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By | March 29, 2017

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Honest Affiliate Blogging Ninja ReviewI first heard of Affiliate Blogging Ninja a few days ago when a marketer sent me an email claiming how good it was. Naturally I had to go and check it out. See what all the fuss was about. I handed over my $9.97 for the front end product and began my training.

After going through the entire front end product I have come to a verdict, which I will now share in my honest review of Affiliate Blogging Ninja by Shreya Banerjee.

What Is Affiliate Blogging Ninja About – Is It A Scam?

So the thing that really got my attention was the claim of making $400 a week from just 2 hours work per month. Straight away I was suspect on this claim as I have first hand experience in making money online. Too good too be true came to mind, then I started to wonder if Affiliate Blogging Ninja Is A Scam?.

Unfortunately my suspicions were correct and I must admit I am very let down. Why?. Because this was a recommendation from a trusted marketer, yet after going through the course. It’s obvious that $400 a week from 2 hours work is complete BS. However, my complementing bonus gives this course what it needs.

The Method Revealed

Affiliate Blogging Ninja is about you guessed it… affiliate marketing with a blog. The course is mainly aimed at promoting the ‘make money online’ niche and has no training on affiliate niche sites. This was disappointing as the sales copy stated it can be done in any niche. But a complete beginner would not know what to do in any other niche as all the examples are within the internet marketing space.

But if you have the basic concept down already you could migrate into another niche quite easily. But if you are expecting hundreds per week from just 2 hours a month, think again. This is no different to ranking a website in Google. It takes time and a lot of content to start seeing results.

What You Can Learn From This Product

Inside The Members Area

Is Affiliate Blogging Ninja A Scam

Of the 27 videos, 13 of them are about setting up a blog. So Shreya Banerjee has done a good job at getting you started. Setting up a blog is a hurdle many people face, but in reality anyone can get a blog up in mere minutes.

After setting up the blog, you will then learn how to find products to promote via Clickbank and JVZoo. Nothing new here, we have all seen this 100 times. If you are not in the internet marketing niche then you will have to learn how to find affiliate programs yourself.

From there Shreya shows how she writes 4 posts (articles) per month for her blog. She buys PLR content and rewrites it into her own words. Again nothing new if you have experience under your belt.

Then you will briefly be shown 3 free traffic methods to get people to visit your site. Forums, Facebook and Youtube. Again, nothing new. Her example of Forum answering may be good for newbies to see. All to often, new marketers forget about offering value, not just dumping your affiliate link online. So Shreya does well to show you a good answer in Forums.

The training on Facebook and Youtube were very thin if you ask me. There are standalone course just in these 2 fields, yet Shreya has just a couple minutes on each method. Don’t expect too much if you are a complete beginner. If you don’t know how to optimize a YouTube video for SEO purposes then you will have to do further research.

What Is Affiliate Blogging Ninja About

Just One Of The Videos Inside The Training

What I Like About Affiliate Blogging Ninja

  • Shreya does try very hard to cover a huge amount of detail which is crammed into this course. Credit to her for going the extra mile at such a low price.
  • The website set up training will be of great benefit to any beginner.
  • The methods used can work, but more knowledge is required in my opinion.

My Complaints…

  • Too much important detail is not covered in this course. But to be honest, what she is trying to teach you is a massive field that takes many months and even years for people to comprehend fully. For example, there is no training on how to effectively do keyword research. There is a few lines which say something like “look for search volume above 500 in Google Keyword Planner’. Now if you are a beginner, this has gone straight over your head right?.
  • Mastering keyword research is critical to running a successful online business. But it is left out of this course for whatever reason.
  • Claiming you could make $400 a week from just 2 hours work is total rubbish. Anyone that runs a successful website (I have many of them) knows that each article/post alone can take 2 hours or more to write. How does she write 4 of these posts week, plus do all the forum posting, facebook etc in just 2 hours month. Imagine how long it would take for you to write a 1000 word review on your TV? Including the specs, images, links etc.
  • While I am not 100% against using PLR content,I don’t agree with using almost 100% of your website as re-written PLR. While it is unique, it’s not 100% your work. So therefor it will be similar to the other 100 people doing the same thing with that article. In the Internet marketing niche, I would NEVER put a rewritten PLR article on this site. Never!.


Is Affiliate Blogging Ninja Worth Buying?

When I first heard about this product I was really hoping to recommend this product to you guys. But I don’t think it offers the complete package for you to fully understand how making money online works.

However, if you do buy through my link, I will give you access to my Bonus course that I normally only to give to my Premium WA members. This is because it is the exact blueprint to how I make $10,000 + per month online. I don’t just share it with everyone. With my added bonus, you will understand a lot more and it will go hand in hand with Affiliate Blogging Ninja. When you do buy this course, you will get a special link after you purchase that says ‘My Bonus’. Click on it and it will take you to a secret portal.

Enter the password: wealthyaffiliate to access my bonus training. Hope this benefits as many people as possible. If you have any questions, please do ask. Josh.



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