My Honest Commissions Doubler Review – Should You Waste Your Time

By | August 21, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

My Honest Commissions Doubler ReviewIn this honest Commissions Double review by Nick Marks I will be reveling to you all the important details that you wanted to know from the typical ‘I’ll leave all the details out sales page’. Nick Marks brings out these mini courses quite frequently, in fact my last review was for his previous product under 3 weeks ago. While it wasn’t a scam, I felt the product to be very weak for educational purposes. But what about Commissions Doubler, is it a scam?. Well lets find out!.

Quick Overview Of Commissions Doubler

Nicks products all seem to have 3-4 videos. The first 2 videos are pretty much the same as the video in all his course I have bought. So if you have bought his products before. Just skip them entirely and go onto the last video. The first 2 videos are about 20 minutes in length and I find very boring. He talks about how all you need to make money online is a converting offer and traffic. Which is true… But the videos are so long, drawn out and boring. So yes, pick a offer and then add traffic. That’s the secret to making money online.

As for the method and traffic source inside Commission Doubler, well I find this method to be a bit spammy and not very above board. You are basically advertising a product but then telling the potential buyer about another affiliate offer for which he/she should look at. So it’s misleading and appears spammy to me.

What Is Commissions Doubler About

So like I said earlier, I consider this method to be a bit on the spam side and I don’t feel comfortable with using this technique. However, if you are the type of person willing to get your Craigslist account banned and don’t mind misleading folks, then this method could make you some money.

So How Does It Work?

So after watching the very long and drawn out 56 minute video I finally found out what this course is about. It was about 30 minutes into the last video where Nick exposes the technique. I didn’t like how he couldn’t just explain the technique in the beginning and then shown the step by step plan.

Anyways.. So I am going to assume you know of Craigslist and of the affiliate company Clickbank. By using these 2 websites you can potentially earn some money. So the idea is to pick a niche for which you find a relevant Clickbank offer to promote. Then you find people on Craigslist who would be interested in your affiliate offer. I won’t explain the details on finding the people on Craigslist as you can discover this when you buy the course.

So now you have a offer and you have your traffic source. Put the 2 together and hope to make money.

Is Commissions Doubler A Scam

What I Didn’t Like About Commissions Doubler

  • I consider the method of finding buyers on Craigslist misleading and essentially you are spamming them with your affiliate link. This is not the way I do internet marketing. I prefer to attract traffic that’s actually wanting what I am promoting. Not misleading with false advertisements. I make niche websites and people from that niche come to my website and buy stuff all the time. That’s how I leaned how to start an honest business online.
  • The drawn out training videos. I prefer quick and to the point training. I didn’t want to watch 56 minutes of a video for something that could been explained to me in under 10 minutes. Feels like the videos were stuffed and repeated over and over just to make this course seem like it has more meat to it.
  • No proof or live examples that Nick himself uses this method. As I believe it to be a little misleading, I would want to see the creator of the product prove to me that he actually does the method and not just tell me he does it. PayPal screenshots are not proof. He could make that money from his coaching programs and claim it as income made from Commissions Doubler. How are we to know?.

My Overall Opinion.

Commissions Double is not a scam as you will probably learn something new. This is a very simple and easy method which pushes the friendship boundaries with your online visitors. If I were looking to buy product A and got offered something like product D without the option to buy product A I would be pretty pissed. So that’s how I imagine many people would feel after being victims of this method to make someone else money. I also imagine conversion rates would be low as they customer was not directly searching for this product. But this is just my personal opinion and I may be wrong as I haven’t used this method. Nor will I.

While you could possibly make money with this method, there will be a few personality types that won’t feel this method is right for them. If you have no problem spending $7 to learn a small method that could make you money while upsetting others then go for it.

But If…

You’re anything like me and want to make an honest online business where your visitors will be over the moon with giving you money through affiliate commissions then I recommend you learn the right way. Sure it’s a longer more time consuming method. But it has the potential to make you unlimited money while making you and your traffic happy people. Essentially building a business for life.

What am I talking about? Affiliate marketing with your own website. This is how I make $$$$ a month all from free traffic. I learned how to build my online business when I joined Wealthy Affiliate for free some 4 years ago. Since then making money online has been an easy formula to follow. So if you need a proven formula to making money online I highly suggest you check them out. After all it’s free to get started.

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2 thoughts on “My Honest Commissions Doubler Review – Should You Waste Your Time

  1.'Dee Sims

    Hi Josh,

    Thank you for your honest review of Commissions Doubler.

    We also have many niche websites which actually help people find solutions to their particular problem.

    Could you please share some of your traffic techniques which you personally use to drive targeted traffic to your sites?

    If not, we understand if your traffic strategies belong to WA members.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Dee Sims,

      The traffic techniques I use are pretty straight forward. It’s what WA teaches because it’s proven and works plain and simple. SEO and writing quality articles targeting low hanging fruit keywords. Hope this helps.


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