How To Outsource Article Writing For Blog Content To Make Money Quickly

By | December 19, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

How To Outsource Article WritingRunning a online business demands a lot of content to keep readers and the search engines happy. But as a single writer for many websites in various niches, finding the time to keep up with the work load can be difficult at the best of times. So whats the answer?. Learn how to outsource article writing so you can double or triple the amount of content produced on your blog.

Sounds simple right. Hire someone to write extra articles for you and instantly start doubling your traffic and or revenue. Wrong! Unfortunately, hiring or paying someone to outsource your content writing is just like finding a good employee in the offline world. It’s harder than it seems.

So whats the solution?. How do we blog owners outsource the most time consuming part of the process…. Content? We’ll there’s easy ways and difficult ways to find writers to write on your website. But as I am a very simple blog owner with a crew of one (ME), I will always choose the easy way.

Which brings me to my easy outsourcing strategy that can make bank rather quickly. After I show you a simple and easy way to outsource content for your site, I will also show you a way to gain almost instant page 1 rankings using these bought articles so you can start profiting from them straight away. Easy and fast. That’s how I like it in the online word.

The Potential Risks Of Outsourcing Blog Content As A BeginnerThe Risks Of Outsourcing Articles

With pretty much anything that you spend money on in regards to a online business, there are associated risks. With outsourcing articles to be published on your blog, there are some serious risks to be aware of. Especially as a first timer. First and foremost I Never outsource articles for this website because I want them to be personally written by me from my own experiences. For example I would never outsource an article on 5 best SEO tips because the article could be completely against what I believe and I would have to rewrite the article myself. But for my not so serious niches websites, I don’t mind paying someone else to help me with the content.

The Risks:

  • Receiving duplicate content or copyright material. When you pay someone to write an article for you, many cases the writer will look for ideas from search engine results to base their article on. Which is fine, except when they copy and paste other websites content and then try to sell it to you as original. This NOT OK. Not only is it ethically wrong, but having duplicate content on YOUR site is not acceptable. So you can loose rankings and also get into serious trouble with copyright laws. Always use to check that the articles are 100% unique.
  • Receiving poorly written articles that can barely be understood. Some sites you pay for what you get without any revisions, and some allow you to reject the article. So be sure to use a site where you can ask for revisions.
  • Misunderstood intention of article. Depending which route you take, writers may interpret what you want written from a different angle. The article may be amazing, but just not what you wanted. If you hire a writer per hour for example. You should Skype them and talk face to face about what you need written.

The Benefits Of Outsourcing Articles For Your Blog

  • The opportunity to expand your online business is now quicker and easier once you find content writers for your blog. I work for myself online and have made over $10,000 online each month for about 6 months now. So just imagine if I could have a clone of myself to do double the work!. Well that’s my financial goal for 2017 to reach 20k per month online. Over the last year or so I have been outsourcing more an more of my articles. I feel like I am doubling my yearly income each year and that attaining 20k a month is possible by the end of 2017 with my current work rate and the assistance of article writers.
  • Explore The Unknown. Buy paying other people to do the writing for you, niches you knew nothing about previously are now easier to create a website around. This is the particular route I am fond of as it saves me so much time researching the topic. So I just pay someone else to write it for me and I get the passive income as a result.

Step By Step How To Outsource Article Writing For A BeginnerStep By Step Guide To Make Money Outsourcing

With this step by step instructional training I will be presenting it for the first timer wanting to buy a decent article for a cheap price. Then I will show you a method to utilize these cheap and quick articles and tun them into passive money making pages. This is where I buy 100% unique articles that are written by English speaking writers. While I can’t say I get quality 100% of the time, it’s probably about 90% of the time. Which is quite good considering the price and compared to some of the nightmare articles I have received from various places online. So I have no hesitation recommending them to you guys.

The Best Place To Buy Articles Online

Join Up To I Need Articles

This is my #1 go to place for affordable yet decent quality articles. It doesn’t cost anything to join and there’s no monthly fees which is nice for a change. Basically you just pay for the articles you want. I have my account connected to PayPal for easy and quick transactions. The minimum amount you can buy an article is for just $1. This will get you 100 words of unique content. However lets be realistic and aim for at least 500 words per article. Content is King remember. So a basic article will cost you $5.

There are other services available as you can see below, but all we are interested in are the article writing services.

Wheres The Best Place To Buy Articles Online


Step 2.

Now that you are a member you need to deposit some funds into your account so you can order as many articles as you need for your website. I generally start with $50 and buy 1 or 2 articles a week or whenever I need them. The money transfers instantly and then you are good to go.

Next you need to click on the ‘Request’ button. This is where you select what you want to buy. From there you hit the ‘Request Articles’ button. Now you are good to start entering what you want your articles to be about.

Cheap Article Writers

Step 3

Next it’s time to fill in the details about what we want our articles to be about.

  1. Article Keyword: In this section you write on keyword per line. So if you want 2 articles you write on each line the 2 keywords you want each article to target. For example lets say I wanted 2 articles. The first on is ‘how to gain weight in 60 days’ I would write that on the top line. For the next article I wanted ‘ways to bulk up my thigh muscles’. I would write that keyword underneath the top keyword.
  2. Use My Exact Keywords: Don’t worry about checking this box unless you don’t have any understanding of SEO. I generally just reword the introduction of my outsourced article to include the keywords. Editing your outsourced article is always a good idea. This way you can incorporate LSI keywords in Headings.
  3. Minimum Word Count: Select the minimum amount of words you want to pay for. Basic level is 1 word = 1 cent. If the writer writes more than what you ordered you still only pay for what you ordered. Bonus right!. But again you should be aiming for a minimum of 500 words.
  4. Next there are 2 options for 2 styles of articles you want written. If you want a informational article which explains how to do something, or why something etc. Then it’s as easy as selecting the box “Guaranteed 4 or 5 star Writers ONLY” By selecting this box you get only the best writers to write up your informational article.

