My Honest 8 Minute Profits V2 Review With Case Study

By | May 2, 2017

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

My Honest 8 Minute Profits V2 Review With Case StudyBefore writing this honest review of 8 Minute Profits V2 (Version 2), I decided to test the course out and put it through the wringer. So that, rather than just tell you guys what it is about, I can show you what it’s about and whether or not this product works and is worth your time and money.

The results are somewhat misleading if you are an avid list builder and I will explain why later. The income I generated from following the 8 Minute Profits V2 strategy were not mind blowing but there is enough evidence there to perhaps suggest money can be made.

So What Is 8 Minute Profits V2 About?.

Is It A Scam?

The link for this course got sent to my email inbox by the owners Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett. Having bought their products before, I knew it was going to be about making money by referring sales on WarriorPlus (Make money online products), and I was right. But is it a scam?. Technically no, as what they teach does work. But I feel the results they obtain are much greater than what WE can obtain. This is evident in my case study below.

8 Minute Profits Version 2.0 is basically about using PTC sites to advertise products from WarriorPlus via a landing page. This is in no way NEW, but they do put a unique spin on the method by how they promote it. This I won’t share out of respect to the product owners.

Do They Teach You Free Methods?

8 Minute Profits v2 is predominately about spending money to make money. They do cover how to do this method for free, but in all honestly. This part is a scam. In order to do this method for free you would need about 100 hours in a day of constantly clicking on ads just to make a couple bucks. Then you spend the money you just made from clicking on ads to spend on ads….

Who Is 8 Minute Profits V2 Best Suited To?Get 8 Minute Profits V2 Mark Barrett

If you don’t have money to get started, then this course is not for you!. There are going to be hidden costs that you may not be aware of. While Paul and Mark do show you how to do these things, it doesn’t mean they are free.

For example, to set up a landing page that you advertise on these PTC sites you will need:

  • Landing Page creator $97 month (ClickFunnels). Alternatively you can use your email autroresponder such as Getresponse to make landing pages for $15 month.
  • An autoresponder for email marketing. Much of the success from products like 8 Minute Profits V2 revolves around you needing to email your potential customers promoting new make money online products. So a autoresponder is required to do the email marketing side of things. The amount of email signups 8 Minute Profits can bring in is quite high. So expect $30 a month to cover up to 5000 emails.
  • Ad Budget. Once you have the landing page and email autoresponder set up, you need to spend more money on advertising your landing page. The case study shown on the sales page for 8 Minute Profits v2 cost them $85 for the day. However, you can start with as little as $5 I believe, but you won’t get much traffic for just $5.

If all the above makes no sense to you, don’t worry too much. It is all covered inside the product. But, I recommend you read on below to see how well my case study went before you go ahead and buy the product.

My Case Study Using The 8 Minute Profits V2 Method

So after buying 8 Minute Profits Version 2.0 I took it for a spin and threw some money at advertising. What did I expect?. Not much, I have tried PTC sites before and I had little hope of making a return. But nonetheless, I went ahead just to prove something to myself.

So I created a landing page as per the 8 Minute Profits training. But instead of paying an absurd $97 a month for ClickFunnels I just used my email autoreponder: GetResponse. Which costs me $15 a month for unlimited landing pages. I also used GetReponse to set up a few automatic emails to be sent out every day.

Following the training to a Tee, I choose the exact same advertising package Paul Prissick used for his apparent $300 case study. Which was $85 for unlimited clicks on my ad for 24 hours with NeoBux. NeoBux is probably the biggest PTC out there, so I thought $85 worth of advertising would get me some decent traction.

My Results! 24 Hours Later

Is 8 Minute Profits V2 A Scam

$11.15 and 522 New Subscribers To My List

So if you have been in this industry long enough, you would have heard that for every person on your email list, it’s $2 in your pocket every month per person. On average obviously, so by going with that theory, 522 new subscribers is worth $1044 every month for me.

The $11.15 came from 2 sales of the actual 8 Minute Profits course. Yes I promoted their course using their methods. But you can promote any course you like. However, if you are new to this industry and need approval to promote a product. Buying 8 Minute Profits will just about guarantee you approval with product owners. Just tell them you want to promote it via the methods taught in the course. So that’s a bonus to buying this course if you are looking to promote make money offers.

My Problem With 8 Minute Profits v2 Method

Besides the fact I spent $85 to get back only $11.15 ($73.85 loss), I feel there is a greater issue at hand. That is the lack of responsive people on my new email list. Had 500 people joined my list via a google search that were wanting to learn how to make money online, I would be much more happier.

But these 500 odd people are people that click on ads all day to make cents. This to me tells me that they are either not willing to spend money and not willing to pursue a real online business.

This is not all based on my ‘hunch’ either. I use to use PTC, solo ads, traffic exchanges etc back in the day. None of them converted very well at all. To this day, the best converting traffic is organic search traffic looking for help, answers etc.

This is what I was taught back in 2012 and is what I continue to use in 2017 as a way to make money online. It’s free and I never lose a cent on advertising. Because there is no need!.

Concluding This 8 Minute Profits Review & Case Study

So there you have it. The results from following this course. I don’t call it a complete failure, nor do I call it successful. Either way I won’t be spending $85 again on this traffic. With that in mind, there are other PTC sites recommended inside 8 Minute Profits V2 which could have resulted in different results. Perhaps paying for 24 hours advertising on a different day of the week could have resulted in better results?. These are all avenues you could take up if you decide 8 Minute Profits V2 is right for you.

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