How To Make More Money As A Teacher

By | July 24, 2017

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With the median being $57k, it’s no wonder more and more adults are learning how to make more money as a teacher. Some may argue that $57k on average is not a bad amount to be paid as a high school teacher. But me personally, I think it’s appalling.

The shear amount of responsibilities a teacher has with a vast amount of students is incredible. This is the kind of responsibility that can affect the students entire after school life. Teaching students correctly is a highly held position in my eyes. As a parent, its very important to me that my Children get the best possible education.

But unfortunately for teachers worldwide it seems that a pay rise is not on the cards. So in order to make more money as a teacher, you are left to fend for yourself. So how does a teacher in 2017 make extra money to help with living a better life?.

How To Make More Money As A Teacher

Combine Your Knowledge & The Internet

The internet has been the best tool for any ordinary struggling person to get ahead in life. For over 20 years now people have been creating lifestyles their day jobs could never provide. This goes for being a teacher as well. Would you be surprised to know that I earn twice as much as the median high school teacher earns in a year?. Well, I do and I am far from a teacher. Whats even more surprising is that I only work 15-20 hours a week to make this sort of income. It’s crazy, but a possible reality

What Does This Matter To You The Teacher?

how to quit my job and work for myself

I Did End Up Quitting My Painting Job!

Well, it proves to you that a ordinary guy (House painter) like myself has managed to achieve financial freedom with the use of the internet. All from dedicating a few hours every day or so to growing an online business. I have been a six figure online earner for over a year now and it feels awesome. Something a day job could never have brought me.

Now you as the teacher must have a much more impressive resume than this little old painter. The amount of knowledge inside that head of yours could start earning you money both offline (current job) and online through ways in which I am about to show you.

Make Extra Money From Teacher Related Equipment

Affiliate Marketing For Teachers

As a teacher, I’m sure you are aware of the equipment needed to perform. From shoes to laptops, you would have the insider knowledge to help other newcomer teachers. For example, lets say a new teacher is starting with minimal experience. She’s told by the Principal that she needs to invest in a laptop for work.

Now this new teacher approaches you the more experienced teacher. She asks you ‘whats the best laptop for a teacher like myself, Principal said I must buy one’. Now imagine that the teacher wants to spend $1000. Could you tell her a brand to consider and make a nice $50 commission for the referral sale?.  Absolutely!. This is known as affiliate marketing, except it is achieved online. Rather than face to face contact.

How Teachers Make Extra Money OnlineWays To Make Extra Money As A Teacher

So I gave you the laptop example. Now think of other products a teacher uses that someone out there in the world may be interested in buying. Now about a back pack, or shoes that don’t hurt when standing for 5 hours a day?.

The way you make money online, is by writing ‘mini product reviews‘ targeting your audience. So for example, lets say you have the best pair of school shoes in the world for a teacher. What you do is find a store that will pay you to recommend their products. These stores will have what are known as affiliate programs.

The biggest and best affiliate program out there is the Amazon Associates. So you go to amazon, search there shop to find a pair of shoes that are like yours. Next you find 2-4 other shoes that you feel would make good teacher shoes. From there you read the product description, read a few reviews and then you summarize everything and put it into your own words.

Opps…I Skipped A Step. Bad Teacher!

OK I never said I was a teacher right!. So where do you write these mini product reviews? On your website. What website?, I don’t own a website, I hear you saying…. Not yet you don’t. But in 5 minutes you could be working on your very first website. That’s how easy it is to build a website in 2017.

So for the example of Teachers products, you need to name your website. This is similar to thinking ‘what your website will be about’, also known as choosing a niche. Luckily for you, your niche could be “Teachers Products To Make Their Lives Easier”.

So naming the website, its much like creating a email address. If the name is taken you must look for another name. So some examples of a name for your website could be:,,, etc etc.

How To Know What People Search For?

So you get the idea, you recommend products to people within your niche on your website. But how do you get the people to visit your site?. This is part of the Wealthy Affiliate training, but I will briefly touch on it now.

There’s a tool known as a keyword tool. What this tool does is pulls the data from search engines like Google and Bing. What this data does is tells us exactly what people are typing in the search engines. It also tells us how many people per month type that exact phrases well.

As you can see in the image below, I have used the tool to find some data. Just from this quick search I found that people are typing into Google the words” best laptops for teachers”, best tablets, best shoes etc. What this tells me is that you could write mini reviews on these products and put them on a website to start making money online. That’s how simple it is once you have gone through the training.

By the way, this doesn’t have to be about teaching only, you can make websites on anything and make money from Dogs to wine and make money. Teachers is just one small niche within the millions of possibilities online.

Make Side Income Online


The Training Begins Now

OK, it’s time to droop the teachers hat, and put on the learners cap. Because you are about to be taught something you never knew existed. If the idea of making passive income from your Teachers website sounds exciting to you. Then I want you to learn how to take the next step.

The next step is joining an online training center known as Wealthy Affiliate. This is the place where I learned how to make $10,000 a month online. So I hold this place in high regards. You can read my full Wealthy Affiliate Review Here.

What To Expect Now?Wealthy Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

I know I haven’t done the full explanation here on the numerous ways to make money online as a teacher. But if I was to do that, this article could end up being over 10,000 words long. So I figure it’s much easier if you just join WA for free and you ca get started straight away.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to take the ‘Teacher’ niche and how to make money from sharing your recommendations on teachers shoes, laptops, book, textbook, kindles etc.

When people buy something from one of your affiliate programs like on, you make a commission. So if you have on your website, an article showing other teachers or even students the best laptops to use as a teacher/student. You could make money over and over and over every-time someone buys anything at all from the amazon affiliate program. The amazon affiliate program is how I make 10k a month online. So you know it’s a good option if I’m recommending it!.

Other Ways Teachers Can Make Money From Their Website

So lest say you don’t want to make money by recommending other peoples products but still like the idea of making money in a digital age. Affiliate marketing is just one option Wealthy Affiliate teaches. The other option is to share you ‘teachers knowledge’ on subjects that you know well.

For example, lets say you are a History teacher. You could make a website based around what you teach: History. While you could also recommend products in this History niche, you can also make it a informational only website.

So how do you make money from sharing info?.

Advertising, plain an simple. Once you have built your website and it has lots of informational articles on it, you can then add advertising to it. Google is the biggest advertising network out there. So what you do is apply to Google Adsense.

Once you are approved, you will then be allowed to place ‘Ads’ on your website. Anytime someone clicks on your Ads, you make money. Typically you only make cents, and it is not as financially rewarding as affiliate marketing. But as Nathaniel shares in this post, the amount you can make with Google Ads can be quite dramatic.

Teach What You Teach

Make Your Own Info ProductMake money teaching online

Making your own informational product and selling it online as an eBook is another way a Teacher can make extra money. So lets say you are a teacher of Health. This is a HUGE industry online and you could make a lot of money if you do things right.

Do you have some knowledge and secrets on how to be healthy?. I’m sure you do if this is your field. Now why not turn your knowledge into a 10,000 word eBook and sell it for $15 a pop. Sell 1000 copies and you made yourself a nice 15k.

Easier said than done right. You still need to have the marketing knowledge that Wealthy Affiliate teaches in order to get the customers looking at your affiliate offers, Ads or info courses. But once you learn this knowledge, there really is no stopping you. You will be quite surprised at how possible a full time teachers wage can be made online.

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