My Honest 7 Dollar Tsunami Reloaded Review Reveals All

By | March 12, 2016

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My Honest 7 Dollar Tsunami Reloaded Review Reveals AllYet another WSO by fellow Aussie Mark Barrett has been re-released. In my honest 7 Dollar Tsunami Reloaded Review I will reveal to you exactly what to expect before you part with your hard earned cash. As I know how frustrating these WarriorPlus products can be to understand what you’re buying before handing over the money. I bite the bullet and bought a copy of 7 Dollar Tsunami Reloaded 2016 edition to save you wasting even more money online.

I must admit, the sales copy did get me intrigued. So well done there Mark Barrett and David Jones.  Accompanied by the promotional emails from other marketers claiming this to be a new method and something they guarantee I hadn’t seen before, I simply had to part ways with $7 to get a copy.

Is 7 Dollar Tsunami Reloaded 2.0 A Scam?

Is it a scam? Not quite, but it simply fails to deliver. Is it worth $7+? To me NO, to a complete beginner HELL NO, to someone experienced??. If someone is this experienced than I doubt they will be looking into avenues like 7 Dollar Tsunami. It doesn’t offer anything new, so the experienced marketer like myself will feel greatly disappointed.


What Is 7 Dollar Tsunami 2.0 About?

How Do You Make Money From This WSO?What Is 7 Dollar Tsunami 2.0 About

So the whole process of making money with $7 Tsunami is meant to be from recurring monthly payments of $7. By selling a newsletter in any given niche to people interested in your niche. To do this you require traffic to go to your sales page. From there they can ‘subscribe’ for $7 and then you are basically building an email list. If you provide valuable emails to the customer, they will hopefully continue to pay you $7 every month to be on your email list. This is how you are meant to make money from 7 Dollar Tsunami.

What Does This Course Involve?

If you don’t buy the expensive upgrades, this course is pretty basic. It consists of 6 video modules which total about 35 minutes. Not much really for $7. The process of getting traffic to your sales page is by means of using FaceBook. By setting up a fan page in your niche, you are meant to add posts in order to attract visitors. Hopefully other people will FaceBook ‘Like’ your content and then it may go viral. Then you may expect some traffic to go to your sales page and some people may potentially sign up to the $7 newsletter. This method of creating fan pages is far from ‘New’ and in order to really gain traction you are suggested to buy the 3rd OTO (One Time Offer) $197 to get 60 days of one on one coaching from Mark Barrett.

What I Liked About 7 Dollar Tsunami Reloaded 2.0Is 7 Dollar Tsunami Reloaded A Scam

  • Memes – I never tried making memes to put on my fan pages before, so this was a very brief part of the video I took something from.
  • The strategy is straightforward and can be used in many niches. The strategy is used already and can be manipulated to getting free subscribers instead of charging $7
  • Mark is from Australia. Sorry I’m grasping at straws here

What I Didn’t Like About $7 Tsunami 2.0

  • OTO’s – Far too many up-sells/down-sells is a giveaway that this course is bare bones and most people are going to struggle to make a dime. A course should provide every detail needed to make  money. Don’t buy the OTO’s they are not worth it, and you even get a glimpse of the 100 niches OTO. Which is really obvious anyways. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  • No live support. This is very important on such a bare bones course like 7 dollar tsunami. While Mark says you can contact him via email, this is not sufficient support in my opinion. Create a group page on FB, or have a Google Plus community where us buyers can connect and contact the creators directly with any questions. Too many questions are unanswered in this course to not have immediate help.
  • The course is very brief. It was as if Mark, went lets create a video course on Facebook marketing how we do it, but don’t go into any detail. By this I mean, he never explains how to attract more likes on your fan page, how to interact with other groups on FB, no marketing skills at all really. FaceBook marketing is a whole separate course and can be very in depth. But 7 Dollar Tsunami doesn’t cover any of this. Unless you want to pay him $197 for one on one support.
  • NOT BEGINNER FRIENDLY – In the training, Mark tells us to create a sales page. In the course he uses a program called Instabuilder 2.0 which costs at a minimum $77 and goes up to $197. All of a sudden this $7 course is getting really expensive. Plus there are no directions on how to even install Instabuilder or how to use it basically.
  • Buy a domain and get a website – A complete beginner would have absolutely no idea how to do this, even though the sales page for 7 Dollar Tsunami reloaded says it’s beginner friendly. Plus it’s another further $20 minimum to do this. Learning how to use WordPress (A website) is a whole separate training course, which is not included in this product. The training doe’s not show you how to get a website to put your sales page up. Many people will FAIL at this step.
  • Set up a PayPal button – Again very brief over the shoulder viewing here where most people won’t find helpful.
  • Good Luck getting someone to pay $7 just to receive a monthly newsletter. There is no trust, relationship or value provided to the Facebook visitor. Why in this world would they subscribe for $7 from just a sales page without having any further info on the seller. I know I definitely wouldn’t!. So in order for you to make money from this method, I believe you would need 1000’s of visitors frequently just to make $7. A much better scenario is Affiliate Marketing and the rewards are much greater.

