How To Make Money Writing Product Reviews Online The Easy Way

By | October 31, 2016

Hi, thanks for reading, just a heads up that I may earn commissions via links you click on from the companies mentioned in this post .

How To Make Money Writing Product Reviews Online The Easy WayYou may have heard all the hype around ordinary people making money online simply by writing about what they love. In particular, product reviews. But when you are first starting out, learning how to make money online writing product reviews online can be a long and daunting task. Why? Because there are literally thousands of people trying to sell you their courses and jam information down your throat that you end up more confused then what you were before performing a Google search.

While there are some really good sources online that will teach you how to make money by reviewing products, there are many many more that are out right scams or others that are teaching you outdated techniques that no longer work.  So it can seem impossible to find some sound advice right?.

Absolutely!. I have been in the make money online game since 2012, so I have seen my fair share of scams and terrible terrible training courses. But fortunately for me, I have mastered the art of earning an income from writing simple and effective product reviews. So now I will share with you the basics of what I have learned and the principals I follow when writing a product review.

In Order To Make Money, You NEED A Website

No if buts or maybes. If you want a serious business which generates you monthly reoccurring income, you need a website. Why?. I’ll tell you why. Back in 2012 I started out using free Web 2.0 sites such as I pumped out review after review and spent countless hours building my business on this free platform. The best part was that I was actually making some decent money while doing it. Which never hurts for motivation to keep going.

But what happened next was something I was warned about by many other online marketers who told me “You must get your own website“. The free platform I was using to write my product reviews decided they were going to sell up shop and close down Squidoo. Just like that my successful online business went from woohoo I’m on top of the world to “a big fat Zero!”. I lost everything I had worked on for many months. My income dried up immediately and I was left wondering what the hell to do next.

Morale of the story: Have your OWN website. Nobody can take away your own website. You have full control and freedom to do what you want with it. So after finally listening to all the other successful marketers I decided it’s time to make my own websites. Since then, I have never looked back and my income has more than x 20 of what it was when I was using Squidoo.

*Making a website is not hard nor is it expensive, read ‘How To Build A Website In Under 1 Minute‘ to see easy it really is. Don’t let this process hold you back.

Write Product Reviews For A Hungry Niche

How To Make Money Reviewing GamesSo the way you make money by writing product reviews online is by publishing the articles on your website. Next you become an affiliate for the product you are reviewing. I use and highly recommend using the Amazon Affiliate Program as it’s the best way to start making money for beginners. So if I write a product review on the latest flat screen TV for example, I would get special links from amazon and insert them onto my website. When someone reads my TV review and decides to get more information by clicking on my link. They will end up on the Amazon product description page. Then if that person buys ANYTHING at all from Amazon in the 24 hours, I make money. Yay for me!.

So now you know that you make money by writing reviews about products on a website, the next step is choosing a topic for your website. This is commonly known as choosing a Niche. The absolute best and quickest way to make money is to choose a narrow niche. By this I mean, don’t choose ‘Gaming’ as your website topic. Instead drill down into Gaming and pick a sub category of Gaming. By doing this you are eliminating a heap of competitors and giving yourself a much better chance of making money with your product reviews. For example: Broad Niche = Gaming. Narrow Niche = PC Gaming Graphics Cards.

*Read this article on How To Choose A Niche for a better understanding.

Do You Need To Own The Product To Review It?

While you do create a more personal opinion from actually owning the products you review, it is far from required. If I had to buy all the products I review, well then I would have to sell my house!. But if you do own the product you can create more in depth reviews, such as You Tube videos where you are showing how to set up, how to fix, un boxing etc.

But again, I don’t own any of the products I review and I make a around $10k a month from doing this product review business. So I can guarantee you that this is possible without ever owning a product.

How To Make Money Reviewing Products Explained

Writing The Reviews For Profit

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you Grab My Free Step By Step Training Course as I go into greater detail so you can follow along the whole process. Like I said earlier, my claim to fame has been by reviewing physical products on the platform. So I will pick a group of products within the amazon site and form my website topic from the products on amazon. Amazon has millions of products, so you have plenty of Niche choices to attack. This method alone could keep you in business for ever, and the product list grows every day!.

Lets say I want to create a website on Dog Toys as I love Dogs and making them happy with toys brings joy to my life. So there are 100’s of dog toys you could review and make a handsome amount of money from. But how do I do it without ever owning these Dog toys?. Quite easy really. Let me explain.

Writing Online Product Reviews Step By Step

Step 1.

