My Honest Newbie Traffic Formula Review Reveals The Truth

By | December 29, 2016

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Honest Newbie Traffic Formula ReviewWhen I first received an email claiming a new method is available which can earn you $50 with just a few minutes work, I knew I had to check it out. Most of the time I can see through the B.S, but this time I was slightly more interested in the technique for my own personal sites rather than to review. However after going through Honest Traffic Formula I felt the urge to give my honest review for you guys.

Why?. Well simply put, it’s not a bad course at all. Tatiana Maio is the ‘newbie’ in question whom on the sales page you discover achieved 541 new leads and earned $56 with relatively easy. While I know there is a lot of hype involved with product launches, I don’t believe Newbie Traffic Formula drifts too far away from the truth.

Is Newbie Traffic Formula A Scam?

The truth of the matter is, you can make money online by following Newbie Traffic Formula, so I won’t classify it as a scam. But it won’t happen as quick as the sales page makes you believe, especially if you are a ‘newbie’. But in saying this, you could potentially set up some of this method in a week and be growing a email list and making money within a couple weeks from consistent work.

What Is Newbie Traffic Formula All About?

N.T.F is a course promoted by Art Flair and Stefan Ciancio which is delivered in both PDF and Video models. I like courses that offer both mediums as a way to learn. Anyways, the actual content of the course is presented by Tatiana Maio. She is just your regular stay at home Mom from Brazil pursuing ways to make money online. She found what worked for her, and that is what Newbie Traffic Formula is all about. Tatiana teaching you step by step what she did to make money online.

The actual method involved requires you to have your own website and Facebook Fan Page. Nothing new here right. Then you need to interact with Facebook groups within your niche. Become a ‘normal’ person and not a salesperson. That is the trick here. If you are seen as a spammer you will be kicked out of the groups. So you post regular comments and posts to various groups in your niche which HELP people or offer value.

Every so often you make a certain kind of post which NTF explains in detail to these groups. These special posts will have links back to your website. This is how you get the free traffic. From the niche Facebook groups. Once you become a trusted person, other members of the groups will gladly click on your website link. From there NTF shows you how to gain email submits and or make money promoting something relevant to your niche.

Is Newbie Traffic Formula A Scam

Video 1 For Newbie Traffic Formula

What I Liked About N.T.F

  • In the video modules Tatiana has both overviews and step by step training for each section. I like this because many courses just give an overview and don’t explain how to do the actual steps. Plus the overview module is great for helping you understand what you will be doing before taking each step.
  • The method is very simple and not overly time consuming (Once everything is all set up). Ideally you want to allow maybe 30 – 60 minutes twice a day to keep the flow of traffic coming.
  • No SEO or article writing is required. So the amount of time required is less. But in saying this, you then solely rely on building a relationship with your email list in order to make long term money. Whereas the methods I use to make $10k a month rely on free passive traffic coming from search engines.
  • Can be used in ANY niche. Finally a product that doesn’t revolve around pitching ‘make money’ products to every one. A breathe of fresh air to see different methods that can work in any niche, which this course will teach you.

My Complaints About Newbie Traffic Formula

  • While the training is step by step on the actual process Tatiana uses to build her business, many of the core training is not there. For example; If you don’t know how to buy a domain, get website hosting, upload WordPress, install plugins, embed YouTube videos, set up a ‘pop up’ email capture form, use a autoresponder etc… Then you will get stuck immediately. If all of this is familiar to you, then you can move on. But if you need a quick and easy way to get a website online, read this training here.
  • No training on building a relationship with your email list which is kind of critical to making money with this method. The idea is to capture peoples email addresses you that you can continue to email the people on your list promotional offers where you can make money from affiliate marketing. So without this knowledge, you could struggle to convert the people on your list into money. But it’s not something you couldn’t learn down the track.
  • Traffic is not passive like SEO. So you will need to constantly do some work every day.

Concluding My Newbie Traffic Formula Review

Overall I was impressed with the training and method provided by Tatiana. The concept is not new, but the way Tatiana goes about her special posts in Facebook groups is definitely something to try out. I really liked that Tatiana provided the training as she was the person doing the actual method to make money. It would have annoyed me if Art Flair or Stefan had reproduced the training based on Tatiana’s experience.

The fact the actual training is based on a niche that’s not in the make money niche is fantastic. This will show you that you can use this method not matter what hobbies or interests you may have. Too often we see these crappy products that teach poor methods to promote other crappy poor products in the make money niche. It’s like a Ferris wheel, just keeps going around and around and the only winner is the guru. But with Newbie Traffic Formula, you can literally FORGET the make money online niche and do what you want to do. What a concept right!.

Will I try out N.T.F personally?. Hmmm… Maybe, once 2016 is finished and the new year starts. Right now it’s too busy for me (Getting house built/packing, Painting our new house, New Years celebrations, just got over Christmas etc). In the meantime I am happy earning passive income from my websites that I learned how to build from Wealthy Affiliate. These sites are what make me 90% of my income online without me having to monitor them 24/7. But I am surely interested in starting a new site specifically for Newbie Traffic Formula.

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