Insider Commissions An Honest Review From An Insider

By | July 28, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

Insider Commissions An Honest ReviewI think it’s crucial for any person trying to make money online to read my honest Insider Commissions Review before purchasing. This is not just a matter of is Insider Commissions a scam, but a potential lawsuit and huge fine. So it’s worth your time to read this review.

This is not the first time I have reviewed Nick Mark’s Products, and yet again I am left seriously disappointed. But I’d rather me be disappointed, then to have 100’s of others like you go down the same path.

Nick seems to just churn and burn these very simple methods without too much thought. I feel if Nick had put some more effort been put into the actual product creation instead of just trying to make a buck of you and me. Then maybe this could have been a decent course. But as it turns out, I really don’t recommend you wasting $7+ on this product.


So What Is Insider Commissions All About?

I’m sure you have read and watched the video on the salespage and been left wondering, what the heck is this Insider Commissions all about. There was a couple influences on the sale page that intrigued me: 1. A totally new method (NOT True!) 2. Make $200+ today (Not True). Now that is out of the way lets talk about what this product actually is.


So Insider Commissions by Nick Marks is a 3 video training product. The method in which you make money in this course is by promoting Nicks recommended niche. Which could be either of the 3 big niches; Health, Finance and Relationships. The way you make money is by finding a relevant product on Clickbank or similar to promote and make a commission off.

Next you upload images to and add your affiliate link in the image description. Yes that is the entire course, very simple. Honestly the first 2 videos were a waste of 30 minutes and which I found extremely boring and drawn out. Video 1 is about mindset. Basically watch some you tube videos on motivation. Really?. 2nd video is about looking at Clickbank briefly and picking a couple products to promote. Hmm  nothing new here and definitely nothing in depth in my opinion. Video 3, the main video is a very loooooonnnnng 50 odd minutes to basically show you how to upload a image to Flickr and follow some people on Flickr interested in your niche and comment on there images.  Much similar to how you grow any social media account, so it’s not new.

But wait there’s more…. Make sure you understand what you are getting into!

Be VERY Careful If You Take Action On Insider CommissionsCopyright

While this method of growing a social media account like Flickr is completely fine and does work to an extent. What really is worrying is how Nick says to upload images to Flickr. What is suggested to you is to download images from Google Images related to your niche. Then upload them to your Flickr account as if they were your own. BIG NO NO!

That is unless you want to be taken to court over copyright issues. One cannot legally use other peoples images as there own unless they are legally allowed too. This can cost $1000’s in fines if you get caught. I read not too long ago about a blog that used a image of a green pepper from Google and ended up paying $1000’s after being threatened to be taken to court etc.  Can you afford to break the law?. It’s not worth it!. While Nick does very briefly say: you can look for royalty free images if you like. But then goes on to say: it’s never been a problem for him. Until he gets caught that is!.

What Does Flickr Say About Using Images That Aren’t Yours

Is Insider Commissions A Scam

Honestly, Is Insider Commissions Worth Buying?Dont Buy Insider Commissions

If you have read everything I have written in this review, then no. While it is a relatively cheap product, it’s still not worth you wasting $7 on in my opinion. Not to mention the potential copyright issues you may run into. If you have your own images, such as before and after weight loss photos and lots of them. Then yes you can totally do this method. But from what I have said on this page, it’s not to hard to figure out how to do it on your own if you have minimal marketing experience.

But if you have no idea about how to make money online and want a solid method, I suggest trying how I do affiliate marketing methods. To me, this is the only method I encourage beginners to start their online journey with.

In fact, by doing affiliate marketing I have achieved my first 6 figure income. It’s my preferred method of making money online because ultimately it’s passive income once it is all set up. But I’m not going to fool you into thinking that it didn’t take me time to build.

I learned how to make money online when I joined Wealthy Affiliate 4 years ago. Ever since then I have been learning and implementing the methods casually while I still hold my day job. So it is possible for anyone to make good money online, but you must realize that it is like any other business. You need to get it off the ground first, before you reap the rewards. Yes the rewards are good:).

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