How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Using 5 Simple Methods

By | November 8, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without A Website Using 5 Simple MethodsAffiliate marketing is without a doubt the easiest way for a beginner to start making money online. But for many beginners, the thought of running a website online scares them to the point of never staring their online business. Many folks want to know how to start affiliate marketing without a website and whether it’s possible to make money.

In this article I will go over the ways that I personally know of as alternatives to using a websites as a way to make money. In fact I started my online journey back in 2012 without owning my own websites. I reached some success, but nothing worth quitting my day job over. Another fact, I also lost everything on one foul swoop as a result of not owning my own website. Which is why I highly recommend you own your own website. Which is what I will explain in more detail first before getting into the ways I know of in which you can make affiliate income without the need of a website.

How I Lost Everything With No Website Of My OwnNegatives Of Not Owning A Website

I distinctly remember at the beginning of my journey looking for ways to make money online without a website. I thought it was way too complicated for a simple house painter like myself to create a website. So eventually I found out how other people were making money online and then I attempted it also. Just a quick recap for anyone not understanding what affiliate marketing is: You get paid when people click on your special links online and then they go to a place to buy the product. When the person buys, you make money.

So I used a platform called Squidoo to make these simple 1 page product reviews. This platform was free to use, so I was essentially making money for free. But about 8 months after me working my tail off on Squidoo, they decided to close down their business. Just like that I lost everything, including my online income. I was furious to say the least.

But lesson learned, and I have only myself to blame. I had been warned by many people online to never put your business in the hands of another business. Because I didn’t own Squidoo they had the ultimate power over me and all the 1000’s of other members. So I lost my business overnight. From then on I never rely solely on making money using other companies websites/platforms.

These days ALL my content goes on MY OWN websites that I control and I have power over. Nobody can ever take my websites away from me (Legally anyways). But you know what the best part is?. A website can be set up in under 5 minutes. 8 Months of being afraid to make a website, when they are so easy to make. Silly Me. Ever since I started building my own websites, my online income from affiliate marketing has sky rocketed.

While I will show you ways to make money without a website, I HIGHLY recommend you get your own website. It’s easy to set up and will become your biggest asset online. In this article I show you how to make a website for free in just minutes. Be sure to read it before going any further ahead. Don’t make the mistake I made of having my affiliate marketing business solely in the hands of properties you have no control over.

One Hurdle You May Face Having No WebsiteHow To Make Money Without A Website

Being an affiliate marketer is seriously the best job in the world, well in my opinion. But when you are first starting out with no experience and no skills, getting approved by affiliate networks can become a huge issue. Many affiliate programs require you to either have one or both of the following before they will approve you as an affiliate: A. You own website. B. Your own website with a certain amount of monthly visitors.

That is the harsh reality, and platforms like warriorplus and jvzoo, many of the vendors won’t approve you to promote their products unless you have sales already. Which is quite ridiculous because how are you meant to have made sales if you can’t even get approved….

But not all affiliate programs are like that. The Amazon Associates Affiliate program will let you in pretty easy. But you will need a website first, so I suggest you build a quick free website and then you are good to go. Amazon is my go to affiliate network and the reason I make a tonne of money online.

5 Ways To Start Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

If you already have access to affiliate links (You have been approved to promote products) and still don’t want to use a website as your core business (Don’t say I didn’t WARN you) then below you can find 5 ways in which you can utilize as an affiliate marketer. It’s important you personally check the terms of service of each platform and obey by their rules. You can and will get banned if you break their T.O.S.

YouTube Rocks!5 Ways To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Ironically Google owns YouTube so go figure. Hundreds of Millions of hours of video is watched daily on this platform according to their statistics page. So as you can imagine, this is a huge opportunity for affiliate marketers. If you can get your affiliate videos in front of even 0.10% of the market than you are doing really well.

The way affiliate marketers use YouTube to make money is by creating short, simple and to the point videos. Once you learn how to optimize a video, you can start getting more and more people watching your videos. Underneath each video you make, is a description box. In this box you are allowed to add text to describe the video you just made. In this text you can add your affiliate link. When someone clicks on this affiliate link, they are taken to see your affiliate offer directly. If the viewer buys then you just made some money. Be careful to read the terms of service for both the affiliate program and YouTube to make sure you are in compliance.

Who Doesn’t Love Facebook

FanPages For Affliiate MarketersNot everybody knows that you can actually use affiliate links on Facebook, even Amazon affiliate links. But if the affiliate offer you are trying to promote has been blacklisted by Facebook due to spammers, then you may find it hard to get it approved.

The best way to use affiliate links on Facebook without a website is to set up a ‘Group’ or ‘Page’ within the Facebook platform. This is very easy to do and Facebook guides you every step of the way. On your homepage for Facebook, look down the left hand side column for the words ‘create page’.

