5 Real Ways To Make Money Online From Home

How Many Ways Are There To Make Money Online?5 Real Ways To Make Money Online From Home

While there may be many avenues one could take, I believe there are only 5 real ways to make money online from home. I’ve been an avid online entrepreneur for 4 years now and I can tell you that trying to find 5 legitimate ways to earn an income online was no easy feat. This is because every man and his dog are trying to learn how to earn from home and the evil people take advantage of this.

Let me tell you right now, after searching for many years I can honestly say that there is no push button money generators. These false programs whom advertise fake earnings and sprout on about how it only took them 10 minutes a day to earn $100 everyday are pure scams. They are selling you a product that makes them rich, not us genuine folks.

Does That Mean There Are No Real Legit Money Making Avenues Online?

Absolutely not! There is literally millions to be made online. However to make any decent money online, you are going to have to prepare to LEARN before you EARN. Hard workers with a strong commitment to achieving goals are the people who make money online. Anyone wanting a shortcut, or doesn’t have the focus to stick to something longer than a week is not going to be successful online. Sorry if this is you, but it’s simply the truth.

The Good News Is

Help is available online, if you look in the right places. Avoid the dodgy scams and always remember if it sounds too good too be true, then it most likely is. So with the right attitude, commitment and techniques, quitting your boring old day job is no longer ‘just a dream’. Of course not every one wants to quit there Job and work from home in their pajamas…

Perhaps some people just want an extra $1000 per month to help pay the car or house off quicker. This is totally do-able online and aiming for $100, $1000 per month is a more realistic goal to set yourself in the beginning. Once you have the systems under control and you know the ins and out’s of making money online, the amount you can earn is really up to oneself. The hardest part is staying committed and not straying off into Scam land where they promise you riches. But NEVER deliver..

Have You Got The Commitment To Make It Happen?

The Best REAL Way To Make Money From Home

The Method I Used To Replace My Wage

I will be straight up with you here and say yes I’m going to promote a training course. This is because this place is seriously the best place to learn how to earn online. It’s the reason for all the good things that have happened to me in the last 4 years. So lets get down to it.

The #1 legitimate way to make an income online is by building websites. Before you click the close button because you think it’s too hard to build a website, STOP it right now. Look, I had no clue either when I first started out, but with the right training you can get a website online in under 1 minute. Building the website is the easy part and when you start this training for free by the way, you will have 2 free websites to get going with.

But How Do You Make Money With A Website?

This is where it gets FUN!. There are many ways to earn a full time income from just 1 website. Within that training place I was telling you about, they teach you multiple ways to make money from a website. Such as putting Ads from Google on your site and you make money every time someone clicks on an Ad, building the website bigger and selling it for profit, collect email addresses from your visitors etc.

But the BEST way I found to make real long term passive income is from Affiliate Marketing, and this is the foundation of the training from Wealthy Affiliate. After you have created a website, the training teaches you how to add content (articles, videos etc) to your website so you can attract visitors for free from withing the search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.

See First Hand How Quick It Is To Have  A Website Online

Quick Niche Website Builder

Now I Have A Website With Visitors…Now What?

So once you start getting real human visitors going to your website after they found your site in the search engines, you make money. To make the money you sign up to an Affiliate Program and then you can start promoting their products on your website. When one of your human visitors clicks on the product image or text they then go to the vendors site.

Depending on the Affiliate program your with, Lets say Amazon.com and the visitor buys ANYTHING from the millions of products available on Amazon, you get paid. It’s called a commission, so you get a certain % of the products value just for helping your visitor find what they wanted in the first place. Affiliate Programs offer 3% to sometimes 100% commission of the products value. Amazon offers 4% to 10% which is how I make my money.

Learn More About How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Here.

How Much Money Can You Make From A Website

January Income Online Proof

The amount you earn as commissions varies from the various affiliate programs. It’s a matter of building the website bigger with more and more content. Simply put, the more content you put out, the more chance you have of making more and more money online. I have said this before, but I don’t know any other job where I could ask for a $500 pay rise every month. This is the reality of what’s possible with affiliate marketing. As long as you have the right training, commitment and dedication to MAKE IT WORK!. That is the simplicity of a money making website.

My Secret Affiliate Training Program

Wealthy Affiliate Logo

Read How Wealthy Affiliate Changed My Life

Ok so it’s no big secret that Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing program to ever exist. This is visible from the thousands of successful members and being the longest running learning program online that Ive seen. I have been a member there for 4 years and you can find out more by visiting my Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review.





#2. Write Online Articles For Fast Payment

Second Real Method To Make Money Online At Home

Get Paid To Write Articles OnlineIf you have a good grasp on the English language, then writing articles for other marketers may be an option. However, if people do take this route I always ask them “Why don’t you write this article for your own website and profit from it over and over again. Rather than a once off small payment”. Makes sense right, if you’re going to an article writer, it may as be for your own long term benefit. Articles can make money for months to years after you first put them on your website.

