Is Music Xray A Scam? My Honest Review Reveals All

By | March 2, 2016

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Is Music Xray A Scam? My Honest Review Reveals AllWhile cruising around the net looking for new ways to make money I stumbled across this site and immediately questioned Is Music Xray A Scam?. I never went into Music Xray thinking I’ll become a millionaire, heck I wasn’t expecting to even make $10. But I was intrigued by getting paid to listen to music. Which is a great concept, I though it would work out beautifully. I could whack on the headphones and make money while investing more time into my other work form home opportunities. Sounds like the ultimate casual way to earn some easy cash right?. Especially if you are a fan of music.

After some further research, I discovered that Music X-Ray had been around for a couple years now which usually a good sign to say it’s not a scam. However when I dug deeper, there were some not so positive findings. In this review of Music Xray I have signed up to the website in order to make some cash. Will it work?. Find out now.

How Much Money Can You Make With Music Xray?

Music Xray is a website dedicated to finding new and upcoming artists/musicians. While the idea is good, the payout is not so great. It’s a pretty simple concept to understand, however like all things that seem to be true. They never work out. Here’s Why:

Get Paid Up To $12 Per Hour To Listen To Music

So the payout works like this : Listen to 30 secs of a song, once 30 seconds is up you can click on whether you’re a fan or not. 10 cents immediately gets transferred into your wallet. No review, now needing to write anything. Simple and fast.

10 cents every 30 seconds x 120 = $12 an hour pay rate. Which is an acceptable pay rate for listening to music and working on other things at the same time. However, I feel tho some people may limit themselves and be happy with making a few cents here and there. When they should be focusing on higher paying programs, such as the one shown in my January 2016 Earnings. As you can see, there is no way you could make that much money from Music Xray alone. So I treated this program as a source of extra pocket money than anything serious.

Music Xray Complaints – And there’s a few of them!

I immediately went into this program and selected the type of music I like and 10 bands I love. Which happens to be rock and metal. Guess what happened?. Nothing! Nada zilch. Not one single song to listen too, no way to even make 10 lousy cents.  As I know metal is not such a big genre or popular in the modern world, I decided to change my setup so I could at least listen to a few songs.

After popping in some more popular genres like hip hop and pop and adding some big time famous names in the business I was expecting results. Again I was let down. Still no music to review and greatly disappointed.

Music X-ray Review and complaints about the money making ability


It seems after digging deeper, I discovered I’m not alone. There are hundreds of people wanting to make some spare change with Music Xray to no avail. It’s like the website is a ghost town now. Many people have complained about having no music to review, yet the Music Xray still takes in new members. I don’t get it. I would think they would close the doors if they were either full or not operating anymore.

Another case I read a few times while looking for Music Xray Reviews (when it was working). Was that while some people were earning $8-10 hour they would reach a time when there was no more songs, or right before the pay out limit suddenly there was no more songs available. I don’t know how true this is, but it is a possibility.

What’s The Likely Hood Of It Actually Working?

This is a question I thought immediately. In order to get paid by anyone, the money has to be coming from somewhere. While they may make some money through advertising, my initial thoughts were that these new and upcoming artists would cough up the dough to be heard by potential customers (You and Me). Advertising their service really. But when you think about it harder, could a struggling musician really afford to pay us members money to barely listen to their music?.

I don’t think so!. 1000 x 30 second listens could end up costing them a maximum of $100(10 cents x 1000. If they run their song for 7 days a week, that could end up being a hefty expense for a new artist.

My Suggestion To You!My Best Suggestion To Make Money

Now we know that we have no chance in making any decent money from Music Xray, how about you look into a serious online income strategy. This strategy is called affiliate marketing and I have been doing it for 4 years now. I got to tell you, it sure does beat a measly 10cent payout. But only if you learn how to do it correctly.

I have numerous amount of income proof scattered around my site here, all this income is from the training I learned at Wealthy Affiliate. It cost me nothing to get started mind you. Not too often do you find high quality training for free online anymore. In fact, WA is the only place i know.

Anyways, I’ve shown you the way out, now it’s your turn to make the next move. Continue chasing these 10 cent offers by filling in surveys, listening to non existent music, micro helpers etc. Or take your first step in creating a proven long term system.

I Look Forward To Seeing You Again On My W.A. Review Page

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9 thoughts on “Is Music Xray A Scam? My Honest Review Reveals All

  1.'Joe Tackett

    I need to know how to CANCEL my promotion with music Xray. Any suggestions? Their web site offers no way whatsoever to do this????? I now know it’s a Scam, but what should I do?

      1.'daniel hartwell

        wont let me log into my account to reach the support desk

  2.'Francis Neil Pagapulaan

    I did not receive any songs in my account in musicxray ,its been 2weeks for now and nothing happens. What should I do?

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Francis, in all honesty I wouldn’t focus your time on Music Xray. As you can tell, you can’t make much if any money (Enough to reach withdrawal minimum) due to not getting any songs sent to you. While sites like this sound promising, it usually is extremely hard to make a living off them. If you are serious about creating a full time online business I can share with you what I do?.

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    1. Josh Post author

      No worries TJ. If you need a hand during your training, I’m only a click away. Ask me for any help you need.

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