How To Quit My Job And Work For Myself

By | September 21, 2017

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How To Quit My Job And Work For MyselfHow to quit my job and work for myself is something many people all over the globe are hoping to find the answer too. As someone who has quit my day job and started two of my own businesses (One online and one offline) I hope I quality to answer this question for you.

First of all, do I work for myself. Yes! What a magical feeling it is to wake up every single day knowing that money is being made, and I don’t have to answer to anyone. Except for maybe my Wife but I think that’s also pretty common worldwide.

So moving one, today I want to share a couple ways in which anyone and I mean anyone that can read write and has the right attitude can one day quit their boring low paying job and work for themselves. Yes, even if you have no fancy pants college degree. I am proof that education is not needed to earn 6 figures annually.

Why Trust Me? Do I Even Work For Myself?

Words on a screen are just that. Words on a screen. With the shear amount of scams surfacing daily (Both online and offline) how is anyone meant to believe a thing anyone says right. Kudos to you for having your radar switched on. So without me putting my head though your screen right now, I have no other way to prove to you that this non educated house painter now earns 6 figures a year online than via income proof screen shots.

So to help ease the burden of thinking everyone is out to scam you, I want you to fully understand that YES, anyone really can make money online. Below are a couple of highlights or success posts if you will. These are at various high points in my online journey since I started back in 2012. Take the time to read them and once you believe that you too can achieve what I achieve becasue I know you can, then and only then read on.

How I Quit My Job To Become My Own Boss

how to quit my job and work for myself

My OLD Job!

So initially I started my own offline painting business. Technically I was my own boss, but I still had people above me that bossed me around. Like builders and clients. So this sort of business venture was OK, but it still wasn’t what I was seeking.

To be honest, I don’t think it is what you are after either right?.

If you want to know how I quit my job and now live life on my own terms, then read on. I’m not going to bore you with ways to start an offline business, or ways that you can make a few dollars online. If that is what you are after, there is much information available online.

What Does It Take To Be Your Own Boss Like Me?

I’ll be honest with you, there is no quick way to make a living both online and offline where you can just quit your job tomorrow. Sorry to tell you the truth, but that’s just how it is.

Believe me when I say you can’t just walk into a Dentists office and start working on people teeth if you are not qualified. Same goes with starting any new business. There will be things you need to learn and it will take time to establish your foundations.

Even if you were to go out and start a new offline bricks and mortar business, how long do you think it would take until you actually started to make money?. Think about the upfront costs you need like buying inventory, or rent for the storefront, or power, staff etc etc.

Fortunately when you start an online business, the upfront costs are much much less than that of a offline business. To get started online, all you need is about $50 a month to run the business. How awesome is that!. I make over $10k a month and my monthly expenses are as low as $70 a month. It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out how profitable a online business can be.

How Long Until You Can Start Making Money As Your Own Boss?How Long Does It Take To Make Money Online Blogging Or From Affiliate Marketing

Doing what I do, the average time it takes to make money online varies. But I would say allow 3-4 months. To start making a full time income, you could bring it home in under a year if you worked hard. Not bad hey?. Work online for 12 months and kiss goodbye your job forever!.

The best part about establishing an online business is that it works for you 24/7 365 days a year. That’s right, you even make money on Christmas day while you are off celebrating with your family. But the true magic happens when you are set up, established and making money.

I have gone months and I mean like 10 or so months without doing anything at all and still I was making about $1500 a month back then. My painting job demanded all my time, yet my online business was rewarding me handsomely. These days I am constantly growing my income. So I never not do anything for that long. But, my point is that passive income is 100% possible.

How Does It Work? I Mean Is It Possible For Anyone To Do?

Quitting your day job and starting your own online business where you work for yourself can be achieved by just about anyone. I say just about because I know first hand how lazy some people are and don’t want to work for their money. They think the internet was invented to split $100 notes out at them. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.

So the first thing you need is the drive to quit your job and become successful. Always remember your ‘WHY’. Why are you trying to better your life?. If you can read and write, follow step by step instructions, then you pretty much qualify.

Like I said earlier, I’m not a college graduate and before I started back in 2012 I had no clue on how to start an online affiliate business. But with those things I mentioned above (learning, the drive and applying), I know run my own online business and work for myself. I am the sole provider for my household of 5 which includes 3 demanding kids. So I honestly believe, If I can do this. Anyone can!

Become Your Own Boss Step By Step

I’m going to recommend you to the same online education (Basically business in a virtual box) platform where I learned my skills to become my own boss. Why?. Well becasue I know it works and I’m yet to find a better training education center online that offers what this place offers.

I’ve wasted lots of time and money online trying to get o where I am today. So now I want to share with everyone and anyone who is interested in the same goals as I was to join me.

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If you have any questions, concerns, doubts or just want to say hi. Please drop a comment in the box below and I will get back to you.

Josh (JoshFromOz)

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