However I do see why people do take the write articles for other people route. This is an option if money is tight and you just need a few quick bucks to get by. While the really good writers can make $50+ for a very well written article, the reality is that the average writer can make maybe $6-$8 per article. However, a decent article should take you anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours+ to write, so the pay rate is not the best by writing for others.

  • Ineedarticles.com is a place I get articles written for me to put on some of my niche websites. I find the site to be rather quick and reliable. No rubbish articles have been written for me yet. It’s also run by a large name in the Internet Marketing game Jonathon Leger. So one can be assured that you will be paid, Jon wouldn’t put his name up for anything dodgy. To start your writing journey, visit the Writers Application page.
  • Iwriter.com is another popular article writing service. Here you can earn up to $15 per article. I used this service a couple years ago to buy some articles on toilet training a baby. I found them to be pretty good articles, but not as good as I need articles in my opinion. Another tried and tested service, check out the Writers Section.




#3. Leverage Free Web 2.0 Properties.

This method is similar to my number 1 rated way to make legitimate income online. It involves leveraging other websites to write on and add affiliate links. The bonus of doing this is that you are using a popular website with high authority in the eyes of Google, which therefor means you can rank your page in google higher in the search engines.

This is compared to a brand new website, as new websites have no authority in the beginning. So this method can work well in the beginning, however having your own website trumps this method every day of the week. You’re always at risk of these free web 2.0 sites closing down and all your pages go with them.

So your income can be shut off just like that. Just google Squidoo.com and read what happened there. I lost all my online income when that happened. That was the main reason I went to Wealthy Affiliate so I could learn how to build my own website. Which then led to more then 20 x my income when compared to just using Squidoo. In order to do this WEb 2.0 method you will still need to understand what keywords are, and some more knowledge on SEO.

Some Web 2.0 Websites You Can Get Going On





#4. LionBridge Can Offer You An Online Job

Yes A Real Way To Earn Online Hourlyworking online on computer

LionBridge is a company I worker for way back when I was taking online surveys to make about $100 a year. Those times were not my highest moments in life, but we all have to start somewhere right. So LionBridge has multiple types of careers available for people who want a paid by the hour type of job.

The job I got was rather relevant to what I do now (Affiliate Marketing), but I had never even heard of Affiliate Marketing while I was working for LionBridge. I got paid hourly (average wage) to basically judge webpages. I had to learn there ratings system then I would be sent a link to visit. I would analyze that webpage and rate it based on how relevant it was to a ‘key word’.

The work was fine and I held the job for a few months. However, I was doing about 20 hours work with LionBridge and my offline job (Painting) became very busy. So I had to drop LionBridge. Which is fortunate for me, because eventually I found my number one money making method in the world as you have now discovered. Since joining I have never looked back and never will!..

Do note that a job application is required to join LionBridge and positions are not always available. However you can go on their waiting list if you so desire. Check available jobs here.

5. Make Real Cash With SwagBucks

Swag Bucks is a site that can gradually earn you some online money. While it’s not great money, it does add up. Consider this method more of a piggy bank method. Do the things you may already be doing online and after a long time you may have $100 saved up.

To make money with Swag Bucks, members sign up for free and then are introduced to the different ways that earn them points which can be redeemed as gift cards at popular stores. Some of the common methods of getting points here are by searching the web, taking surveys, buying products from retailers though their website and so on.

Wrapping It All Up

Let Us Help You

These time tested and proven 5 Real Ways To Make Money Online From Home are more than sufficient to get anybody earning an income online. Especially for those interested in my #1 online recommendation, as the potential there is unbelievable. Provided time is invested into learning the strategies/techniques, time is invested into putting this new found knowledge into action and the mindset is focused on one thing. ‘Don’t Stop Until You Make It’. Failure is not an option. Keep this motto stored away in the back of your mind and you will have greater chances of creating a successful online income.

Do You Make Money From Home Online?

Do You Need HELP To Go In The Right Direction?

We would love to hear your feedback and know more about your situation. Maybe we can help and offer assistance. Please leave a comment below and we will reply with answers to your questions. Alternatively FIND Me within Wealthy Affiliate and lets connect.


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  1. mcavamsee@yahoo.com'vamshi

    Hi Team,
    please suggest on this.
    I am In IT firm, please suggest me to gain some money working with laptop at home.

    1. Josh Post author

      Hi Vamshi, the best way to make money form home is through Affiliate Marketing. This is how I have built a 6 figure online business and it continues to grow every month.

      1. Josh Post author

        I believe the best way to make money when first starting out is by promoting physical products on Amazon. Not selling them, but being an affiliate. So you make money without doing any of the hard work. Once you learn how to do, anything is possible. It opens up many doors.

  2. sarataylor1221@gmail.com'Make Money From Home Online

    Thank you! Great Ideas about different ways to make money from home. I was thinking of selling things on Amazon or eBay and probably working as a virtual assistant could be one of them.


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