From there you just ‘Submit Request’ and wait for the best writers to take on your job. I usually get my article written on the same day and sometimes within a couple of hours. It will depend on the day of the week and the hour you submitted the job. Remember, these are real people creating real unique articles. So have some patience. Order bulk if you have plans for drip feeding posts on your website.

Sit back and relax and wait for your content to be delivered. No wait!. That’s not the approach. We want to DOUBLE our content output, so that means we still have to write articles as well. Double content with the aim of double the money earned right. So get to it!.

Now What You Have Been Waiting For…

How To Make Buying Articles Almost Instantly ProfitableHow To Make Money From Outsourced Articles

So now that you know how to order a basic article from a quality yet affordable content source, how do you profit from the articles?. Simply put, we want articles with the intent to target keywords that tell us the reader want to BUY something!. Targeting buyers keywords is how I make 90% of my money online and it’s dead simple but often over looked. Read my article on What Are Buyers Keywords if you are unsure. This is important, so make sure you understand.

So what we want from outsourcing a article that targets buyer keywords is something that offers the reader a selection of products to choose from. We want maybe the Top 5 so and so. For example Top 5 Wine Coolers. We want our 5 star writer to do 800 – 1000 words on the Top 5 Wine Coolers. To save money I usually write the introduction of my post my self. Then I will get my writer to write 800 -1000 words reviewing those 5 wine coolers. So I would ask the writer to write 200 -250 words for each of these coolers. Once the writer deliver the 5 mini reviews I then write my own introduction for the post. Presto, we have a targeted buyers keyword article ready to paste onto our website to make money.

If you have done your proper SEO you can expect to rank in Google in the coming weeks for those keywords and start making money from affiliate sales. But if you don’t want to wait for Google to rank your outsourced article on page 1 there’s a nifty trick you can do to almost guarantee page one rankings the same day.

It’s a technique known as The TNT Method. By following this technique you can find out weak points in the search engine and easily place your outsourced article into page 1 rankings. This is a very underground method that you most likely have never seen before for very good reason.

How Does This Method Work?

It’s rather simple but requires you to join these two places online. They work beautifully together and everything is practically outsourced so money can start trickling in the same day. So lets look at the steps involved.

  1. Read More About TNT. Then join the TNT platform and learn this search engine weakness (Not flooded by affiliate marketers is the weak point)
  2. Spend 1 hour of your time using the TNT method to pin point almost guaranteed page 1 search engine ranking keywords. These keywords are pure gold if you can get your site to target them. Find about 10 profitable keywords using the TNT method.
  3. Join I Need Articles Immediately. Get your 10 keywords you just found and get 10 articles written for you. For each article you want to target 1 keyword each from the 10 you just found using TNT. I will show you what you want to type below so that the writers know what to do with your article.  So in the next few hours you will be getting outsourced articles delivered to you targeting these golden keywords. Publish them on your website as soon as you can.
  4. If you have followed TNT to a T, you should be ranking page 1 within minutes of publishing your posts. Why? Because these keywords TNT teaches you to find are undiscovered gold mines just waiting to explode. Nobody is doing this technique and it is pure magic. There is no quicker and easier way to make money online in my opinion. Now go have fun dominating the search engines using outsourced articles. Rinse and Repeat.


How To Get Your Articles Written The Right Way

So we know that we want to rank for keywords that TNT shows us how to rank page 1 easily for. To profit from them we need affiliate links on them. So by targeting buyer intent keywords you are automatically catching the reader in the ‘almost ready to buy’ stage. So our job is to offer them the best products to solve there query.

Back to the Best Wine Coolers example, we would find the 5 best rated coolers on and get our 4/5 Star Writer to write mini reviews on each. How do we get the writers at Ineedarticles to do what we want?.

Simple, we tell them. So back to the ‘request article’ dashboard of Ineedarticles we want to click the box named “Extra fee to allow specific article style requests in the instructions“. This costs a little bit extra because we are specifically telling the writer, “hey write exactly this…”

Now all we have to do is copy and paste this simple template below for each article we want written. For each product you will need to grab the URL of the product page on Amazon.

“No introduction to article needed. I want 5 mini reviews on the following 5 products. For each product please write 200-250 words describing what the features are of each product, the overall vibe from consumer reviews found on Amazon. The links to the 5 products are below:
Amazon Url Link 1 to Wine Cooler
Link 2 to Wine Cooler #2

etc etc”

how to make money from outsourcing articles

Wrapping It Up

So as you can see, you can get some content up rather quickly when outsourcing. But by adding in the TNT method, you are putting these outsourced articles to work immediately. So essentially you could be profiting from the article the same day you received it. Which is rather cool and exciting for many blog owners.

Paying someone to write you articles online is not a scary thing. It will take some practice, but overall your are expanding your business to greater heights. But the best part about outsourcing and using the TNT method, the quality of the article doesn’t have to be top notch. Because we are finding easy to rank keywords with minimal affiliate marketer competition. The search engines will love to show our average outsourced content.

In 2017 I plan to outsource 50% of my usual article writing to free up more time on other online ventures and reach the 20k a month mark. Are you with me?. Of course you are, now lets get to work and make 2017 the best year yet.

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