From here you can set up a ‘FanPage’ which is completely separate from your personal account. So none of your friends and family can see it, unless you share the page with them of course. What you need to do is create this fanpage based on your niche. Which is basically going to be around the affiliate offer you want to promote. So for example, if you wanted to promote a ‘make money from home’ affiliate offer you could create a FanPage like mine here.

From there you can share other people in your niche’s posts and comment on their accounts etc. This will help you get a following and get more shares on your FanPage. Post some useful non affiliate content on your Fanpage whether it be quotes, images, memes, videos etc. Every now and then post your affiliate link with a summary to entice people to click on the link. Don’t just spam your affiliate link anywhere on Facebook. It won’t work out for you!.

To put Amazon affiliate links on your Facebook Fanpage you need to log into your associates account. Once logged in you can see a share button when you are on the product you want to promote. Share the link directly from within the amazon associates account.


Pinterest Loves Affiliates

But Don’t Go Pin CrazyPinterest Affiliate Marketing

Pinterest is another huge market where you can partake in affiliate marketing without a website. As a lot of people on Pinterest are shoppers they tend to pin stuff they either want to buy, or remind them to buy/look into at a later time. So physical products and t-shirts do really well on Pinterest.

A good place to promote t-shirts is with a company called Sun Frog Shirts. On Sun Frog you can either design your own shirts and Sun Frog will do the rest, or you can choose to promote other peoples t-shirt designs and make commissions of them. Either way you do it, Pinterest is a great place to promote these shirts. Keep the shirts niche related so you can build a niche following.

It’s not so important to get a following on Pinterest, but it’s important to pin images often. Keep your ‘boards’ niche related and pin all your affiliate links into these niche boards. So for example if you were promoting ‘fishing equipment’ you could have a board on ‘fishing rods’ fishing t-shirts’ etc. On top of making niche related affiliate boards, it’s critical you also make general boards. On these boards you don’t want to have affiliate links only. So go around and re-pin other peoples images into these general boards. This will keep your account squeaky clean and not come across as a spammer only using Pinterest for your affiliate links.

Remember to pin like a ‘real person’. Don’t go off pinning 1 million images in 1 minute, this doesn’t look natural and you could get banned from Pinterest for spamming. So spread out your pinning efforts. There are automated pinning software available to buy, but it’s important to not over do it. Grow your account from the perspective of a real life human. Not a robot.


Instagram Is Another Website Free Method For Affiliate Marketing

Instagram is typically a mobile based image sharing app. In order to use Instagram for your marketing duties, you will need to decide on what type of affiliate offers you are going to promote. This is because you will want to set up a niche based Instagram account. The way you can incorporate affiliate marketing into your Instagram marketing is by adding a link in your profile description. Again check with your affiliate partner before posting your links anywhere online.

But in order for anyone to be able to see your affiliate link in your profile, you need to partake in some social marketing. Go out and follow other people in your niche, like some of there comments etc. Follow the people who are also following your competitor in your niche. This will get your name out there for more people to see and follow you back.

From there you need to upload images to Instagram daily. These images have to be related to your niche. You can also upload images of quotes and inspirational speeches and funny images related to your niche. Interact with the people and slowly build your Instagram account. Like anything online, success takes time. So keep with it.


Free Web 2.0 Properties For The Budget Minded

An alternative to affiliate marketing with your own website is to use other peoples sites. These are known as web 2.0 properties and each site will have their own set of rules to follow. Some allow affiliate links while some will replace your affiliate link with their own. So be careful.

For Web 2.0’s you can follow the same product review format I use and take advantage of using a free web page. There are 3 problems will using these types of sites as your online income source.

  1. As I stated earlier, these type of sites can and will shut down overnight. It happens all the time. So be prepared to loose not only your income but also your previous work. So it’s a good idea to save the content onto your own computer before publishing on these sites. This is just one negative to starting affiliate marketing without a website.
  2. Building content on these free web 2.0 sites can be profitable if done right. However, you have no way to build any authority online. This is because it is not your own website where you can show how authoritative you are by having a website on that niche. Building your own authority online is a huge game changer. The people that visit your content online will become to like, trust and buy things from you, rather than a generic free web page.
  3. You cannot sell anything that is not yours, but you can sell a website you own for massive profit. Websites are online real estate and people make a lot of money ‘flipping’ websites just like people make money flipping houses.


Now That You Know How To Start Affiliate Marketing Without A website, Should You?top rated way to make money online

While it’s a way to get started online, it’s not the best way to build your online business. If you really want to make large amounts of money online, you really should treat this like a business you nurture and care about. Plus you CANNOT sell anything you don’t own, but if you sell your OWN website you can make a lot of money. Just one of my websites its estimated worth is $20,000. I have a few websites online and have no intentions of selling them as they contribute massively to my $10,000 month online income. So it makes sense for me to keep my passive income websites.

Another route you can take is using all the above methods as well as owning your own website in the same niche. This is covering more ground, or throwing out a larger net so to speak. It’s actually what I do and it’s the best way to do affiliate marketing in my opinion. With a website!. But at the end of the day, the decision is yours.

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