So I need to find out what other Dog lovers would be interested in buying for their Dogs. How do I do this?. Easy! By doing some Keyword Research. Keywords are the phrases normal folks like you and me type in Google when we want to find something. So in this case, I want to find keywords for Dog Toys. To find what keywords people type in Google so I can use for my articles I need a keyword tool.

A keyword tool will tell you how many people search for the keywords, how much competition you have if you write a product review on this keyword and other helpful data. But for now we want to find out what people type into Google if they are interested in Dog Toys and how easy it would be for us to make money from reviewing dog toy products.

So let me show you how by typing into my keyword tool “10 best interactive dog toys”. This is the results I get for that keyword. How many people search for “10 best interactive dog toys” = 152 every month. How much competition I would have if I wrote a article on this keyword = 19. These are AWESOME numbers. This means I have only 19 other websites competing for this exact keyword out of the billions of websites online. Cha Ching!

Product Review Keyword Research Explained

Step 2.

Try out the keyword tool for free and get some ideas on what product reviews you want for your site:


Step 3. Writing Your Review IntroductionHow To Make Money Online With Dogs

Continuing on with the ‘Dog Toys’ niche, I have found a good keyword = “10 best interactive dog toys”. So I would now make a article on my website that’s about dog toys called “10 best interactive dog toys that stimulate the brain”. My next job would be to go to and find 10 awesome interactive dog toys. I would search just that into the Amazon search bar. Then I would click on the 4 Star rating or above as one of the search filters. This will bring up only the dog toys with 4 stars or higher. So I know these products are high rated and most likely high quality. Choose 10 toys you think are the best.

Next you need to write your introduction for your product review. Some people prefer to write the introduction after they have written the rest of the review, but I typically write it first. In the introduction you want to mention your key word somewhere in the first couple of sentences “10 best interactive dog toys”.

So for example you could write: “After discovering my Dog has been depressed for quite some time, I went on the hunt to find the 10 best interactive toys. My Vet told me that my Dog was simply bored and getting depressed. He suggested I add some interaction into his life and told me about these interactive dog toys. ”

In the introduction you MUST hit on the ‘Pain Point’ of the viewer. This will help them relate to your article and encourage them to read on to find the solution. in the case of my example article “10 best interactive dog toys” the pain point I brought up was that my Dog was bored/depressed. This could relate to the reader and make them want to find out my solution to my Dog’s boredom. Towards the end of the introduction you offer the reader a solution to the ‘Pain Point’. In this case you could say, “If your Dog is like mine and suffering from lack of interaction, I encourage you to check out these recommended interactive dog toys”.

Writing The Product Reviews Without Owning The Products

How To Make Money With Physical Products

With the introduction out of the way (Usually about 200-300 words) I start listing my “10 best interactive dog toys” with a small review for each product. This is especially easy because you have 10 products to do small reviews on. So 150 words on each product will give you a nice 1500 words to your review. Easy right!

How do I review the products then?. Well its very easy because these aren’t full in-depth reviews. Which is why I love this method, quick easy and not too involved with knowing about 1 particular product. I go through 1 product at a time and read the description and a handful of reviews from Amazon customers. Form the information I just read, I then form my own opinion. So I write down what I liked about this product and what I found to be a problem (If any). For example, somebody in the amazon review may say ‘I really like how this toy is chewable’. There is no reason you can’t also say that you too like the fact the dog can chew on the toy and it won’t break. Follow?. Simple yet effective.

After each review add a link “Check Price On Amazon” and add a image from amazon for the product. Add your affiliate links to both the text and the image. Now simply repeat for the remaining products you ‘re doing small reviews on. Job done! Nice work. Don’t forget to publish the review and share the URL on your favorite social media accounts for more exposure.

Why You Should Keep Writing Product Reviews

This process usually takes me anywhere between 2-4 hours for each review. I try to do 3-4 reviews a week. Over the course of the years I have now build my online portfolio to a point where my Wife and myself no longer go to our Day Jobs. That was my primary reason to keep writing these product reviews. But it didn’t happen from throwing up 1 or 2 reviews.

I had to learn the ropes and understand how to rank these reviews in Google. I have touched briefly on how to rank these reviews using keyword research. But you will need to learn how it all operates like a well oiled machine. The place where I learned the entire process helped my escape falling for scams and inaccurate programs. Now because I followed the correct training methods, I can continue to provide for my family with nothing but online income. If this is something that interests you too, then my final bit of advice is to never give up. The secret to making money online is consistency. There is no short cuts or instant riches. The sooner you realize this, the quicker you will be on the same Path I am on.

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