How To Use SEO For Beginners With WordPress

By | June 13, 2017

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

How To Use SEO For Beginners With WordPressIn this guide on how to use SEO for beginners, I will be discussing what is on page SEO and how to apply it to your website. These are the methods or techniques I use to make a full time income. So if you follow these simple tips, and apply them to your website you will be heading in the right direction.

This is part two if this SEO guide for beginners, you can access Part One Here if you have not already checked it out. In part one of this guide on how to use SEO, I explain why I don’t manually go after backlinks, exact match domains, the importance and power of internal linking, and user experience.

This article will pinpoint more basic on page search engine optimization ranking factors. While basic, it’s unfortunate how many people don’t take advantage of them. In my opinion, if you can check of as many of the 200+ Google ranking factors as possible, then why not. It only takes minutes to implement these steps and can mean the difference between a page one ranking and not ranking at all.

How To Do Seo For My Website Overview

This is an overview of how to do SEO for my websites. These are steps I undertake each and every post I publish online. If you follow the steps on this page and the steps as shown in Part One, then you are doing just as well as me.

  1. What Is On Page SEO For A Website
  2. Keyword Research Is the Number one factor in on page SEO in my opinion. This is the largest section in this article today becasue it is so important. Please read all of it.
  3. Keyword Placement – Where do you put such keywords?
  4. LSI – Latent Symantic Indexing
  5. Optimizing WordPress TAGS
  6. Article Length
  7. Power Of YouTube
  8. Table Of Contents Plugin


What Is On Page SEO For A Website – WordPressWhat Is On Page SEO For A Website

What is on page SEO for a website is basically the different things you can do to your website to better optimize it for rankings. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. So on page search engine optimization is about making the things on your pages/posts best optimized to rank in Google etc.

What things are factors for on page SEO and how do you apply them? Well that is basically what we are discussing today and what was discussed in part one of the training. Everything I am talking about here is considered ‘on page SEO’ becasue they are alterations or things you can do to your website behind the scenes.

On the contrary is ‘off page SEO’. This is more about things that are connected to your website externally. These are off site signals that link to your website and tell Google that “Hey, this website over here is linking to your website”. Basically backlinks, social shares etc. I typically don’t bother with off page SEO and have focused on mastering on page. Which for me works out better and the results I get are astounding.

Keyword Research – The Number One SEO Factor

Keywords and keyword research when done correctly will be the difference between a successful website and a website that flops. How do I know?. I see it everyday. People make websites and don’t put enough effort into understanding keywords and some aren’t even aware of keywords. This and not putting enough effort into your business is the #1 online dream killer in my opinion.

So what is keyword research?. Every marketer has their own methods and favorite keyword research tool. Some more expensive than others. Me being a bit of a tight wad, I use a free tool combined with Jaxxy which costs me $19 a month. To be successful online, you need tools. No if buts or maybes. Try going into a kitchen and cook a meal without the right tools… Same applies to online business. So don’t be afraid to spend a little on the right tools so that you can get ahead of the competition.

Understanding Keywords & Competition

This is the most important part of on page SEO. Understanding how it all works. Learning when and when not to attack a keyword. Once you are well learned you won’t be spending countless hours writing 1000 word articles just for them to never reach the top 20 pages of Google. Understanding that while a keyword may have little ‘direct’ competition, those direct competition may be extremely difficult to beat.

Alternatively, a keyword may have very little direct competition but the keyword is in a highly competitive niche where other websites rank on page one due to their high authority in the niche. Beating these websites in the beginning can be difficult. So YES, websites can rank for these keywords without intentionally trying to do so. So yes they are too your competition and must be analyzed as well.

So it’s important to analyze your direct and indirect competition that is found on page one of Google for your keyword.

How I Do Keyword Research Explained

So I use this tool known as Jaaxy to find accurate date relating to the amount of traffic to expect and how many ‘direct’ competitors I have. Using this tool I can find hundreds of related keywords that I may have never though of as well.

So I will look for a keyword that has UNDER 50 QSR (Direct competition using that EXACT keyword in their heading). The lower the QSR the less competitors I have. So I will give you an example now.

