’s basically it. That is how you make money with Thin Air Profits. But is it right for you?

Who Should NOT Buy Thin Air Profits For?Is Thin Air Profits A Scam James Renouf

So after explaining the methods of making money from this course, I know first hand that not everybody is going to like this product. These are just my personal opinions but the reasons I believe some people won’t like Thin Air Profits and even call it a scam are because:

  1. People with no profound skills. Like my above example, peeling vegetables is not going to make you a millionaire. If you feel a little like me and have no real skills (Besides making money online), you could struggle to grow a fan base. If nobody watches your live streams/videos nobody is going to pay you.
  2. Introverted people or people afraid of being on camera in front of random people may dislike this method. I am an introverted person (Which I am working on) and I do NOT like being on camera – Hence the lack of video reviews on my sites.  I am not alone here either. I belong to a HUGE community of like minded entrepreneurs wanting to make money online and the vast majority of people I have found are terrified about making videos. Thank God it’s not a requirement to actually make money online.
  3. Just from reading the course I came to the understanding that PayPal is the payment option. So if you can’t accept PayPal as a payment service in your country it will be difficult to get paid.
  4. Busy people may find it difficult to find the time to make live streaming videos, especially people with young kids. To build a following on any social account, you need to be an active member. So whatever your skills are, make sure you have enough time in the day to film yourself everyday to build a following.
  5. If you don’t have a smart phone or tablet. Don’t buy this product. Simple!

Who Is Thin Air Profits For Then?

Basically the opposite of everything above is the short answer. Some people will actually thrive on this method of making money online. People that love attention, have many skills and have enough time to record themselves at least a few times a week to grow your following.

If this sounds like you, then Thin Air Profits may just be the break through you have been waiting for to make money online. Don’t hesitate to join now because this is a rare opportunity to build you social business before it becomes saturated with millions of other marketers.

Thin Air Profits Conclusion 7/10My Best Suggestion To Make Money

I hope you have found my honest This Air Profits review useful and now you can make an educated decision as to whether this product is right for you. My overall opinion for this product is that yea it can work. But I don’t see it being a long term online business. Like any social media platform, when they grow with numbers, the chances of you making money get slimmer. The more people the more competition.

However, Thin Air Profits may be a stepping stone for some people to grow their income and lead to the opportunity to expand into creating a long term online business. A long term business is where it is at. Don’t be fooled into thinking that any of these product creators make the huge amount of money by their simple courses. While I’m sure some of the honest ones including James Renouf do actually make money from what they preach, I believe they make the majority of their money by building a profitable online business that can survive for years to come. Not from short term fads when competition is minimal.

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