Is The Amazon Associates Program A Scam

What Is The Amazon Associates Program? Is The Amazon Associates Program A Scam

Scam Or Legitimate Work From Home Business Opportunity?

In my honest review of the Amazon Affiliate Program, I will be proving to any doubters out there that the affiliate program offered by is 100% NOT a scam. In fact I have hard evidence to suggest that it may even be the best affiliate program for beginners to start making money online with. If you know nothing about affiliate marketing, or are more advanced in the internet marketing world, some might say it would be crazy to pass up n the opportunity to affiliate with the mighty powerful selling machine that is Amazon.

But first lets put to rest any fears that the Amazon affiliate program is a scam and won’t pay out it affiliates. How do I prove this?. With hard cold proof of course. I have been an Affiliate for Amazon since 2012 and it’s been one heck of a ride. Unfortunately for me I never even knew about internet marketing back in 1996 when Amazon first launched its affiliate program. So many wasted years….

Real Proof Being An Amazon Affiliate Is A Legitimate Way To Earn Online

Moving on! As for my hard cold proof that the affiliate program is a legitimate way to make money and not a scam there’s something you should know. I live in Australia, yes that’s right Down Under. But how do I make money from physical products based in the USA when I am from Australia?. With the associates program naturally.

The point of this, isn’t that I am making money online from Australia, but that my payment proof will be different to how American’s get paid. I get a cheque sent to my mail box every month, this is how Amazon pays it’s International affiliates. Gift Cards are also a payment option for international  affiliates, but I don’t think Amazon can offer me $1000’s worth of products to be delivered to Australia every month. Plus many products do not ship here. So payment by cheque is how I get paid. The private details have been blanked out from the payment proof for obvious reasons.

Payment Proof Amazon Affiliate No Scam

What Is Being An Amazon Affiliate/Associate All About?

In case you are new to affiliate marketing and happened to end up here looking for more information about the Amazon Associates Program let me explain quickly what it means to be an Affiliate. An affiliate for Amazon essentially means you are promoting their products, via online means such as a website. When someone buys something you are promoting or reviewing on your website, you get paid. That’s as simple as it gets, give the reader something they are looking for and you earn money. Once you learn how to earn money by using affiliate programs writing for your audience becomes a breeze.

How To Join Amazon Associate Program


5 Reasons Why I love The Amazon Affiliate Programcheck2

  1. My number 1 reason I think The Amazon Associates Program is the best affiliate program in 2016 and beyond is because is very popular. The visitors I send from my website over to amazon instantly can trust my recommendation. Amazon is a power house for physical products online, and everyone knows this. So when people visit my website for help finding a certain product, converting them into amazon sales is easy.
  2. Commission On Almost Everything! Now it was a tough call putting this as my 2nd reason, it could have easily been #1. When a visitor leaves my site and enters Amazon via my affiliate link to buy a coffee mug I was recommending, magical things can and do happen. The magic happens when this customer decides to buy a coffee maker, coffee granules, a bike helmet and even a tie, I get commission on all the items purchased. My job is done when I send the customer to Amazon, from there anything they buy from within 24 hrs I make money from. They can purchase 1 item, 5 items, 10 items etc. Once I had a viewer who bought like 30 gardening seeds and accessories in one hit. That’s the power of being an affiliate with Amazon.
  3. Amazon Sell’s Almost Everything. Finding products to promote in any niche is not hard with the millions of products available. This is a good reason to stick with just Amazon as your number 1 affiliate program. Focus on one thing before you spread your wings.
  4. High Conversions. Because of the above reasons, many people will buy from just on your product recommendation. No further researching may be required. So due to the popularity and shear amount of products available, the conversion rates are usually pretty good. Conversion rate is the % of sales you make compared to the amount of people you send to amazon.
  5. I don’t have to SELL anything!. Amazon sells it’s brand rather well, so I don’t need to go into extreme detail and try to force a sale from a customer. I simply have to write about my recommendations of products that may help someone with their problem. Amazon does the rest, I love this fact because this method of just doing a ‘mini review’ works really well for me.


What I Don’t Like About The Amazon Associates Program

  • 60 day refund policy. Do note this only affects the Affiliate in their first month of income. After this, cheques start rolling in month after month. However in the start getting paid can take 60 to 90 days after your first successful month. This is because Amazon has a 60 day refund policy which means the customer has 60 days to refund the product if they choose. So this means us Affiliates won’t get commission on that item if the customer returns the goods. So we must wait the 60 days before we get paid. Example: Earnings made in January wont get paid to you until the start of April.
  • Cheques! Being paid via cheque is rather an annoyance. It takes a long time to be sent overseas and depending where you live, they may have to be sent back to the US for verification. Plus the bank fees to exchange a American cheque can be a tad annoying when you first start out. However when you are making $1000’s per month you barely notice the fee.
  • STRICT Rules: Like anything good in life, their are rules. Amazon enforce strict guidelines which must be obeyed. Now this may seem like a policing thing, but it’s necessity to protect the image and brand of Amazon as a company. Accounts can be banned and stripped of earnings if you break these rules. After all we need it to make money right, so the rules should be obeyed to the best of your knowledge. However the rules can be misinterpreted by the beginner marketer, so it’s a good idea to read the Associates Agreement a few times (Maybe like 10 and then get your friend to read it too). The program also offers online support which is a good thing.


How Much Money Can You Make Being An Amazon Affiliate?.

Can You Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program

LEARN How I Achieve $500 Days!

Would you believe me if I told you that how much you make is unlimited?. Of course to make large monthly earnings (The most I have seen by anther Amazon affiliate is $53,000 in one month) you are going to have to work your butt off. But for 53 thousand dollars in a month, I’ll work as hard as necessary. That’s life changing income my friends. I make a decent living off the amazon affiliate program and I even show people how much and how quickly I make money online.

So many marketers think it’s impossible to make decent money from Amazon due to their commission structure. Amazon pays a 4% commission rate on the first 6 items ordered through your affiliate link. After an additional 6 sales it jumps to 6% commission then 6.5% and so on up to 10%. Most marketers wont reach 10% commission as it requires you to sell 1000’s of products. I average 8% commission per month and that is more than enough.

It’s easy to make the first 6 sales and start making 6% commission on products, so we will work with that. The key to making big money is to promote a good mix of expensive products and cheap/necessity products. The cheap items boost the commission rate up while the expensive products bring in the big time money.

Many successful affiliates recommend promoting $200 + products, which is great. But if you can find good ‘Buyers Keywords‘ with minimal competition on products under $200, then I think it would be mad to not spend a couple hours writing a mini review.

Amazon offers millions of products, including expensive ones and we now know that expensive items are a good boost to our income. 6% on a $1000 product is a nice $60 commission right, sell 2 of these a day and your above the national minimal wage. That’s how simple making money online with amazon can be. If you put in the work on the front end.

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Is The Amazon Associates Program A Scam?

I would love to hear your thoughts and experience dealing with the big A. Have you had success, waiting on success or maybe you have been giving your marching orders. Whatever your situation with Amazon is, I would love to hear about it and possibly help you out. Feel free to comment below. Josh.

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