How To Find Keywords To Improve On Page SEO


Keyword Research For Beginners

As you can see in the image above, I have found the perfect keyword to write an article about. It is a buyers keyword (Meaning it implies that someone wants to buy something), has above 50 searches per month and has less than 50 QSR.

“Best Pencil Sharpener For Kids” has 80 searches per month with just 8 direct competitors (QSR). Stop, don’t think 80 searches is not much becasue it all adds up. I have 100’s of posts online with 50 -100 searches per month keywords. This is how to get the easy traffic without backlinks ever!. Do ten posts like this is 50 x 80 = 4000 potential traffic to your site. Buyers Traffic!

Next Step, Evaluate The Competition

So we have found an easy to rank keyword using Jaaxy (Took me less than 1 minute), now it’s time to use the free tool to evaluate the competition.

The Moz Toolbar!

If you haven’t already installed this toolbar onto your Chrome browser, then do so!. Go To free download page here.

Once it’s installed you need to log into your account and then go to In the google search bar type in your exact keyword. In this case “Best Pencil Sharpener For Kids”. The Moz toolbar will go to work and you will see a bunch of data under each search result as shown below.

How To Use SEO For Beginners


Struck Gold With This Keyword

So after just 2 minutes of research I have found a pretty darn awesome keyword. The Jaxxy tool ensures me it gets traffic every month and the Moz tool bar tells me “Mate, you have an awesome chance of ranking page one for this term”.

So how does the Moz Toolbar help me understand my competition?.

So as you can see from the image above I have circled in orange all the results which say PA and a number. For example PA 1. This is a scoring metric used that goes from 1 to 100. 100 being extremely difficult to beat. So a website ranking on google for your keyword with a PA 1 is great news for you.

BUT, there’s more than meets the eye. I need more guarantees. If I am going to spend an hour of my time writing about pencil sharpeners, I won’t to be sure that I will at least rank in the top 30-40 results of Google immediately.

So my measuring gauge goes something like this. Look at all the top 10 results on google for your keyword. Then follow this 3 step process:

  1. From the top 10 results on Google, there MUST be at least 2 results with a PA 1. If not then I will discard the keyword and look for something easier
  2. If there is at least 2 with PA 1 I will look at the other results. For this example lets say there are 3 with a PA 1 score. That leaves 7 other websites to evaluate. Next I add up the total PA scores of those 7 sites. So after adding up all the PA scores of the remaining 7 sites I work out the average PA score (Divide by 7). If the average score is below 40-42ish I will 100% go ahead with that keyword. If the score is higher like 50, 70 etc I think that the competition is a little tough.
  3. There are exceptions to the rules. The above guidelines are just that. Sometimes I will go after a keyword which has 3 sites with a PA 1 but an average PA of 45 simply because the keyword has a lot more search volume, or I have a gut feeling I can outrank the other sites (My site is more relevant to the keyword then some of the other results on page one) etc. Use your own judgement on a keyword to keyword basis.

Summing Up The ResultsDoes SEO really work for wordpress websites

So you can see in the image above the keyword “Best Pencil Sharpener For Kids” gets a green light immediately with the top three results being PA 1. The rest of the results looked like this 7 x PA a (Simple incredible – I’ve never seen this many before). With that many 1’s, I don’t need to work out the average. But for those interested it was 14.57 Ave. Super EASY keyword.

What these numbers tell me are that for the term “Best Pencil Sharpener For Kids”, the websites ranking already for this term are not difficult to beat/join. If they can rank a page with page authority of just 1 on page one of google, then the chances of you ranking your PA 1 brand new post are very good. When there are 7 results with PA 1 this tells me the competition for this keyword is very very easy. So if you are in this niche, feel free to make money from this keyword.

Obviously your website will need to have some age (Month or so) and other content on it before you will be granted a page one spot. Some times it can be taken very quickly becasue the competition is so weak. So don’t over analyze the rankings once you hit publish. Just find the next easy keywords and start again. Pump out as many of these keyword articles as possible and before you know it you will be getting lots of traffic daily.

