Is ClickWorker Legitimate? My Honest review

By | March 6, 2016

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Is ClickWorker Legitimate? My Honest reviewMy Honest Review For The Make Money Platform

In this honest review, we will discuss several common questions such as: Is ClickWorker Legitimate, Is it a scam and can you actually make money working for ClickWorker. As a member myself, I’ve tried the program out and tried to make some quick cash to find out once and for all if it worth doing. Many people find these kinds of programs online to add an additional stream of online income, or to simply make some extra cash. Whatever the reason may be, it’s a good idea to do your research. Find out what the complaints are about ClickWorker, do they actually pay their members and is it worth your time. So lets dig in deeper.

What Is All About

Is It A Legitimate Work From Home Opportunity Or Just Another Scandal?

ClickWorker is a program similar to one I went to join several years ago, but decided it’s not right for me. Fortunately for me, I stayed away and learned how to make in excess of $500 per day online. I believe, this is the case with ClickWorker. I simply would get to bored of the jobs which pay bare minimal to complete. Besides the minimal payrate and excessive amount of time to complete jobs, ClickWorker is a legitimate online business from which you can make extra money. It may be minimal, but it’s still more than what you had right?. Maybe, read how much can you make before you join up!.

So ClickWorker is about connecting payers with workers (You). The payers are usually business owners, or online marketers needing something done for them dirt cheap. Once you sign up for free, you will have to fill out your profile. Put in as much detail about yourself as possible, including your ability to write 500+ words on any given subject.

Now you know is not a scam and is a legit place to make a few pennies, lets have a look at the jobs they offer.

What Jobs Do ClickWorker Worker’s Receive?

From my personal experience, not many is the short answer. I’ve read that people from all sorts of countries around the world struggle to find jobs with Click Worker. Depending on your education and ability to write, various jobs may pop up such as: Data Entry (see below), proof reading, surveys, writing articles and translation.

Jobs will vary from payer to payer. Most jobs require you to have ‘passed’ a entry level questionnaire. Which you only get one shot at. So make it count. Individual payers or business may have their own test for which you MUST pass before taking on the job. You can see my example below. Once all the testing and examinations are done…you may finally be able to make some money.

Getting Accepted Jobs On ClickWorker


However, after I first joined and completed my profile etc. There was one job available. So naturally I took it on to see if this is a feasible method to make money online. Yup you guessed it! A 10 question test based on the actual method of this ‘Data Entry’ form of making money. As frustrating as this was, I pushed through. My curiosity to know how much money you can make on ClickWorker was killing me.

How To Find Jobs On ClickWorker

What This Data Entry Job On ClickWorker Involved

As you can see from the above image, there were 6775 little jobs to complete at .01 each. So 1 cent basically per little job. Instantly I knew this was gunna be a bust, but none the less I powered on.

So the job I was given by ClickWorker was to allocate ‘Tags’ to clothing. Basically correctly tagging an item by their correct description. Examples: bikini top, gladiator thongs, silk short sleeve shirt, cardigan, flat heel boots, printed short sleeve t-shirt. I must say I’m not into fashion especially when it comes to naming weird Women’s clothing. Things I’ve never heard of before.

How It Works

This particular job on ClickWorker was set up like a 3 or 4 tier pyramid. Top of the pyramid was the base name of the item. E.g: Clothing, accessories, shoes. Underneath this was a row of secondary options. E.g: Shirts, swimwear, pants etc. Underneath this tier is where you have to ‘Tag’ the items. By looking at the product you have to determine if the item is a long sleeve shirt, strapless top, backless top, platform shoe, sandal, etc.

How To MAke Money ON ClickWorker


If you’re like me, you may not know the scientific term for the item. So ClickWorker has a link you can click to see the product on their companies website. Which is fantastic for people like me…Until the product loads and it’s in French or Swedish Arhhhhh!!!. So I was no more informed and just had to guess what I thought the item may be classified as. Click save and than click submit and job is done. Congratulations you just earned 1 cent!. Next product loads and you do this over and over… and over and over.

Example Job ClickWorker


So How Much Money Can You Make On ClickWorker?

At the current rate that I was working at, I wont be planning my retirement anytime soon. While this is just 1 particular job on there may be other higher paying jobs. But in my instance this is the only job being offered to me. I struggled through 30 minutes of this data entry for fashion items and by the end of the 30 minutes I hade made .30 EUR.

So if I was to mindlessly ‘Tag’ these items of clothing for a full hour I would make 1 EUR. Which equates to $1.10 USD. Yes read that again. A whole whopping $1.10 an hour. $8.80 for an 8 hour day and a smashing $44 per week. That’s 40 hours of tagging for $44 USD. Incredible really, never have I seen such a bad pay rate.

How Much Money Can You Make On ClickWorkers

Wrapping Up These ClickWorker Reviews

My Clickworker review was not an enjoyable process. For me I think the pay rate is well understated for the amount of hours one would need to put into it. Even if you managed to make $100 per week, think about your other expenses that come with working 40 hours a week online. How much would the rise the utility bill be, what about internet costs?. The drain on your soul knowing this job is getting you nowhere. While this is a legitimate make money online job I don’t recommend going down this road. You’re time is too precious to waste on something that won’t even make you a full time income.

Can You Make $200-$500 Per Day Online?

Long Term Passive Income

$673.01 USD Made In 1 Day

However I have a proposal to make if you are interested?. Would you like to learn how to make long term passive income that Clickworkers workers could only dream about?. If yes, then I want you to hang around and follow some simple steps. As you can see from my post earlier this week, I have made over $500 a day online. I’m not telling you this to brag, but to help you, I don’t want to see you throwing your life away on mini job sites like ClickWorkers.

The internet has opened up a whole arena of opportunities to make more money than you could have ever thought possible. But, along with came 100 times as many scams and useless programs. Trust me, I review them for living and know there isn’t many actually good sites online that will teach you how to make a full time income online.

In fact, in 4 years of making money online, there is only 1 training platform online that I 100% trust and have been a member of.  I’ve done a complete personal review of this place to try help as many newbies online as possible.  I recommend you take a look at it to see if it’s better suited to reach your financial dreams faster.

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