How To Make Money With An Affiliate Program For Passive Income

How To Make Money With An Affiliate Program For Passive IncomeWe here at Learn How To Earn From Home are all about making as much passive online income as possible. But before the passive (incoming money on auto pilot) becomes a reality, every new marketer must know how to make money with an affiliate program. After implementing the strategies here and taking the appropriate training, making a reoccurring passive income is very possible with affiliate marketing.

Finding The Best Affiliate Program

To find the best affiliate program in your niche, it’s a matter of doing your research. However, I know at times it becomes such a hassle, because the niche covers many products/aspects of the niche. It feels overwhelming to say the least. However there may be some helpful resources for you to dig into. So lets have a look at a few options for finding an affiliate program.

How To Find A Niche Affiliate Program

  1. Search Engines: Go to your favorite search engine and type in your niche + affiliate program. Example: type ‘dancing + Affiliate Program and see the results immediately. Already there’s some options for anyone within the dance niche.
  2. Look for Affiliate Programs that cover many many niches. For example, the amazon affiliate program covers just about every niche possible in regards to physical products/ebooks etc. Alternatively there are place online who you sign up to and they act as the main affiliate for 1000’s of companies. You have the tools and access to these companies by just signing up to 1 program. Examples include: Prosperent & Skimlinks.

There are 1000’s of places us marketers can be an affiliate for, including online digital products and places where once again you sign up and have access to join more private individual affiliate programs. Watch this video over at WA to see the full training on how to find relevant affiliate programs.

Chossing a good affiliate program


So How Can You Make Passive Income From Affiliate Marketing?

The Quick Answer/Formula: Create simple yet effective website/s, review products/groups of products, learn SEO and make passive daily income while you sleep.

Does It Work?: Heck yea, with the right training, commitment and attitude. Prepare to kiss your old day job goodbye.

If this whole make money online thing is new to you, don’t stress when I say make websites. With my business in a box training, you can have a website up and running in less than 5 minutes with absolutely no prior experience or skills.

So lets assume you have your first free website up from my recommended source, now what do you do? So within the training, we talk about niches a lot. A niche is a interest/category/hobby/product etc. Example: If I have a website about Golf Bags, than my niche would be Golf Bags. So I could name my website something like or etc.

Following along with the training, it’s ideal that you forward think a little. Think about what you see your new website is going to be about. For example: Golf bags for Women as a section of the website, Golf bags For Men as another section, Premium Golf Bags etc. This way you can plan which keywords you will look for.

What on earth are keywords? These are secret words that only the good keyword tools can tell us. These are the words used by normal people in the Google search. Every time you search something in the google/bing/yahoo etc search bar, the data is recorded. So us marketers know how many times a month someone searches for the term “Whats the best golf bag” as an example. Which happens to be 252 times per month someone searches for ‘whats the best golf bag’.

You’re Job As An Affiliate Marketer

Now that you have a website on golf bags, and you know that ‘whats the best golf bags’ gets searched 252 times every month, what do you do to make money with an affiliate program?. Simple: Connect the google searcher with a golf bag buyer.

We affiliate marketers make money online by getting our website in front of those 252 people (Plus many many more people) every month, so we can recommend them some golf bags. So our next job would be to research for golf bag affiliate programs.

For this example I’m going to say stick with as they sell so much stuff it’s incredible. So research the 4 to 5 star reviews on golf bags. Pick out what you think are the top 3 -5 golf bags. Then create a page within your website and call it something like ‘Whats The Best Golf Bags – My Top 5 Rated/Recommended’.

First thing I do is write an introduction briefly explaining what the viewer will encounter on my page. E.g: Before you swing your way to your next hole in one, it’s important those clubs have somewhere safe to be stored. We have discovered whats the best golf bags for storing expensive clubs. We have written a brief review on what we believe to be the top 5 golf…… Etc you get the point.

Next you review the golf bag in about 200-300 words per bag. Listing them as your number 1 pick, #2 etc.. Don’t copy description or review from Amazon. This is a big no no. Re-word the overall opinion you read from the reviews and you will be fine.

Now you start the money process. Log into your amazon affiliate account, by doing this it enables the ‘short link’ afeature on your web browser. I use Firefox as my preferred browser. Than open up one of the golf bags product page on amazon. At the top left you will see a short link button. This is where you get your unique affiliate link to this golf bag.

Next you copy the picture of the golf bag from Amazon and insert it into your website. In the options you add you affiliate link to this image. Also add a text link within the review of that bag. E.g Check Price on amazon and add your affiliate link to those words (Check Price…)

Repeat this process for the next 2 to 4 golf bags and publish the page. Now it’s LIVE!. This brand new golf bag website now has the potential to earn it’s first money online.

How Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Programs?

Quick Answer: Sky Is The LimitHow Much Money Can You Make With Affiliate Programs

One can make as much money as one wants as an affiliate marketer. Provided you follow these 3 critical steps to making cash from affiliate offers.

  1. Know What You’re Doing! – Many people come and go in the affiliate world because they simple have no idea what they are doing. I can totally understand why as well. For one, the amount of junk available online is ridiculous. Claims of ‘Make 1 million dollars by next week’. Yea Right!, not to mention the pure money stealing scams that appear every day. Trying to make money online is not safe for the beginner anymore, unless you know where to look. For the safest method, it’s best to start with affiliate marketing and get the BEST online marketing training available. Whatever the costs may be, it’s well worth the investment to be trained correctly the first time round.
  2. Take Action! Another reason people fail to create a full time income online. They learn, learn, learn some more but never put what they have learned into action. Follow the above recommended training, apply it and make money. That’s how simple making money online is. Train & take action.
  3. Make MORE Money! Lets say your page on ‘Whats the best golf bags’ makes it to page 1 of Google search results and 252 people (roughly) view your page. Out of the 252 people who view you’re page, only 20 of them buy a golf bag from amazon. Lets say on average the Golf Bag cost $200 and you get 6.5% commission for advertising them on your site. $200 x 20 golf bags x 6.5% = $260 income per month you could possibly making. From just one page!.
  4. Make More Pages! So know you know the process, it’s a matter of finding more key words, researching and then finally writing a new page on your website. Make 10,100,1000, 10,000 more pages and can you imagine how much money you could be making every month. Disclaimer: Every page you make may not make that same amount of money if any money at all. What I have experienced is that 35% of my pages online make a lot of money, while the other 65% contribute to my earnings, but don’t pull in as much.

Learning The Affiliate Marketing Program Technique

Putting All The Pieces Together

While the above technique is exactly how I make online marketing my main income, it’s really just an overview. This technique has been used for over 10 years now from the place where I leaned how to make money online. The one and only Wealthy Affiliate even offers the quickest web site creation I’ve seen. Making a website is no longer for the technically minded. Anyone now has the chance to make an income online thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

If you’re sick of running around in circles looking for the next best method to earn money online, take a step back and look at where you’re going wrong. Perhaps you should consider a proven method which has helped create hundreds of successful entrepreneurs spanning over 10 years and counting.



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