SEO Tactic #2. Keyword Placement

Optimize Your Title

So after that grueling lesson on finding easy to rank keywords, I hope you have found a few nice and easy ones to target. So what now?. Next you need to add these new found keywords to a new post on your website.

Going back to the keyword example “Best Pencil Sharpener For Kids”. This could pretty much be the title of your post and it would be fine. A very good tip which is not relevant to all niches is adding the current year to the title. This turns a normal keyword into a supercharged keyword.

But adding 2017 to a pencil sharpener is probably not going to see you success as nobody would search for the year in this case. But for niches where products chop and change all the time, adding the current year to the title can be a full time income alone.

Example Of Where Adding The Year Is Relevant

Finding out true competition in Google search results

Other Places For The Keywords  & LSI

First I should mention that it’s best to target one keyword per post. The other places you should put your keyword are as follows:

  • In the opening paragraph. Try to put the exact keyword here
  • Optional to put exact keyword in a H2 Heading (Only one heading)
  • The introduction image on your post. Download an image to your computer and save it as your keyword. So it will look something like this bestpencilsharpenerforkids.jpeg. When you upload the image to your post edit the image. In the Alt Text section and in the Title add the exact keyword again “best pencil sharpener for kids”
  • Word of warning – Don’t use free images unless you are 100% sure they are not copyright. You can be taken to court and fined huge amounts if you illegally use an image on your site. I use a place called Stock Unlimited which costs me $9 a month for unlimited images that won’t send me to court or jail :). I highly recommend you play it save with images.
  • Meta Keywords inside All In One SEO Plugin. I DON’T enable Meta Keywords, nor do I manually enter keywords into these sections of the All in one SEO plugin. Even on the Description page, it is not recommended to do so. This is old fashioned and was wiped out many years ago. I have never added keywords or written in a description into these areas and I rank #1 for hundreds of keywords. It’s not required so don’t waste your time.

What Is L.S.I For SEO In Human Language

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI is an ever increasing factor in the Google ranking algorithm. So it’s important you understand what it is and how to incorporate it into your wordpress website.

What is LSI in simple and easy to understand language?. I’m glad you asked, becasue I hate technical talk and it usually just confuses me more. So I’ll save you the headaches…

LSI is simply a way for Google to understand what your post is about. IF you have poor LSI, Google won’t understand what your post is about and therefor will have trouble ranking it for a set of specific keywords. Adding your keywords to the title and first paragraph is sufficient for trying to rank for those terms provided the rest of your post follows the LSI method.

Which is basically just using relevant related synonyms in your headings and within the body of your article. Google use to rank your content based on Keyword density (How many times you mentioned the exact keyword), but Google is now smarter and no longer practices this. Instead it looks for LSI keywords that support your main keyword (In the title).

Adding LSI Keyword To Your Article

So we will go back to our keyword example “Best Pencil Sharpener For Kids” (Gosh I hope Google doesn’t rank this article for that keyword). In this instance you would use the keyword in the title, first paragraph and maybe a couple more times within the article.

Adding some LSI keywords would go like this: You add similar words/phrases into heading and your test beneath the headings. This will convince Google that your article is in fact about pencil sharpeners for kids.

If you are still confused about LSI, please read this training on WA which explains it in greater detail.

Some Examples for LSI using the pencil sharpener keyword:

  • Headings in content could include: Child Safe Sharpener For Pencils, top rated safe for Children pencil sharpener, What pencil sharpener is best for my kids etc
  • Within the text of your article, if you wrote general things related to pencils and kids this would be the correct way to add LSI. For example include words like: drawings, colors, blunt pencils, how to sharpen, etc.

TAGS Rank In GoogleDo TAGS Keywords Rank In Google

When writing/editing a post on the right hand side of your WordPress editor you will see a section called “Tags”. This section is somewhere that I always put my main keyword for the article and some LSI keywords as well. Despite this not being the sole purpose of the TAGS section, Tags do rank in Google.

