How To Make Money Online With Games – 3 Unique Ways

By | April 5, 2016

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How To Make Money Online With Games 3 Unique WaysSo gaming is your passion in life right, and you want to learn how to monetize your hobby. Perhaps even make a full time income if possible?. To achieve the ultimate dream, you must first learn how to make money online with games and everything related to gaming.

Gaming is everywhere you look and it’s only getting bigger by the day. With the increased smart phone and tablet technology, millions of newbies are now introduced to games they previously would never have even heard of. More and more people are joining the gaming revolution and age is no longer a barrier. The average age of a gamer is no longer what it use to be. The movement has been on they rise for several years now and it continues to grow with every new release in technology.

With huge numbers of games becoming mainstream, the amount of money average folks like you and me can potentially make from games is out of this world. This may be a side affect from the recent labeling of Gamers being recognized as ‘Pro-Athletes‘. With this great new opportunity knocking on our doors, it’s no wonder the average gamer wants to get on the money making games wagon. If pro Gamers can make a tonne of money, why cant we?

Well we can!. Anybody with an interest in games on any platform now has the opportunity to take advantage of this huge rise in popularity. There are a few ways one may be able to make money from games, but will any of them enable you to turn your interest in games into a full time income?. I think the answer may shock you!.

The Best Way To Make Money Online With Games

Write Reviews On Games To Make MoneyThe Best Way To Make Money Online From Games

Some games are good, some games are bad. But some games are out of this world crazy!. We all have an opinion on the various games we play, so why not voice you opinion online and get paid. How? It’s quite simple really, so let me explain.

Back in 2012 I first started my journey to find a way to make money online. After falling for many scams and blowing a lot of money, I finally found a technique that now makes me over $8k a month. This is a 100% legitimate and honest way to make money in case you are wondering :). So I joined this training program as a free member and learned how to build a profitable website.

So while I was learning I was actually implementing the training and I was building a website about gaming headsets. This training teaches you how to build a website for any hobby/interest whether it be games, shoes, birds, computers etc. Anything from Clash Of Clans to Battlefield is profitable for the common person when you apply the training being taught. So you could easily build a profitable website where you review games and get paid.

The process of building a website is very simple to me these days, but it wasn’t always that way. When I first started I had no idea, no experience and no training in computers. However, once you go through the training, I am 100% confident anybody can achieve similar results. That’s how amazing the step by step the training is. Its designed to give you everything and leave nothing out.

So How Do You Make Money From A Website About Games?How can gamers make money online

Moving on..  So like I said, I started a website about gaming headsets. While following the training, I learned what keywords are (Basically the words people type into Google looking for help/products). Then all you have to do is write about those keywords. For example, a keyword could be “Gaming headsets for Call Of Duty”. Then I find a few good headsets from and write a mini review about each headset.

The way I made lots of money by doing this is by signing up for free to be an affiliate for using their Affiliate Program. I then get special ‘affiliate links’ for each headset I was writing about. Insert these links onto your gaming website and the job is done. Rinse and repeat.

Once people start visiting your website from typing keywords into Google, they then may click on your special affiliate links. This then sends the visitor over to If the visitor decides to buy ANYTHING from you get paid a commission. It doesn’t matter if the visitor buys a PC game, headset, PS4 or a toilet brush. You get paid by Amazon for basically advertising their products on your website.

How Much Money Can You Make From A Games Website?

Gaming Website Case Study

While I have branched out to many different types of websites since my original gaming headset website, I still manage to pull in $1000’s each and every month. But what I want to show you is a case study on a fellow member from where I learned the tricks of the trade. First here’s a screenshot of the earnings I made last month from just Amazon’s affiliate program. If this method of making money with games online interests you, I suggest reading my Full Review to gain a better understanding how this method really is the best passive income possible online.

How I Made $8000 in 1 month online

Another Member In The Gaming Niche

So Colton joined about 1.5 years ago and his biggest interest in life is Gaming. So he made a website purely on reviewing PC games, gaming computers, headsets etc. 5 months ago he reached a goal many people online desire to achieve. He made his first $10,000 in one single month. Which is pretty incredible for just 1 website and less than a year in this industry. This is the power of making money with games, accessories etc. It’s a popular topic and a very profitable one too.

