How To Rank A Website In The Search Engines

By | June 19, 2017

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How To Rank A Website In The Search EnginesOnce you learn how to rank a website in the search engines and optimize your site for the best possible position, achieving your goal no matter what it is becomes very real. But more importantly, it becomes a possibility.

Most people want to rank their websites in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc for  the sole purpose of making money. Who doesn’t right?. If you can rank on page one, get free targeted traffic, then you can make ridiculous amounts of money. Do this consistently for 6 to 12 months and you possibly have a job replacing online income. In just a short amount of time, it really can be a reality to kiss your job goodbye forever.

Or perhaps you are a small business wanting to rank your little website for local terms in your community but haven’t got the knowledge on how to do so. But you are fully aware the impact an extra 100 eye balls on your small business daily would have. Extra business for you and increasing your bottom line. So learning how to rank your website on the search engines is extremely important. Once it is set up, it is almost free advertising. What business doesn’t want that right?.

So obviously you understand the importance of ranking on the first page of Google, so now it is time to put your thinking cap on and pay attention. There will be two sections to this guide. The first part is for the absolute beginner entrepreneur. The second part is training better suited to experiences campaigners needing a few extra tips to get them in the SERPS. If you don’t know what SERPS is, then you must go with the first section.

First And Foremost, A Reality Check

The Beginners Guide To Ranking A Website In Google

Whatever the reason for you wanting to know how to rank your blog in the search engines, it’s extremely wise to understand that failure will be part of the process. Learning from your failures and moving forward are key to overcoming failure.

I didn’t just throw together a few posts on a new website and instantly became a success. Well, that’s actually how I thought it would happen when I first started this online journey back in 2012. I thought after just 5 or so posts that I would be making a lot of money. How naive was I to think his. But it had been drilled into my head from all the scams I previously bought that I had started to believe that money could be made overnight with little to no work.

But when reality hit me, I didn’t know what to do. My websites weren’t ranking nor were they making me money. But there’s one thing that got me over the line.

Fortunately for me, I had just joined a online training community which held my hand through the entire process. I was doing it all wrong, starting with my mindset. Once I shifted my mindset and realized that this is a business and it takes time to get rolling, the money started coming in.

The moral of the story is don’t expect success overnight and in order to succeed you will need help. Don’t be afraid to seek help either. Without the online support I got from this training center, I would not be making 6 figures a year online. I was doing things all wrong and this place straightened me and my mindset out. So get as much positive support as you can, it extremely important.

The Beginners Guide To Ranking A Website In Google

Section One

I don’t know your exact situation right now, but if I did then I could potentially pin point some ideas. So do feel free to leave a comment below for individual help. But for this part ‘Section One’ I’m going to dedicate to the beginner. Someone whom has heard about making money online, been told to make a website and watch the money pile up.

But without any ‘REAL’ training on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What I recommend is that you start over and scrap any ideas you have previously heard. I’m willing to bet you potentially got scammed too?.

Now if your purpose is to make money off your website, then I highly recommend you take on some further internet marketing training. The training center I used back in 2012 and still a member of today is called Wealthy Affiliate. There is nothing online that comes close to what WA offers in my opinion. It changed my life drastically so I have absolutely no problem in recommending this place to anyone who wants to learn how to build  real online business.

What This Training Teaches – How To Rank In Google Primarilytop rated way to make money online

This training I recommend teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to get your business thriving. That is ranking well on the search engines. There is over 60 courses starting from scratch to running a online business.

Some of the training included:

  1. Choosing a profitable niche
  2. Setting up  a website with free hosting
  3. How to make money from your website
  4. How to rank in Google, Bing etc
  5. How to track your traffic for optimization
  6. Etc Etc. Everything and I mean everything is included in this training to turn your website into a superstar.


Mastering On Page SEO

Section Two – For More Advanced People

This section is for mastering the things that Google considers important when trying to rank your website in the search results. While it isn’t super undercover advanced secret SEO, it is what I do everyday on my websites to rank for possibly 1000’s of page one results. So lets just say it works ok. Or maybe it really is super secret undercover SEO ?.

This is my own training and it is what I do everyday in my online business. So if you have any questions, do post them on the relevant training pages. If you are a complete beginner, you will not understand most of what I am teaching here. This is why I recommend getting the groundwork training first.

This training is for improving your on page SEO so that your website can get a better ranking in the search engines. By following this training I have to assume you have a sitemap installed and have connected your website to Google Analytics. Finally you would also have your website verified on Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools). If any of this is not done, I would suggest going over some basic training and implementing these steps as they are critical.

Search Engine Ranking Training Part A

In this free training I discuss the importance of internal linking and how they affect rankings. If you are not internal linking, then you must read this. I also demonstrate how it is NOT required to go out and hunt down backlinks to be successful. I personally hate doing this and I have found success without ever looking for a guest post.

The Topics In This Training:

  1. Backlinks – Are They Needed
  2. Domain Name – SEO or not?
  3. Internal Link Juice
  4. User Experience For The Google Experience
  5. Age Of Domain Helps

Access Part One Of Training Here


How To Get My Website Ranked For Beginners

Part Two – On Page SEO Rocks!

If you have an established website and are not getting the rankings you like, have you perfected your on page SEO?. Do you have amazing quality content, yet no traffic?. Without proper on page SEO, your quality content may be collecting virtual dust. If you don’t undertake the steps required to rank in the search engines, your website will never be found. But if you actively add on page SEO to your website, you may just get the traffic and the search engine results you are after.

Here’s What’s Covered:

  1. What Is On Page SEO
  2. #Must Read – Keyword Research
  3. Keyword Placement is key
  4. LSI – Are you doing it?
  5. TAG You’re It
  6. How Long Your Article Is Matters
  7. Plus More!

Access Part Two Of Training Here


Ranking In Search Engines Is Easy With WordPress

By following the above training, anybody can now go out and get the search engine rankings they are after. There is no need to pay someone $1000’s to do what you can do in your spare time. Spend a bit of time learning the ropes if you are not sure and then implement each step to maximize your chances of getting a page one ranking in the almighty Google.

Would you like to know more?. Feel free to comment below and I will reply to your question!.


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