My Honest Emergency Commissions Review – Don’t Fall For The Hype

By | November 20, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

My Honest Emergency Commissions ReviewWow!. What a product Emergency Commissions by Desmond Ong and Henry Gold put out. NOT!. That was sarcasm by the way because well, in my honest review you will get the truth about this product up front with no BS. Here’s a super tip to make you some instant finances, don’t buy this product. There you go, I just saved you $10, you can thank me later. But anyways I shall continue my rant furthermore.

Like all good WSO products, you never get told what the actual course is going to be bout until you buy it. Please note the ‘Good’ was also sarcasm. So I will reveal this to you in a bit. I’m guessing the reason you decided to research for a real review on Emergency Commissions is because you got sucked in by the sales page videos. You know the one, the one with Desmond Ong claiming to make $236.12 in 17 minutes of work at the top of a resort while swimming in the pool waiting for money to pile into his PayPal account.

Sounds like a dream come true right. To be able to make instant commissions with just minutes work. So is it real, did Desmond really make $200+ while swimming in his pool?. I don’t doubt him for a second, even with a brand new JVZoo account set up like a beginner would have. BUT and this is a big but. While his payment and affiliate account is new, he never mentions that he is simply going to email his list of 1000’s of existing customers of either his new product launch or simply promote another affiliate offer.

So while it appears as tho Desmond is making $200 while swimming in his pool with just 17 minutes work, truth be told it’s all a lie. Because in this very dodgy course you need to spend $$ and a lot more time than 17 minutes to build up a list of responsive buyers for it to work. So DON’T be FOOLED into thinking you can buy this course and in 30 minutes be up and running. In fact, just don’t buy this product. There I said it again.

So Is Emergency Commissions A Scam?

Yes, I believe it to be a scam as I found the course to offer no value and is just another quickly thrown together product to make a quick buck and get people onto their email list. I WILL be asking for a refund, lets see if they honor their refund policy after this review. For a $10 product, I am very very disappointed. Ok, rant over now lets get into what you will get for your $10+ product.

Complaints About Emergency Commissions


What Is Emergency Commissions About

Firstly, the product is delivered by Henry Gold throughout the course and Desmond Ong just has his name on the front cover really. So Emergency Commissions is a product meant to hone in your desperate emotion to make money within 24 hours etc. Who wouldn’t want to make an extra $100 in a few hours time right. This is done by setting up a squeeze page/landing page and once someone enters their name and email address, they are automatically send to an affiliate offer. Once the person gets to the affiliate offer, you hope that they will buy and you can make money.

As you now have the persons email address in your autoresponder, you can email the person again to send them back to the affiliate offers. On the same email you invite them to join your Facebook group so that way you can promote to them via your group. There is nothing new in this method.

What About Traffic?

What Is Emergency Commissions About

Expect This Level Of Training Inside…

This is where it goes even further downhill I’m afraid. If you are hoping and preying for some sort of unique undiscovered newbie friendly traffic source. Think again. There’s 3 types of traffic, Free, Solo Ads and Penny Clicks. Now I won’t go into detail about these traffic sources because that’s how Henry delivers it. There is no real training. Period.

For free traffic it’s all just Henry talking about how you can get great traffic from Youtube, Facebook etc. No actual case studies, no actual step by step training. Nothing, just Henry saying Facebook has 2 billion members now and you need to figure out a way to redirect the traffic to your landing page. Jeez, thanks Henry!. But what about Youtube?. Yea no idea, I guess that’s a secret, but Henry will tell you Youtube has great traffic and you need to direct that traffic to your site….. Really, thanks for the heads up. Don’t expect any training here guys.

Solo Ads… Same as above, Henry talks about how Solo Ads still work and you need to test different sellers. No mention of websites, resources or anything of value. Just try out different Solo Ad providers… Lame.

Penny Clicks. Henry will say go email bloggers and ask for your Ad to be displayed, or if you can email the websites subscriber list. The same with other online media sources like Twitter, WarriorForums, etc. Just go ask people if you can Tweet their subscribers and pay for Ad’s to be displayed etc. This is all great in theory, but useless in presentation. No training = FAIL!.

Did I Like Anything About Emergency Commissions?

Or Do I Have More Complaints…

Is Emergency Commissions A Scam

This is SERIOUSLY The Training…? WTF

The only thing I liked about Emergency Commissions was the add a Facebook Group link to your Welcome email to new subscribers. This is something many people don’t do. But again, it’s all just talk. No really demonstrations on how to set up a FB group, or what to even do inside a group etc.

  • Absolute no training on ANYTHING in this course. If you don’t know how to buy a domain, set up wordpress, buy and set up hosting, set up a autoresponder, create a squeeze page/opt in form, how to buy solo ads, what to write in these solo ads, how to create and maintain a FB group, post a free report online, give away a free product on Warrior Forums and pretty much anything related in internet marketing. Then you will STRUGGLE massively with this course. Check out the training on wetting most of this stuff up in the image to the right. It’s nothing but links to websites with their affiliate links in hope you join up and they make more money.
  • Beginners Can’t make immediate cash with this course. Why? All affiliate networks require you to wait a time frame before paying you because you are a new affiliate. So even if you did make a sale on Warrior Plus for example you would have to wait weeks before you got paid. Once you are a proven affiliate on the network, then they will approve instant commissions. Also get approved as a new affiliate is extremely hard on these places.

Overall, Emergency Commissions is a massive fail in my books and I am not just saying that. Don’t come back to me later and make me say “I told you so”.. I don’t want to do that to you!.

For now I’m just going to get my refund and continue on making money online the only way I know how! No it’s not making instant money or none of that B.S.! To make real money online, you need to do the hard work and stop buying these shoddy products. Learn how to do it properly and take action. I am now at a level of which I earn over $10k a month from simply using my Laptop and a wireless internet connection. Making money online is 100% possible, but you got get out of this shiny object syndrome cycle.

Once I stopped buying cheap and nasty products and focused on what I knew was a good business model, my life changed for the good. This can and does happen to ordinary people each and every day. If you want to escape shiny object syndrome and settle down on a real life long internet business I highly encourage you to read my personal review on Wealthy Affiliate. It changed my life, perhaps it can change yours too!.

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    I laughed when I saw the video of when Desmond Ong said he went for a swim in his pool, then came back and saw $200-some waiting when he logged into his account. What nonsense! What wishful thinking! Gee, think about it, if this worked then wouldn’t everybody be doing it?

    1. Josh Post author

      Yea it was pretty funny Karin. But unfortunately too many people fall for this kind of false hype and waste $1000’s every year in the ultimate pursuit to make money online. Thanks for stopping by.


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