My Honest CPA Cash Avalanche Review

By | April 11, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

My Honest CPA Cash Avalanche ReviewIt was a refreshing experience going through CPA Cash Avalanche after dealing with many inferior products. While there were some components which I didn’t like, I hope my real but honest review of CPA Cash Avalanche will help guide you on your buying decision.

To clear things up immediately, CPA Cash Avalanche is not a scam and is in fact a rather interesting find. I will state now that I’m not a big CPA marketer, however after going through this course I am now more intrigued. I’ve heard of too many failed CPA campaigns by too many marketers so typically I stuck with what i knew to make money online. Which is Affiliate Marketing through SEO. In saying this, I will apply some of the techniques used within this CPA course.

Quick Review Of CPA Cash Avalanche

If you have never tried CPA, never built a landing page or never been approved by CPA networks before, then this course will be more difficult for you. This course isn’t really for the beginner as such, but more of an extra avenue of traffic available to current CPA marketers. This is because no training goes into how to apply to the CPA networks (Most require you to have experience and will actually call you on your cell phone), how to find converting CPA offers and how to create a landing page. However the you can use direct CPA offer affiliate links if you know how to meet the networks specific size requirements.

What Is This Course Even About?GET CPA Cash Avalanche

From what I could gather from the 15 training videos, there’s evidence to suggest the videos themselves belong to a previous course. As CPA Cash Avalanche was released just the other day April 2016, the videos inside this course show evidence of being recorded in 2012. So this put me off a little initially and I thought I should share this with you also.

However, the training itself will be an eye opener for many CPA marketers who haven’t dealt with PPV (Pay Per View) in the form of Pop Up Ads before. In total there is 15 videos for the meat of the course, between 2 -12 minutes long from memory. Most are short and to the point. An additional 100+ min recorded webinar from 2015 is included as well.

The main focus of CPA Cash Avalanche is advertising your CPA offers via pop up ads. Whats so unique about this method is that it doesn’t involve the common advertising platforms; Google, Bing & Facebook. These pop up ads can be bought for around $0.017 each view depending on competition. As you may now with CPA, the idea is to make between $1-2 per email submit a lot of the time. So the idea is to display targeted CPA Pop Up Ads at $0.017 – $0.03 every time someone views these pop ups.

Because Pop up ads are annoying to the common person, not many people actually pay attention to them or submit their email details. Which is why this cheap advertising platform is essential. One can buy 1000 views of your Ad for as little as $15. Depending on your commissions from the CPA offer, all that’s needed is roughly 1% of people to actually submit their email address for you to break even. 1% of people sounds realistic to me.

Whats The So Called Underground Traffic Source

I’m not going to give away the exact secret sources as respect to product owners, but I will elaborate a little on how they work. For starters you need a minimum of $100 to get going, some traffic sources in this course need a minimum of $1000 so it can be costly. You already know that the ads are in the form of Pop Ups Ads and cost not much more than $0.17 per view. But how do normal people land on your pop up ads in order for you to get paid?

There are these ‘underground’ ad networks which have 100% legal rights to display ‘Pop Up Ads’ to the common internet browser. You may have even experienced this yourself. I know I have!. Now I know where they come from 😮

1000’s of people download free software, free tool bars for their internet browsers etc. When you install these free digital products, you are legally agreeing to have Ads displayed to you. These Underground Ad Networks are the one’s who have the rights to sell these ‘Ads’.

How Does This Pop Up Advertising Work

Is CPA Cash Avalanche A Scam Waste Of Money

Example Pop Up Ad On

Now you know that these Ad Networks have the rights to sell these Ads, how do you get your Ad in front of these people who installed free software, toolbars etc?. Well inside the underground Ad Networks you can bid on keywords or URL’s. Bidding is the amount of money you want to spend every time someone sees your Pop Up Ad.

Keywords: Whenever one of these people that have agreed to accept Ads types keywords into search engines, a trigger is set off. If your Ad campaign is targeting those keywords, your Pop Up Ad will Appear. Pretty straight Forward.

