My Honest Commission Smasher Review Vs My 4 Year Proven Income Stream

By | February 9, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

Unbiased Honest Commission Smasher ReviewIn my honest and unbiased review of Nick Marks Commission Smasher I will reveal what you should know before you spend your hard earned bucks. I will also stack it up against my number one online training program from which you will discover which of the 2 potential make money from home programs is better suited to you. What you will also discover from this Commission Smasher Review is some real solid proof as I plan to do an actual case study on the course. Well, does it actually work?. Stay Tuned Folks!.


Want A Quick Review?

Commission Smasher is an OK product, but not something I recommend for beginners. However, I find it may be suitable for experienced marketers needing extra arsenal. But I found it lacks the detail for newbies to understand, has no live examples of the strategy and thorough walk-thrus for a beginner to comprehend the entire process. If you NEED a proven step by step Affiliate Marketing course, I only recommend ONE Online Training Program.

So Is Commission Smasher A Scam Or Another Useless Product?

The first question that always pops into my head every time one of these make $100’s per day products ends up on my desk is: Is it a scam?, followed by do I waste $10,$20,$47… on yet another pointless unhelpful course on how to make the Guru’s rich (Because that is essentially what we do when we buy these rubbish products). Fortunately for anyone who reads my product reviews, I can afford to waste a few bucks here and there to reveal the real truth behind these so called make it rich programs.

Commission Smasher is absolutely not a scam and won’t steal your identity in the slightest. With that out of the way, will the product benefit the online entrepreneur enthusiast?. Yes and No!.

Commission Smasher Is NOT Recommended For Complete Beginners!

While I have watched the entire video course within Commission Smasher By Nick Marks, I honestly don’t think any complete beginner will make any money from it. Why’s that you ask?.

Simple Answer: It’s Not Detailed EnoughCommission Smasher Honest & Unbiased Review

During the 3 video course (1 of which is just a long winded introduction to the world of Affiliate Marketing) I was able to understand and follow along with Mr Marks. However, I have 4 years experience with making money online and 98% of his methods were not new to me. But to the complete beginner looking to get started with earning an income online, I believe most if not all viewers will be completely lost in this course.

Let Me Explain: So the basic process involves picking ‘high converting products’ and getting targeted traffic to the offer. Which therefor equals money and lots of it, if done right…. For a complete newbie to be told make a video or slideshow with various programs (free and paid) to review another product is just insane. Because most new comers won’t even know how to upload a video to You Tube, or create a slide show without their own pictures. Not to mention the possible risk of copyright laws which are heavily enforced if they take images from Google willy nilly.

While the actual presentation within Commission Smasher is legit and the methods are acceptable, the whole entire process is not documented well enough for the average marketer to understand. Many people will buy this course, and will be heading straight to to get additional answers..How to create a free slideshow, how to use affiliate links, how to upload a video etc etc.

Whats The Secret Behind Commission Smasher?.Is Commission Smasher A Scam?

While I may sound like I am bagging this program hardcore, I am only trying to bring you what I found from the course. I won’t reveal the entire process for Commission Smasher, but I will say that it also involves social media. While I’m not the most experienced campaigner of the social program used within CS, the methods do raise a couple alarms with me. Creating potentially hundreds of these new social media accounts is required and I don’t think this will be accepted in the long haul. I’ve heard devastating stories of people being slammed by Facebook for having more than one account, and I see the potential here too. It’s not something I wish to be black listed from in the future, and I don’t think the common person also wants to risk loosing this potential social service. However this is all speculation from me, as I will test drive this system for a week or 2 when I get time. But not to the extent needed to create hundreds of accounts (Which is needed to build an online business in this course).

What I do Like About Commission Smasher?

Something that stood out to me was a particular back-linking method which I won’t reveal in respect to the product. But it did pose interest to me and I may use it in the future. However I would never use this method on an established and authoritative site I own, as I fear it could damage my rankings in the future.

Moving on… I did like the whole overall concept of the course, but it was to broad for my liking. The training was a bit slow and stretched in my opinion as well. But this may be useful for novice internet marketers who may be able to fully grasp the concept. Again I don’t think this is a scam, it’s just missing too much for the common newbie marketer to go forward with. After All only a small percentage of people make it to full time online..

Wrapping Up My Honest Review

How Does Commission Smasher Compare To My Recommended Business In A BoxTrusty Reviews Commission Smasher

My overall opinion of Commission Smasher is that it leaves too much detail out of the training. However, for the experienced marketer, I believe it may be of some value, just not something I recommend for a beginner.

Something that really bothers me with this system is that it doesn’t discuss your competition and longevity of the potential income. I like to have a proven and passive online income, one I can rely on for months and years to come. With this course I see it as a short term money maker (Unless you know how to build and maintain a profitable list). The competition is something I’m trained to recognize and factor in to all my online endeavors. This is not mentioned in the course here. Which I find to be a major flaw in the system, especially if you plan on going after long term profitable product reviews.

There’s no point spending a week to try rank a video on a review term that the common marketer has no chance of beating, especially if its a product that’s well marketed and been on the market for a long time. From my experience it takes more than this course offers to beat these high ranking spots in google. Which is essentially how you make money with Commission Smasher.

However, the course is not too expensive and may be better suited to more experienced marketers with ‘how to make money’ experience behind them. So I don’t totally think it’s a waste of money to download or buy Commission Smasher as a seasoned marketer, you may find a trick or 2 inside.

Does C.S Beat My Proven Income Source?

In a nutshell, NO!.

I have learned from what I believe to be the best affiliate marketing program online and my results are genuine proof of this. I never need to stop doing what I’m doing to make money online. I have learned exactly how to make passive income online with thorough and detailed training.

Can anyone do what I do to make more than a full time income online?.

Yes, if you are dead set on getting out of this buying rubbish short courses that lead you into further confusion!. Trust me I’ve been there, and I still go back for occasional visits, just so I don’t forget where I’ve come from. Plus it concretes my decision to become a life long member of this Super Affiliate training.

Nick Marks does nail the concept on the head in his current training, but he just doesn’t do enough solid training to really help the beginner marketer succeed in earning 10k PLUS a month. Ive detailed more about how I recommend anyone get started online because I believe it to be the best method online. From there you will discover everything I know including where I learned how to earn an unlimited income online, which is completely passive and long term once you set it up. I look forward to you joining me in the Super Affiliate world.

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2 thoughts on “My Honest Commission Smasher Review Vs My 4 Year Proven Income Stream

  1.'Peter Fischer

    Hi Josh,
    Thank you for your honest review on Commission Smasher.
    I have been scammed more times that I want to remember, so thanks to you review I will give Commission Smasher the big flick.


    1. Josh Post author

      Hey Peter, Glad I could save you from wasting more money. However I think we all need to be scammed in the beginning. Crazy as it sounds… When I found WA, I knew instantly I was in the right place, a place where I could learn legitimately how to make money online. Which is the total opposite of the numerous scams I had joined in the past. Have you tried WA before? It’s Free to get started so you can see first hand it’s NOT a scam. I did a WA review if you are interested.


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