Is Affiliate Marketing A Good Way To Make Money Online?

By | January 16, 2017

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Is Affiliate Marketing A Good Way To Make Money OnlineWhether you are a first time searcher or a long term seeker of online income, you have most likely come across the term affiliate marketing. It’s a term often referred to as a great way to make money or a complete waste of your time. So which is it?. Is affiliate marketing a good way to make money online or is really ‘Dead’ like some so called ‘Guru’s claim?.

Affiliate marketing has been around for well over 20 years now and is a 100% legitimate way to make some extra cash online. I can honestly verify for this and I will get further into that soon. But the question remains, is affiliate marketing dead in 2017 or can a beginner still join this multi billion dollar industry and make money?.

Affiliate Marketing In 2017 Is More Alive Than Ever!

If you need a recap on what is affiliate marketing, please catch up now by reading that article first. So affiliates like myself make money by recommending/promoting products or services to people who need help with making a buying choice. This is typically done by building a website focusing on a narrow niche (product or group of people).  On such a website, there are many ways to make money from affiliate marketing. The 2 most popular methods are by displaying ‘Ads’ on your website or by writing product reviews. I prefer to write mini articles as a way to make money online.

According to, the amount of online sales are expected to reach 1.77 billion sales in 2017. This is growth is an upward trend backed up by years of research/predictions. These numbers are for digital products only, this doesn’t include physical products you can buy from online retail stores like Amazon, Ebay, Walmart etc. So as you can imagine, the shear amount of online sales for 2017 is going to be record breaking when you include the massive amount of physical goods sold online.

Online sales Growth for 2017


What Does This Have To Do With Affiliate Marketing?

Quite simply, the more people buy stuff online, the more chances affiliate marketers have of making even more money. As sales online are growing and growing, it means there is always room for new affiliate marketers. Whenever you hear/read something that states ‘affiliate marketing is dead’, just remember what I have just shared with you. Quickly close the browser and do not hand over your money.

You see, this is a marketing tactic. These marketers are telling you that affiliate marketing doesn’t work anymore because they want to SELL you something that is apparently better. But what’s funny, is that many times the person claiming affiliate marketing is dead is often recommending a product or course as an affiliate them selves. Oh the irony right and I’m willing to bet 99/100 times the products they are promoting are pure garbage.

So Is Affiliate Marketing The Best Way To Make Money Online?

The Pros & The Cons ExplainedIs Affiliate Marketing The Best Way To Make Money Online

Now that have shared a few of my opinions on why I think affiliate marketing is only going to get bigger and better, let me tell you why I personally prefer it over any other method of making money online. In fact I can honestly say that it is the best way to make money online.

Unlimited Potential

Unlike a traditional online job where you get paid per hour or per task, with affiliate marketing you can get paid commissions that will simply blow you away. As you can see in one of my recent posts, I made over $1000 in a single day from this method. But I must state that I achieved this kind of result after much time building my income up.

So is my income capped at $1k a day?. Heck no. I have some pretty big plans for 2017 to increase my income drastically. You see, with online marketing your earnings potential is only limited by how much work you are willing to put into it. There’s not too many jobs I know of where you have the power to double your annual salary in just a year. But with A/F it is very possible provided you put in the hard yards.

How much can you make with affiliate marketing

Passive Residual Income Possibilities

The Pros and Cone Of Affiliate MarketingProbably the thing I love most about affiliate marketing is the fact what you do today can pay you for months and years to come. Once you publish something on the internet, it stays there for as long as your website is online. So in essence you could be making money from something on your website that was posted many years ago. I personally am still making money from a small website I created in 2013. So 4 years later I am still getting commissions. I never had this kind of experience as a house painter!.

Now for the serious action takers… Imagine creating affiliate websites for many years and imagine what it feels like to make passive income from the many years of work you put into them. It looks great doesn’t it?. That’s because it really is. I kid you not, there is nothing better than affiliate marketing (done right) for the average person wanting to live a better than average lifestyle. Everyday feels like Christmas once you have stuck with it and created a profitable online business. Now imagine what life will be like after creating affiliate websites for 10 years?. I am half way there this year and can’t wait to tackle the next 5 years.

No Technical/Sales Experience Required

I never touched a computer until I was about 25 and I couldn’t sell ice to an Eskimo. Yet I make money online. How does that work?. Simply put, I don’t sell things, I recommend products and teamed up with the right training I was able to build an online business from scratch. Now think about the last time you brought a product. This can be a toy, video game, kitchen appliance or even a diet plan. Would you recommend this product to someone else?. What would you say are the pros, and the cons?. This is how you make money online with affiliate marketing.

Never Handle Transactions

Unlike traditional buying/selling of products, with affiliate marketing you take no part in the money transactions. The transactions of the products you recommend are dealt with via the affiliate program. For example, I use the Amazon Affiliate Program. So whenever I recommend a product from the store I get paid a commission for sending the buying customer to their website. Amazon deal with the payment transactions as per normal, as if you were to directly go to and buy something.

The Negatives About Affiliate Marketing

In the beginning when you are a gunning online entrepreneur it can take some time before you see any money. The amount of time it takes varies from individual to individual. So when you are first starting out, it’s recommended you keep your day job or current income stream. Give yourself enough time to build a legitimate online business and understand that there is a learning curve.

Can Anyone Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

Writing Is A Bore…

The more you get into the world of making money online the more you may realize much of it relies heavily on writing posts (articles). For many, myself included. The thought of writing anything and publishing it online is frightening. Especially if you are not a profound writer. This is a stumbling block for many people. When I first started I had no idea what to write about and how to convert it into money. So I avoided writing all together. This is when I headed back into scam territory and lost over $3000 in a very short time.

Fortunately for me I was pretty darn determined to make this work for me. So I joined up to what I consider the best affiliate marketing training program and learned how to write articles. These days I could write about anything. Literally anything. I am living proof that if you learn the ropes, you can do anything.

Another avenue I am currently taking is paying other people small amounts of money to do the writing for me. I don’t recommend this to beginners as I feel everyone should know how to structure an article to make money first before spending any money. But once you have the structure intact, I encourage people to outsource their writing so they can expand their online business.

Can Anyone Start An Affiliate Marketing Business?

While anyone with a computer and an internet connection can possibly make money with affiliate marketing, the reality is you will have to learn the ropes. So don’t head into this with the idea of retiring by the end of the week. With this mindset you are sure to be disappointed and most likely quit on your dreams. If English is not your first language, there is no reason you can’t start a website in your native language. In fact, if you speak a language other than English, you have a massive advantage over many others. You can target people whom speak your native language and not have as much competition as us English speakers.

For people who speak English but are not the best writers like myself. There are tools you can use which will correct spelling errors and any bad grammar. But in the learning phase, spelling and grammar is not the most important thing to worry about.

Getting Started

If you want to learn from myself and some of the best teachers in the affiliate marketing industry, I highly suggest you join us over at Wealthy Affiliate. I am coming into my 5th year as a premium member and I still believe NOTHING compares to this place. Simply put, WA is where I learned about affiliate marketing and is the sole reason I am where I am now.

If you have any questions about affiliate marketing, please do comment in the comments section below. I will reply ASAP.

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