URLS: Inside the Ad Networks you can bid on what URLS you want to place your Ad on. So whenever these people who have agreed to accept Ads lands on a URL you are paying for an Ad, your pop up is displayed.

How Is This Targeted?

Lets say you have a CPA offer which is giving away free iPad. All you need is someones email address to get paid. So inside the Ad Networks you can pay $.017+ to have your Ad displayed whenever someone lands on for example. As the person who is going to Apple looking at iPads, one can assume that they would be interested in having the chance to win a free iPad (Your Ad). That’s how this method is so targeted.

Now imagine if you could put your Ad up on 100’s of websites that are ranking in Google for the term ‘iPad’. You can pay cheap advertising to have your Pop Up Ad displayed on all these websites. Which can lead to you making more conversions. Which is more money in your account right.

So that’s the nuts and bolts of the method. Pay for Pop up Ads and display your CPA offer to the viewer.

What I Didn’t Like About CPA Cash AvalancheWhat Is CPA Cash Avalanche About

I watched every minute of the videos included inside CPA Cash Avalanche, including the bonus recorded webinar from 2015. This is where I also got a little disheartened with this method. Why? Because after watching 1 hr+ webinar I see that they are promoting a $997 product. Now this $997 product really gives the CPA marketer who users this method the advantage. However if you cant afford almost $1k, then you are simply left for dead..

Why?. Because this product is a software built specifically for the type of Pop Up Ad advertising. What the software does is gather 1000’s of keywords and URLS basically related to your CPA offer. So the people who pay for the $997 software can gather 1000’s of places to advertise in mere seconds. Which means they will get all the advertising space much quicker and cheaper than those who don’t use the software. An unfair advantage, but if you are willing to pay such a high price without ever experimenting with this technique first then lets hope it works!.

  • No Training For the complete Beginner like stated on the sale page “So Simple-A Chimpanzee Can Make Money With This Traffic”. Without having prior CPA experience you will struggle with this.
  • The video’s are a couple years old, without testing it myself (I’m working on it this week) I can’t say if this method still works – See Proof Below In Google Adwords Image
  • Minimum $100 needed, however in the course the Ad Network they use requires a minimum deposit of $1000.

CPA Cash Avalanche Complaints

My Overall Opinion Of CPA Cash AvalancheThe Best Way ever TO Make Money Online 2016

Honestly, I’m going to give the method inside of CPA Cash Avalanche a test run. I will start out at $10 a day for 10 days ($100) and post my results. First I need approval from CPA networks which I have heard can be difficult at times. However, I’m hoping my 4 years experience in affiliate marketing will open the door for me.

If you are just starting out and looking to make money online, I wouldn’t suggest you jump straight into paid advertising. It can be a very risky business and you could loose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing. This course covers nothing about the essentials a beginner needs, so please take caution.

However what I do suggest is you try out a free affiliate marketing training website. This is where I learned how to make money online by making websites about things that interest me. I then recommend products on my website and I make money every time someone goes from my website to the vendor to buy. It’s a great way to set up long term passive income, in fact it’s how I made over $8000 last month. Once you have established making passive money from free traffic, then I suggest looking into Paid advertising to really amp up your online income.

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2 thoughts on “My Honest CPA Cash Avalanche Review


    Hi Josh,

    thanks for the review. I saw this webinar from 2015 about a month ago, and joined the network they were using in the webinar. After I funded my account and was ready to get it going they told me that there was not enough traffic to get it rolling and wanted to use another service of them!!
    They didn’t hesitate to refund my money immediately 🙂
    So before you jump on the $997 product first check if your ads are running.


    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Joe,

      It seems that getting traffic from these places is not as easy as first thought. I joined up to DirectCPV and deposited only $100. I did everything required in the course. I waited for weeks and eventually months before I asked for a refund because they send 0 traffic…. When they asked me to send even more ID documents inc. a credit card just to get a refund I knew then that I would consider DirectCPV a scam. They can keep my $100, not worth loosing my identity over.


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