My Honest Passive Commissions Avalanche Review

By | November 11, 2016

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My Honest Passive Commissions Avalanche ReviewCan you REALLY make $100 with just 40 minutes work because that turns out to be a pretty decent pay rate of $150 an hour. Seems a bit far fetched for me so I decided to buy this product and give my honest reviews for Passive Commissions Avalanche and find out if it is a scam or not and save you your hard earned dollars.

This product is by Rodney Yarde and Gavin Birchall, whom I haven’t done a product review for up until now. From the sales page is obvious that the method of making money in this course is by promoting other products from other WarriorPlus vendors. It seems like all these guys ever do is make courses about promoting other Warrior Plus products which don’t actually teach you much.

Will Passive Commissions Avalanche be any better and finally be the gold nugget needed to accelerate your business. Or will it be just another waste of your hard earned money that you could have spent on food for the kids. Lets find out as we review Passive Commissions Avalanche

What Is Passive Commissions Avalanche About?

Is It A Scam

If you are looking for a step by step training on how to make money online, then you will be disappointed with Passive Commissions Avalanche. Why?. Simply because this product is an overview of methods to make money and not actual training. For anybody wanting to learn the ropes, this is not the course for you. It is too brief and will only confuse you more.

Passive Commissions Avalanche consists of 7 video modules. The first video being a welcome and the second video being a long 20 minute video on having the right mindset. While mindset is very important, this video is way too long and overkill in my opinion.

Is this product suitable for beginners?. NO!. The videos are talking about different methods to get traffic to a affiliate offer or CPA offer. There is not actually training and you will be left on your own to figure it all out. Yes, there’s a lot to figure out.

The Secret Traffic Methods… Are Not So SecretIs Passive Commissions Avalanche A Scam

While I like that this course is different in the way that it’s not just telling you to go and promote crappy WarriorPlus products and uses CPA offers and your own product instead, it still falls short in many areas. The methods used inside Passive Commissions Avalanche are the real deal and do work, however you won’t be getting specific instructions on how he actually pulls it off. It almost seems to me like he is bragging in a way and not offering and real instructions.

  • Safelists are the first method of traffic. These are not new and have been fairly saturated over the years. This is when you join these Safelist websites and you earn credits by viewing other people offers that are sent to your email address. Once you have built up enough credit you can then email out your offers to the same people who are sending you offers. The people who join Safelists are wanting you to join their business, so why would they want to join your business. That’s the mentality of people in Safelists. While they do work, they have a very low conversion rate and consumes a lot of your time unless you have a lot of money to spend on advertising.
  • YouTube videos is the 2nd traffic method. The method used in this course seems very shady as in could get you into some serious trouble. He doesn’t show you how he gets these videos but the basic premises is to add a clickable link on unknown small musician videos. The link will take the viewer to a CPA offer where you can make money. But how and is it legal to post someone else’s video as your own?. Especially a musicians/band?.
  • Facebook Fan Page is another method used. But again this seems like a shady area. During the video he mentions that he won’t state how he got the video that he added to his Fanpage to attract traffic. Almost like he stole the video?. Then he pays Facebook to ‘boost’ his video. After so many views he then adds the CPA links to the description of that boosted video post. Sounds somewhat dangerous to me.
  • Solo Ads: Nothing new here, pay other people so you can email their list your offers.


In ConclusionWarrior Plus Online Scame Reviewed

Overall I am not satisfied with Passive Commissions Avalanche. There is no training and it’s just a brief overview of different ways to promote your affiliate/CPA offers. Some of which are flaunting with danger if you ask me. If all of this is new to you, then I feel you will share the same opinion as me. This is all information you can simply find by searching on Google ‘what are Safelists’ etc. Overall Verdict = Thumbs Down!.


What Now Then?

The shear amount of crappy products online which promise you riches which apparently teach you how to make money online is insane. It’s become so ridiculous that the average person believes all make money online opportunities are scams. I can safely say that it is possible to make money online. But you have to separate yourself from these bogus claims of $100 in 40 minutes of work rubbish products. They simply won’t work because they are designed to keep you coming back for more and more information. Which will cost you more and more money. I know… I’ve been there.

If you are fed up with the current make money online scene and want a change then feel free to check out how I make money online. It has nothing to do with selling other peoples crappy courses to people to make yourself guilty rich. I joined way back in 2012 and haven’t left since. There is no better way to learn how to build a REAL and honest online business. See you over there where I will explain more.

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