Here’s A Screenshot Of His journey, or you can read the full blog here.

How To Make 10000 In A Month

Play Games Online & Make Money With Twitch

Many gamers know of twitch, but many don’t know you can actually make a income from having a video channel with Twitch. Twitch is the new replacement for You-tube as the number 1 go to source for watching other gamers stream live/saved gaming videos.

While it does sound great to make money by playing games, it’s not always as black and white as you may think. To make money as a gamer on you need to be either of 2 things. A pro gamer or have a interesting and  humorous personality. The reason is because to make money on Twitch you need to have followers of your gaming channel. Followers either pay a $5 a month subscription or donate money to your channel. Ads are also a way to make money on Twitch, but again you need people watching you play in order for them to click on the Ads.

How To Make Money With Twitch

How To Make Money With Twitch

Being a Pro gamer and having a specialty in a particular niche will naturally attract you followers because everyone wants to watch the best of the best play. On the other hand, if you can make quite humorous videos with commentary while playing, you can attract a following as well.

This sounds great and all if you are either a Pro or a funny guy, having a knowledge on social media marketing is also essential. Because this is a huge way to gather followers online. The bottom line is Followers = Money in your PayPal account. So having some online marketing experience will definitely help you out.

If you think you have a popular personality or consider yourself a Pro gamer, then I say why not give Twitch a shot. It would be the ultimate dream for a gamer to make money by playing video games right. However, beware that you will also be up against competition. I don’t see too many people subscribing to multiple channels at $5 a piece. So you may have to WOW the pants of your audience to get them to pay the $5 a month subscription. BTW of this $5, you receive $2.50 per month.

Buy Games & Sell Them Online To Make Money

How To Make Money Selling Games OnlineHow to make money selling games online

This method of making money from games is not exactly a new thing, but a profitable one none the less. Buy low and sell high, simple in theory. But harder than you may think. Especially if you are just starting out online.

With avenues like Amazon and widely available, any gamer now has the chance to make money online doing what they love. But without the proper training, it’s like running up a hill backwards. Which is why I recommend the training from the #1 way to make money for this method as well. In order to buy games for cheap and than re-sell them at a higher price on Ebay for example, you will need to know the in’s and out’s of marketing.

Find a supplier maybe relatively easy, but knowing how to get buyers on your Ebay store is another thing. The competition is fierce over at Ebay, so unless you know what you are doing. Disappointment may sink in fast, as well as leaving you with a garage full of games.

Any method of making money online is foreign to most people. So skills and knowledge will have to be attained. It’s best to not just rush into it alone because there are alot of curve balls to be thrown in your direction. This will cost you your time and more importantly your money. So it’s better to invest in some solid online games drop shipping training first, before you even dream about sitting at home playing games while the cash rolls in on auto pilot. Yes it can and does happen, but you must know what you are doing first!.

How To Make Money Drop Shipping Games

How To Make Money Drop Shipping Games

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    Wow what an awesome way to earn a little more of the green stuff and have some fun at the same time!
    I’ve seen my son watch numerous guys on YouTube basically playing games for a living – they have millions of subscribers as well!
    I also come across many personal blogs owned by gamers – also very popular.
    Great article – really spotlights the opportunity in this niche!

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Chris, yes the opportunity in the gaming niche is massive and it’s only getting stronger. With gaming becoming more and more acceptable by Adults, it’s no longer just something 10 year olds do anymore. But what’s even better is the opportunity for everyday gamers to make a living doing something they love.


    I think the drop shipping method is a little of a hassle, since you have to deal with suppliers, buy inventory, and so on. I also think that unless you are really entertaining and unique, you will have a hard time getting people to subscribe to you on twitch. I think the website and review way makes most sense to me. What do you think?

    1. Josh Post author

      Yea I 100% agree, It is a lot easier to get started with less overheads with a website business compared to physical products where you need contacts etc. With gaming only getting more popular, the potential to make money in the gaming niche only increases.

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    Thank u for the the useful guide to making money with gaming. I never knew such possibilities existed until now.


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