My Honest Review Conclusion

Don’t Buy 7 Dollar Tsunami7 Dollar Tsunami 2.0 complaints

While 7 Dollar Tsunami Reloaded 2.0 is not a scam, I must admit I was highly disappointed with the training. It was just a quick throw together to make some extra money for the creators. These kind of WarriorPlus products really get under my skin. They offer little to no value for a low price to sucker people in.

I really don’t think many people would benefit from this course at all. I feel harsh saying that, but I seriously don’t see a beginner having a clue what to do, a novice may learn a couple things but still will be stuck due to lack of support and proper training. Experienced marketers would simply laugh at this course. Am I asking for a refund?. No, because I’m happy to waste my money to save you wasting your money.

What I suggest You Do

If you really want to buy 7 Dollar Tsunami Reloaded after reading my review full of My Best Suggestion To Make Moneycomplaints, then there is nothing I can do. If you have seen this product for what it really is and are really struggling to make money online, listen up.

I started making money online for free 4 years ago and this program is still free to join after 11 years online. Quite incredible really. However it’s a program suited to people who really want to make money online. When I say really, I mean REALLY want to. People who are fed up with WSO’s, fed up with scams and getting no where online.

If this sounds like you, than my best suggestion is to sign up for free and take a look around. Alternatively read the Review on how I got started to get a better understanding. This kind of business is a long term passive income which turns into money on autopilot with the right training. This is exactly how I make my money online and it’s the only way I’ve found success in 5 years searching online. It’s free to get started (No credit Card Needed) so you really have nothing to loose, but more importantly…More to Gain!.

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5 thoughts on “My Honest 7 Dollar Tsunami Reloaded Review Reveals All


    Interesting review on the 7 Dollar Tsunami Reloaded 2.0. I am new to the internet marketing scene, still learning. I would not be interested in the $7 Tsunami. I found out about what is WSO and OTO because after reading your post I am not sure what are those terms, I Google it learned.


    What an amazingly comprehensive review of 7 Dollar Tsunami! I wouldn’t [personally use this program. I don’t like anything that involves sell ups/sell downs.

    This just sounds like a bit of a waste of time and money to me. I would rather spend my precious time working on something which will yield greater results in the future. Such as building my website on Wealthy Affiliate!

    Great review regardless!

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Hannah, glad to hear you think like I do. If an upsell is required to fully understand the process… Then it’s not worth it in the first place. I see you’re building a business with Wealthy Affiliate. That’s where I got started online. Good luck with your business. Don’t hesitate to hit me up if you need advice. Cheers. Josh

  3.'Sohail Zafar

    Thank you for the honest review. I am desperate to make money online and almost bought the course. Thanks again !

    1. Josh Post author

      No problem, glad I could help. As for making money online, I honestly don’t know a quick fix if that’s what you need. Maybe by being a freelance writer could bring in some quick bucks depending on your writing ability. Alternatively if long term online business is more up your alley, take a look at my WA review. That’s how I broke the code online and earned my first dollar.


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