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By | June 18, 2016

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My Honest List Synergy ReviewIn this honest review of List Synergy by Lee Murray I will reveal only the things that matter. The kind of details you want to know before you spend $20 on yet another money making opportunity. Many people will want to know whether List Synergy is a scam and if not, can they make money buy buying this product?. Well this is what I’m about to unveil, so stick around.

Quick Review Of List Synergy By Lee Murray

After going through the 22 page PDF, I thought ‘here we go again… another half arsed thrown together PDF which doesn’t offer any benefits to the struggling online marketer’. With the amount of links in the PDF to Lee’s private coaching I thought this product was just a doorway to get people into his more expensive coaching class.

While this may be true in the PDF, the additional 15 videos were in fact educational. However, the course was very mix and match. Lee has included his previous products as free gifts when you buy List Synergy. But this is why it becomes somewhat overwhelming, even for someone like me who has been around the traps for a while.

You see, during List Synergy Lee says to go download so and so product and find the videos on this and that…… and then come back to this section of the course and continue on again. This happens a few times in the course and it can become confusing and overwhelming. The concept of the training is a solid one. However, the customer is left to do a lot of things on there own.

This course is trying to teach email marketing, lead capture and how to rank a website in a highly competitive niche in a rushed manner. These a re huge aspects of making money online and a couple of videos about each is simply not enough depth for the beginner or even novice marketer.

What Is List Synergy About & Do You Need Extra Money?

List Synergy is about creating a email list and a website in the make money online niche. Lee doesn’t hide this fact and it is clearly on the sales page. The method is to create a email list by the means of paid advertising (Solo Ads, PPC, Ad Swaps etc) and once the people are on your list. Email them to get them to visit your website to help with Google rankings.

The course is presented in a brief overview PDF and 15 videos. The videos are where most of the training is. I will admit I didn’t watch every second of every video. This is because I already knew most of it, so I just skipped a few seconds here and there.

The idea is basically to get the email list to feed your website which also feeds your email list with new subscribers from increased rankings in Google. While this works and is a great idea, I believe it is way too advanced for the common marketer on a tight budget.

How Much Money Do You Need?What Is List Synergy About

So to build your email list your are looking at $100’s to get started. Plus the cost of an autoresponder monthly, domain and hosting. The costs come from advertising your capture page on Solo Ads, Ad Swaps, PPC etc. Which by the way, no training is included on how to best write a solo ad, set up PPC etc.

Once you have subscribers to your opt in/capture page you then start the email process. But this method entails emailing your new subscribers and tell them to go to your latest blog post on your website in hope they buy something or click on an Ad (Google Ads).

Then comes even more costs!. Maintaining this technique you ideally want to be writing 500-800 word post per day about anything related to making money. So that you can email your subscribers to read your new post every day. Most people don’t have the time to write a post everyday (Heck I don’t and I made $10,000 last month online).

So whats the solution?. Paying other people to write your articles for you. Lee recommends 100 articles which from his source costs between $550- $600. Which isn’t too bad. But for struggling marketers, the tally is coming up near $1000 just to see if this system even works.

What I liked About List Synergy

  • Great Value course for a low cost
  • No Upsells/downsells or One Time Offer’s. This course is a one time cost.
  • Lee tells about 5 different ways to set up a lead capture page to suit different personalities.
  • A couple videos are exceptionally good for the experienced marketer such as : Explaining how to build a Pillar Post, setting up WordPress (Creating A Website)

Is List Synergy A Scam

Complaints about list synergy

My Complaints About List Synergy

  • Not Beginner friendly! Much like Lee Murrays other product I reviewed ‘It’s All You Need‘, Lee follows a similar fashion. Which is: Get you to research a lot of the stuff yourself. Which is great except for 2 things. 1. Most people buy a course to be given step by step instructions and not to be told to google the instructions. 2. People will get distracted. For example: Lee says go find a  Solo Ad seller and send solo Ads. Lets just say you know what a Solo Ad is but don’t know where to send them. You Google “Solo Ads” and you come up with a bunch of results from people trying to sell there product on ‘how to make money from solo ads’. This could in-turn make the person buy another course and get side tracked from List Synergy.
  • Back and forth training. As mentioned earlier, the training requires you to go find sections from Lee’s previous courses and implement them into List Synergy. I was too lazy to go download other products just to find a video on this or that, what about you?. Do you like the training all in one convenient location so you don’t get torn between different products.
  • Not achievable results: Lee never mentions anything about the shear amount of competition one will have in the finance/make money online niche.  He simply tells you to find the highest search volumes from Google Adplanner and write 100 articles about them. No mention about keyword competition and this is a huge thing for ranking in Google. While I do respect that Lee is sending traffic from the email list to these posts to help with engagement, bounce rate, it wouldn’t be enough to help the ranking of a highly competitive make money online keyword so much that it would make page 1. Additional SEO would be required, yes Lee says to Google it and watch You Tube videos on it…

That’s My Honest Review Of List Synergy – Now What?

Email Marketing Products

So in case you haven’t gathered from my review, I don’t recommend List Synergy for beginners and people who struggle with coding and online software (nothing was mentioned in my review about creating a lead capture page). The fact the training is a bit all over the shop and not in a direct step by step fashion, I think  many folks will struggle with it. However, more experienced marketers may gain a few golden nuggets from the course. Even though most of the technique is explained on the sales page, I don’t think these people will buy anyways. It’s not a bad product and worth the money, but only once you have a better grasp on email marketing, websites, hosting etc.

Will I Implement List Synergy?How To Make 10000 Dollars Online Per Month As Amazon Affiliate

Most likely not. Well, not in it’s entirely.With possibly 1000’s of people buying this product, and everyone being told to target “make money/finance” niche. I think the competition will be too fierce. Heck the competition in the make money online niche is tough enough. So I appreciate you reading this far into my review.

I previously mentioned I made $10,000 last month online, and I am heading the same way again this month as well. Some may be very surprised when I say I don’t even use email marketing to make this kind of money. After all ‘the money is in the list’ right?. Not always.

I have learned a technique and have perfected how to make money online for me. While this technique will not be for everybody, I highly encourage anyone who is sick of struggling online to make money to check out my #1 Recommendation where I explain exactly how I have come this far.

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