My Honest Lead Beast Review – Is It A Scam

By | July 17, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

You may of had Lead Beast by Seth Bias landing in your email inbox over the last couple of days, but are unsure what it’s all about. Is Lead Beast a Scam perhaps, or is it a legitimate course on making money?. All will be revealed shortly in my honest Lead Beast Review.

My Honest Lead Beast Review - Is It A Scam

Short Overview Of Lead Beast

Lead Beast is a plugin and short training course on how to get traffic to a squeeze page. The plugin builds the simple landing page and once connected to a autoresponder, you can start gathering leads which in turn can result in money.

Is Lead Beast Beginner Friendly?

‘In a nutshell’ as Seth Bias likes to say a lot in the training videos… No, this course is not beginner friendly. A newbie to internet marketing will be completely lost and will most likely feel as tho they were scammed out of $10.

The training videos are more of an overview of a technique which includes multiple platforms, including; owning your own website, setting up an autoresponder, contacting product owners, giving away free products. All of which has very minimal training on. So I do NOT recommend Lead Beast to anyone who doesn’t understand any of the above mentioned.

So What Is Lead Beast About?

From the sales page, an experienced marketer can get a good idea as to what Lead Beast offers. But whats more important is, the methods used to actually make money. Which I will discuss shortly.

Lead Beast on it’s own is a plugin for your website. Once you have uploaded the plugin, you can start working on a squeeze page. Or squeeze machines as Seth likes to call them. This is a very simple plugin with limited options for creating simple optin forms.  Below you can see my example of a squeeze machine using the Lead Beast plugin.

My Lead Beast Example

Is Lead Beast A Scam


As you can see, the Lead Beast squeeze pages are pretty simple. There are a few more color and background options. But other than that you have a very simple plugin. In saying that, simple squeeze pages do work. Just thought I would show an example for anyone wanting to buy Lead Beast just for the plugin.

How Does The Beast Drive Traffic?

There are 3 methods covered in 3 separate videos, all up the videos only run for a total of 18 minutes. Which is way too short. As I said in the introduction for this Lead Beast review, the training is more of a overview rather then step by step training. So a beginner will have absolutely no idea what Seth is talking about.

The main traffic source Seth discusses is about setting up a bonus for a product launch. While Seth says in the sales page, this can work in any niche. I beg to differ, this only works for Warrior Plus/JVZoo types of products.

Moving on, so this Blitzkrieg method involves you asking product owners who are soon to launch there product for a piece of advertising space on there product download page. Anyone who has bought 1-100+ Warrior Plus products will know these as ‘Bonuses’ underneath the main product he/she just bought. These bonuses could be a link to you squeeze machine offering a product which teaches anything to do with the MMO niche.

The Lead Beast Product Download Page – See The Bonuses

What Is Lead Beast About

While this traffic source would work, I have 2 issues with it.

  1. Trying to get a product owner with enough reputation and traffic to allow you (A nobody) to put a link to your squeeze page (Product) on their product download would be extremely hard. If you haven’t yet noticed, alot of these Warrior Plus Gurus work together as teams almost. So they will always put there friends/students/more well known names etc onto the download page before you. Why?. Because who are you?
  2. Anyone who has bought lots (Me!) of Warrior Plus products have become immune to these so called bonuses. I knew a long time ago that these bonuses on the actual product page download were not related to the actual main product. These days I NEVER look at these bonuses because I know they will not help me, they are just either affiliate offers or distracting to the main course.

The 2 Paid Traffic Sources

Yes, thats right the other 2 traffic sources you need to hand over money. But wait I thought Seth said he used all FREE sources. Wrong!. So the other 2 traffic sources involve the Warrior Forum and BuySellAds websites. For the Warrior Forum, you offer a free course and sent the traffic to your squeeze machine. Costs $20 a pop.

The other platform involves buying advertising space from Which is where you go and buy a Ad space for a set amount of money. For example, you could buy the top right square of my website and pay me $200 for a month to put your AD in that spot. BUT….

Why I Don’t Recommend Paying For Ad Space

I’ll give you an example of one of my niche websites (Not related at all to making money online) which gets over 50,000 visitors every month. This website makes me some good money from affiliate marketing strategies but I wanted to test out CPA offer (AD) banner on the right side of my website.

In the image below you can see that this niche website got over 50,000 visitors in the last month. Now this is decent traffic for which I could charge $100+ easily to advertise your banner on my site.

Why Lead Beast Wont Work


So now lets look at the stats for a related banner AD I put on my website at the top right of the page. Every one of those 52k people would have seen this related AD.  But look below and you will see that of 52k visitors ONLY 18 people clicked on the banner AD and of the 18 only 2 people entered there email address making me a whopping $1.60.

Had you paid me $100 to put your banner on my website and only made $1.60. Do you think you would be happy? Now this is the risk you face when paying for advertising space. Which is why I don’t recommend this method.

Lead Beast Examples

Lead Beast Review ConclusionFailed

While its easy to get sucked into these cheap Warrior Plus products such as the Lead Beast, you normally don’t get much value from them. Unfortunately these types of products are the in thing at the moment.

Some folks may get value out of the actual Lead Beast plugin, but for the training, it’s simply not in depth enough and most people will not gain anything from it. Had Seth had put together a more intense training course and charged $50+ for it, then maybe he would have a great program. But for now these cheap small products do more harm then good.


So Now What….?The Best Way ever TO Make Money Online 2016

If this review has let you down, I’m sorry. But there is hope I promise you. I too was once scouring the internet looking for legitimate ways to make money online. Not just pennies either. I wanted to make enough money online that I could kiss my day job goodbye and have a more quality life with my family.

Guess what?. I found it!. Now I want to share it with the word. I found my success online by creating niche affiliate websites online, and it’s really easy too. But it does require work in the beginning. There’s unfortunately no way to make money without putting in some work. So if you are interested in taking the same route as me, then I recommend you read about how i made my online business successful.


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