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By | September 22, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

My Honest Review Of The Commission ToolboxGlynn Kosky has a new product available with an enticing draw card: Build an online business for free. But this is most definitely not the case as you will see from my honest ‘The Commission Toolbox’ review. After the last product I reviewed by Glenn ‘The Six Figure Influx‘ I though that this product would be of equal value. To my disappointment I have to label this product as a scam.

What Is The Commission Toolbox About & Why It’s A Scam

So as you would have read on the sales page, this product is about teaching newbies to making money online how to do it for free. While there is a PDF included with this product that has links to some free resources needed to build a landing page and email list, the underlying purpose of this course is to get you to sign up to 3 other scams. From which Glenn will make a lot of money. Yes Glenn….Not YOU!

Is The Commission Toolbox A Scam – You Betcha!Is The Commission Toolbox A Scam

The reason I’m labeling The Commission Toolbox as a scam or misleading marketing practice is as follows. The PDF which should be the main focus of the course is lacking a lot of information to really help people. It’s nothing you yourself couldn’t google to find. For example, a free autoresponder. But this isn’t even my biggest gripe. As soon as I bought the Commission Toolbox (after I got through the massive upsell/downsell saga – Which also wouldn’t let me skip. So be prepared to watch an additional 5 minutes of Glenn trying to upsell you on $197 coaching etc) I watched the first intro video which Glenn puts massive emphasis on watching the next few videos before reading the actual PDF (Product).

The videos were Affiliate Marketing 101, Business in a box, Free website and free traffic. To my disgust the first 2 videos were just ‘sales’ videos from another scam called ‘Aspire’. This is a similar business to the Empower Network where you are basically forced into spending $1000’s in hope to make money by recruiting other people in hope that they will also spend $1000’s and so on. It’s a vicious cycle and one that can cost you a lot of money to end up make nothing. It’s not a honest method of making money. I would not feel comfortable taking $1000 from you and knowing that you probably don’t have a chance of making that money back.

That’s not how I roll. Which is why I have ONLY 1 place online that I recommend folks to start making money. I would  feel 100% confident in recommending this place to my Mother as it’s the training I learned 4 years ago that still applies to today.

What Is The Commission Toolbox About


The Scams Continue…

So after the first 2 Multi Level Type Scams, I still went ahead and checked out Glenns ‘Free Website’ special offer as part of buying The Commission Toolbox. Yup, another sales video, but this time from a dodgy website and hosting scam. I had previously researched Coolhandle from another review I did, so I knew what I was in for. Just Google ‘Coolhandle scam’ to see the results.

Yea sure they will get you a free website, but they don’t mention the extremely high costs involved with their Hosting packages. Hosting is 100% required to have a website online, but the prices are so high just to scam you because you think you are getting a ‘free’ website when in reality your paying way more than top dollar. I show folks how quick and easy a website really is to set up and how you can get 2 for free all the time. So don’t be fooled into thinking that a website is going to cost you an arm and a leg. If you do buy The Commission Toolbox, don’t fall for this hosting scam. I have warned you!

The last scam video (Free Traffic) is yet another sale video from the folks at Desktop Lightning. This will not get you free traffic like you think. This is similar design to multi level marketing, but where you have to get people to download Desktop Lightning and they have to do the same to other people. From their you can spam their computers with your affiliate offers. Again, not a moral way to make money. But in reality, for you to market this opportunity is a massive job in its self. Totally not worth the effort considering the huge amount of free traffic you can get from Google.

Finally… The Commission Toolbox PDF Review

Wow, that was quite an effort to finally arrive at the actual product. Do you now see why I labelled this product as a scam and unethical marketing practices. Loading up a product with your affiliate links is not adding value for the buyer. In fact, your pissing them off and doing more damage to your reputation than you care to believe. So don’t do this, especially with the scammy affiliate links included in The Commission Toolbox!.

Get The Commission Toolbox PDF Glenn Kosky


What I Liked About The PDF

  • There is lots of free and low cost options. Some have basic instructions, while others are just links to their relevant sites.
  • Glenn shows you how to turn a WordPress page into a landing page for free. Time consuming but a good option for people getting started.
  • Every tool needed to start a email campaign is discussed with free options

My Complaints About The Commission Toolbox PDF

  • The instructions stated in the PDf are not very beginner friendly. If you have no idea how to create a sales funnel, or what one is. Then this will only confuse you more.
  • Free tools are free for a reason. They are very limited to what they can do in comparison to paid tools. Some free autoresponders are more hassle than they are worth. Emails may not even get sent etc..
  • Lets say you do manage to get a free sale funnel up and running. The free traffic methods involved in the PDF are very poor quality sources. Mainly traffic exchanges and PTC where people are wanting to either promote their own affiliate links, or people trying to make cents, not dollars. So these people are either like yourself, or are very poor and couldn’t afford the products you are tying to sell anyways. From my experience, places like Easyhits4U have a low conversion rate. So don’t expect to make much money. Plus doing this for free yourself will take you a very LONG time to build up credits to promote your own sales funnel to get any decent results.

My Honest Commission Toolbox Review ConclusionGet The Commission Toolbox PDF Glenn Kosky

If you can look past the fact Glenn is using his product as a way to get you to sign up to these other scam like programs just to make money for himself, then I still don’t recommend this product. While the Glenn did put quite some effort into his actual product (The PDF, not the 4 sales scam videos), I don’t think a beginner will be able to benefit from it. It’s too short, and needs videos to guide beginners step by step. But a intermediate or advanced marketer may get some cool resources from his big list of free sites.

The purpose of the PDF is to build an email list. You have probably heard ‘The money is in the list” right. While this is very true, it is not the best route for a newbie. Marketing to a group of people via emails is not as easy as people make you believe. Heck, as of today I don’t even have a email list and I make $10k+ per month from my websites. Which have NOTHING to do with recruiting members or teaching people how to make money online. So, I say  NO  having an email list is not only where the money is.

I learned how to build websites and how to connect with people first.  I also believe it is a much easier and more ethical way of making money online. Plus I find it to be an easier less stressful way of making money. I am far from being a techy Guy (just look at how lame this website looks), but I do like to make money without needing these technical skills. I know I am not alone here, which is why I always recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the best place online to learn how to build a reliable and long term business.

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