You may have noticed them before?. You click on a search result and it takes you to the TAG page for that keyword and not the actual article. From the TAG page you can click through to the article. So why not try and rank for one keyword in 2 areas of your website (Tags and actual article).

In case you don’t know the real reason for tags, they are basically an internal ranking factor for your website. When someone uses the search bar on your website to search for something, the TAG database is what is searched. So if someone was on my website and used my search bar to type in “Wealthy Affiliate” the results would be in order of posts that contain the TAG words Wealthy and Affiliate.

How Many Words Should My Posts Be?

I see this question asked almost daily and there is no one definitive answer unfortunately. But how about I tell you what I think and what I do as I know that this works for me.

I start out by having a set amount of words between 900 and 1300 words per post. Yes per post, don’t be skimpy here. More relevant LSI words you can get on your post the better. I know many people teach to write as many words as needed to get message across. Well sometimes that can only take 100 words right?.  But I would never recommend going under 500-600 words.

Unless you target a certain type of keyword. I recently did a case study where I revealed how I ranked a brand new post #4 in Google in under 15 minutes. But the best part was, it was just short of 500 words and took me no time at all to write. This was only possible becasue of the kind of keyword I targeted as shown in the case study.

Look At Your Competitors For SEO Metrics

Like I said, generally I aim for about 1000 words, but more like 1200 these days. But there are many times that I go over the usual set amount. As I write this word, I’m up to 2977 words in this post alone.

Why go over and above the 900-1300 words per post?. Go google your keyword and check out how many words the top 5 ranking websites have for that article. Google website word counter to find a free tool that allows you to quickly count the words on any page.

Now if the top 5 results in Google are averaging say 1500 words each then I need to amp up my game. By this I mean, write better content then them and more in depth. Which will result in a higher word count tally. If the top pages were 1500 words long, I would aim for around 2000 words.

The Power Of YouTube And SEO For Your Website

For my niche websites (Amazon product sites) I will embed a YouTube Video on 8 maybe eight out of ten of my articles. Embedding a Youtube video is simple and easy so don’t stress. In the video below that I embedded onto this page you can see how easy it is to embed any YouTube video onto your site.


Ideally you want to be embedding your own videos as this will help your own videos rank better in Google and YouTube.  Yes YouTube is a search engine too. But I know most people (Myself included) are camera shy. So simply embedding a relevant video into your post will help with your websites SEO.

Website SEO Tips For Beginners

A Table Of Contents Plugin!

This is a cool little tip that can help boost your SEO for many keywords not just your main keyword. By installing a free plugin called Table Of Contents Plus by Michael Tran you are optimizing all your H2/H3 headings even further. Not only will this table of contents instantly add internal links to all your headings, but it will also help your readers find what they want quicker.

Not in the conventional way either. If someone searches something in google which isn’t your main keyword, but is one of your LSI headings (Or similar), if you are ranked for that LSI keyword, then the heading will show up in the description areas of the search engine results. But the heading will be a clickable link which will take the reader directly from Google to that heading within your article. So it’s great for SEO purposes and eve better for helping your readers find what they want immediately.

Does A Table Of Contents Help With SEO


That Is How To Use SEO For Beginners In 3000+ Words!

Between this page and Part One of my SEO Guide For Beginners, I have written close to 6000 words. I’m sorry its a bit long, but that is the reason for splitting it up into two articles rather than one super long article.

I hope that out of these two articles you were able to draw some further knowledge which you can apply to your online business. These are not advanced out there secret SEO tricks or anything. They are simply the methods I use to make the money I make online from the traffic I get for free from the search engines.  This is how I was taught via Wealthy Affiliate from day one way back in 2012. Boy am I glad I listened to those guys and didn’t go off chasing shiny objects (OK, I still do occasionally -Hence the reviews on this site).

So if there’s anything I have left out, or you would like greater clarification on, please do leave a comment in the comments section below. Or just leave a comment to say hi :).



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    1. Josh Post author

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      If I find a keyword thats not in my niche?. If it is a really good keyword, I will either save it in a list to look at later. When I come around to starting a new site I will revisit the keywords from my saved ‘niche ideas’ list. Hope that helps.


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