My Honest Max Daily Profits Review – Is It Really Beginner Friendly?

By | February 9, 2017

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My Honest Max Daily Profits ReviewPaul Prissick and Mark Barrett are back with their latest product supposedly teaching anyone how to make money by giving away ‘something’. I have found their products in the past to be a bit hit and miss, so in this honest review of Max Daily Profits I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not its a scam or a product worth owning.

As per normal, you don’t really know what to expect once you buy this product because of the vague salespages. But Mark Barrett did do a fairly good job on the introduction video and made me want to find out more. So I bought just the front end course to see what all the fuss is about. The thing that was clear to me before buying Max Daily Profits was that it involved giving away a free product which was not a CPA offer. So I intrigued to find out more.

Brief Overview – What Is Max Daily Profits About?

Max Daily Profits is more of a overview then an actual step by step training course. So some knowledge of the internet marketing world is definitely going to give you an advantage. The idea is to find a high quality ‘Free Trial’ offer which offers value and fills a need to someone looking to make money online. Build a squeeze page and send paid or free traffic to the squeeze page. Once the visitor enters in their email address they are then redirected to the free trial offer. From their its a numbers game. You could get 100 people to sign up for free and none of them ever upgrade to a monthly subscription. Or you could get a 10% conversion and 10 of them upgrade and you earn a commission. This is nothing new, but a sound method to make money. If and only if you are targeting the right people and have the right pre-build to make the conversion. When dealing with paid traffic, if your conversion rate is very low, you are going to lose money. Simple as that.

Is It Beginner Friendly?

No I don’t believe a complete walk off the street kind of beginner will benefit from Max Daily Profits. Like I said, it’s an overview of a strategy used. Not a 100% step by step training course. If you are like me and NEED the steps laid out clearly and in the correct order, this is the not the training for you. I recommend you check out my #1 Recommendation if you are starting at the beginning and want to learn everything from  step 1 all the way through to a successful online business.

Is Max Daily Profits A Scam


So Is Max Daily Profits A Scam Then?The Best place to learn to become an affiliate marketer

No, it is not a scam. I just don’t think its suited to complete beginners. However, for someone with the knowledge of creating squeeze pages, setting up autoresponders with a follow up series and targeting traffic (Free or Paid), then you may get a few ‘nuggets’ from the traffic sources provided.

As for the ‘free trial’ offers Mark and Paul recommend you promote, they only give away one opportunity (found in the quick start PDF, not the videos). That is with click funnels for a 14 day free trial of a software used to create Squeeze pages. Which is fine if you are targeting people that ‘need’ software like Click Funnels.

Where I learned how to make money online even has a ‘free lifetime membership‘ from which you can get paid $1 even if nobody ever turns Premium. All the sign up has to do is fill out their profile and upload a image. Then you earn $1 from them not spending a cent. Which is pretty awesome. So in my opinion, if you were going to promote a free trail offer, that is the one to promote. Not only is it a high quality website, its better suited to helping beginners create an online business. Plus members get all the tools needed included to build a online business.

So I know I will be looking at some of the traffic sources inside Max Daily Profits to promote my Free Trial Offer.

The Bottom Line – Should You Buy Max Daily Profits?

I will start by saying it’s not for everyone. As it is about promoting products in the ‘make money online’ niche, I know many people will be discouraged from this. It takes a certain somebody to promote money making products, usually you should be successful already online in my opinion. When I first started online I was doing the same, tried to promote make money opportunities. But I failed. It wasn’t until I became successful at making niche websites that I learned the fundamentals for online marketing. I am successful in both markets now and I put it down to learning the right way to become an affiliate marketer.

But if you are established in the make money niche already, you may find some things in Max Daily Profits beneficial to your business. It’s a rather simple course so you will have to fill in the blanks. But it is a method that does work, you just need to know what you are doing and preferably have a advertising budget.

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