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By | March 10, 2016

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Learn How To Index Blog Posts FastMany marketers think that internet marketing is about timing, which is the case in many instances. To get the quickest results, I want to show you how to index blog posts fast. By doing so you will have the jump start over your competition and leave them at the door. Indexing a blog post on time sensitive articles/reviews can mean the difference between making little to no money or making a fortune.

For the majority of my published content I always manually index my URLS. Even if it’s not time sensitive and even if it’s not a web property I own. I don’t want my content to sit and collect dust for days/weeks until Google finally indexes it. That’s just bad business and loosing potential revenue if you ask me. As for web properties I don’t own, I am talking about sites like Storify.com, Pinterest boards, check.this, Hub Pages and many more web 2.0 sites. Just copy the URL and index it as I show below. Same principal, time not indexed is money wasted.

There are a few ways I have learned over the years to get a URL indexed into the search engines rather quickly. I mainly focus on Google and Bing search engines, so therefor they will be my main examples. While getting your URL indexed faster is a great thing, this doesn’t mean you will achieve awesome search engine rankings. If the proper SEO principals and correct keyword research haven’t been applied. Then you may not see page 1 results anyway.

The Best Way To Get Your Blog Indexed In Google & Bing

Where To Get Posts Indexed

This is such a simple process, but one that is often forgotten or not known by many online marketers. Maybe it’s a hidden secret that only the select know about?. This will be the method I will use to index this actual post to show you how fast it really is.

First, make sure you are logged into your Google account, or gmail account. Head over to https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url and enter your URL that you wish to be indexed quickly. Enter the captcha to prove to Google that you are human as they don’t play well with robots. Submit Request and presto. Your URL is now in the hands of the almighty Google.

For Bing indexing, head over to http://www.bing.com/toolbox/submit-site-url and repeat the same process. Submit and you’re done!. How simple was that.This method works very fast and while it doesn’t index blog posts immediately 100% of the time, it’s still indexes blog posts within 10 minutes 95% of the time.

Alternatively you can log into your webmaster tools and fetch the new url. However people making web 2.o pages wont have a webmaster tools account set up for a website. Which is why the first option is the quickest and most reliable method of indexing a blog fast.

Quickest way to index a website post


How To Tell If Your Website Has Just Been Indexed &  Where It Ranks

Another really simple process to follow. Because we want to know where our freshly indexed blog post has been indexed, it’s a good idea to use a fresh browser. When you are logged into Google Plus or Gmail etc the search engine results are not 100% accurate. This is because the search engines show you search ‘results’ based on your previous behaviors. This is because they monitor/have data on you because you are signed into Google.

how to find where your website is ranked in googleThe easiest way to find the true ranking of your new blog post is to go into ‘incognito mode’ for chrome browsers, or ‘start in private browsing’ for explorer. Typically we want to rank in the USA Google because that’s where the biggest market is right. So make sure you enter Google.com without your country code on the end. Once on Google, down the bottom of the screen it will say go to Google.com as it naturally takes you to your home countries Google extension instead of google.com which is where we want to be.

In the search bar of google enter you URL inside quotes. Example “http://thisismynewblog.com/newpost” and hit search. If the search results bring back no results for that EXACT URL than your blog hasn’t been indexed yet. However if it shows your new blog, then success, it is indexed. It will also say in the description 1 minute ago, or 5 minutes ago etc. Basically telling you that is was indexed 1 minute ago etc. Congratulations, your new blog post is available for the world to find in Google. This is the method I use first and always, because it just works most of the time.

Another Option To Index A Page Quickly

If you have a free blogger account or have a plus.google account then you have options. Because these 2 platforms are both owned by Google, they tend tend to get indexed fairly quickly. So for blogger you can set up an announcement blog. This is a blog dedicated to link to your main blog. Everytime you write a new post, make a short post on blogger about the same keyword. Link from blogger to you new post to notify Google of your new content.

For plus.google, just set up a free account and every time you write a new post let plus.google know about it. Do this by sharing your new url blog post with plus.google. It’s also a great way to gain additional traffic to your blog. Simply follow others in your niche and build out your network. If your content is good, people will look forward to your next blog post. So get it indexed!.

How Do You Index Your Blog Posts?

I hope you have found a new technique or 2 on how to quickly get your blog indexed by reading this post. Have you had problems getting your content indexed?. Maybe you know of some other fast ways to index a website?. Please share your thoughts below and lets all help each other.

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    Excellent guidelines about geting your new blog articles listed quick, these suggestions are all useful but the best is: Use bring as Search engines function – with this selection Search engines will catalog your new content very quickly.
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    Great article nice tips shared among us. Will be easier than always having to fetch and render from webmaster tools. But even more handier for indexing properties we don’t own and have GWT and GA installed on. Thanks

    1. Josh Post author

      No problem Anuj. This is something I learned perhaps 3 years ago. To this day I still go to the submit my url site to index every new blog post, web 2.0 post etc.


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